10 Biggest Wedding Money Wasters


4. Inviting everyone

It can seem like the right thing to do to invite every relative and everyone that you’ve ever been friends with. But each additional guest can cost an extra $150 at the average venue. You can quickly inflate your final bill when you don’t have the heart to keep your guest list to a reasonable length.

When making the guest list try to omit your coworkers, children, and separated couples. If you cannot decide on the number of guest use the rule of thumb: if you can spend more than two minutes with that person, invite them.

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What’s the reason to invite 150 guests if you physically won’t be able to speak to everybody? Make a rough copy of the guest list and divide all the names into several major categories such as family members, relatives, best friends and coworkers. When you know the approximate number of people you can invite, it may be much easier to cut down on the last category. Don’t mark the invitation with “plus guest.” This way you will avoid extra people you don’t want to see at all.