10 Reasons to Hire a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day


If you put on your own makeup as you go to work each day, it might occur to you that you could have all the skills necessary to help yourself on your wedding day. You could save hundreds by not hiring a professional makeup artist.

While it may not be readily apparent, professionals are in an entirely different league. You’ll be far better off going with a professional on your wedding day. Here are a few reasons why I recommend you to hire a makeup artist for your wedding day .

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1. You’ll be able to have an in-depth discussion about your makeup needs

If you do your makeup yourself or get a friend in, you’ll have very narrow skill set to tap. You certainly won’t have a vast array of makeup possibilities to discuss.

With a professional in the room, though, you’ll find your makeup discussion moving to an entirely different plane. You’ll feel more confident with the choices you make.