10 Ways to Add a Vintage Touch to Your Wedding


To many, nothing modern comes close to the early 20th century when it comes to taste, beauty and romance. If the look and feel of the time moves you, allowing those design ideas to inspire your wedding décor could appeal to you.

You do not need to know much about the design customs of that age to put together a convincing vintage wedding. All you need is to love the design of the era and try to bring in a few fun touches. Here are ten vintage wedding ideas you will surely love.

1. Go for a rustic vintage theme

This theme recalls the rough beauty of old-fashioned farm cottages and barns. While you can certainly decorate the ceremony area with vintage velvet couches and carved chairs, you can go truly rustic everywhere else.

Placing farm implements and furniture around the venue should work beautifully: a hand-turned cutter, a barrel, a wagon wheel, a hay rake, a butter churn, roughhewn benches etc. You can find these items at vintage auctions, and on eBay. For ideas to get started, though, you can search on Pinterest for vintage farm implements.

2. Try a classic vintage theme

You can get paintings, clothing, furniture and decorations from the 20s, 30s or 40s on eBay, or at antique stores. You don’t necessarily need to be true to any one particular vintage era.

There is nothing wrong with mixing and matching eras and styles. You can also check your grandma’s attic to find some old yet beautiful things you can use for your wedding.

3. A beautiful, vintage wedding dress

From classic vintage to retro chic, old-fashioned wedding dress designs offer simple, timeless beauty. While you do not need to match every part of your decor to a specific era, it’s a good idea to make sure that your wedding dress does work with the decor you choose. Often, adding a few vintage touches to a modern dress can work far better than going for a completely authentic design.

4. Vintage wedding jewellery can be a great hit

Women usually notice vintage jewellery whenever they come across it. If all your wedding jewellery, your necklace, bracelet, earrings and brooch, come from an antique store, your guests will be unreserved in their admiration.

If you can’t afford to buy vintage jewellery, ask your grandma for help. Chances are that she has some interesting pieces.

5. Vintage hairstyle

Setting your hair with a vintage touch is not difficult. Once you have your hairstylist do your hair, you only need to use a vintage brooch, veil or ribbon on it.

Or, you can try one of the most popular vintage hairstyles from the 40′s, 50′s, or 60’s. This is one of the best vintage wedding ideas to consider.

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6. The bridal bouquet

It’s a pretty touch to decorate the bridal bouquet with an antique brooch. Some brides even place multiple brooches on their bouquets for extra effect. These brooches don’t need to be particularly expensive – simple, faux jewellery easily does the job.

7. Find a vintage color scheme

Light pastels, such as mild lavenders, yellows, pinks and greens, are popular choices of vintage wedding color schemes. Picking a couple of these colors to decorate your wedding venue with – curtains, sashes, carpets and tablecloths – can be a great way to bring in beautiful, faded, old world charm. Make everyone feel as if they time traveled.

8. Find beautiful, vintage props

Large, antique globes are a popular prop at vintage weddings. A couple of these globes placed at suitable places around the venue can bring in a convincing vintage effect. Other props work, too. Old, bound books, vases, leather suitcases, kitchen appliances, and picture frames, for example.

9. Present the food with vintage style

To many people, any mention of olden times reminds them of elaborate spreads – grand dinner tables filled with delicious food, and dessert tables stacked high with wonderful things. Presenting the wedding feast in such style can make for a convincing effect, then. Cakes on a vintage, ceramic cake stand, old-fashioned ceramic jugs of cream and the table for the main courses decorated with old pictures and demijohns can provide a great effect.

10. Try a vintage-effect photo booth

While the very sight of a photo booth may seem incongruous in a vintage wedding, usually, most of the guests will probably not pay attention to the dissonance. Rather they will be busy having fun with the vintage-effect settings that you will have chosen: sepia toned prints, fake ornate frames printed on each picture, etc.

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While it may seem challenging to think of all the vintage wedding ideas that you need before you start, more often than not, you’ll find yourself really becoming involved. Before long, you’ll be reeling off new ideas of your own.

What are the other ideas that can make any vintage wedding unforgettable?