7 Worst Guests to Invite to Your Wedding


Making a wedding guest list for both small and big weddings can be tricky. You want to invite all your nearest and dearest and you also want to be sure that no one will ruin your big day.

There are a few wedding guests that can make your big day the worst of your life. That’s why think twice before inviting your best friend, co-worker or uncle. Cut down your wedding guest list by eliminating 7 worst wedding guests to invite to your wedding.

1. The girl who wants all eyes to be on her

On your wedding day, you will certainly want all eyes to be on you. But there might be the girl who will want to upstage you.

She will dress in the most dazzling outfit and will pay to have her makeup and hair done. She will wear four inch heels and put on overwhelming perfume.

It’s hard to predict who will be that girl – your friend, co-worker or sister. So if she shows up at your wedding, try to ignore her. Remember, it’s your big day so your guests will pay attention to you, not her.