7 Worst Guests to Invite to Your Wedding


Making a wedding guest list for both small and big weddings can be tricky. You want to invite all your nearest and dearest and you also want to be sure that no one will ruin your big day.

There are a few wedding guests that can make your big day the worst of your life. That’s why think twice before inviting your best friend, co-worker or uncle. Cut down your wedding guest list by eliminating 7 worst wedding guests to invite to your wedding.

1. The girl who wants all eyes to be on her

On your wedding day, you will certainly want all eyes to be on you. But there might be the girl who will want to upstage you.

She will dress in the most dazzling outfit and will pay to have her makeup and hair done. She will wear four inch heels and put on overwhelming perfume.

It’s hard to predict who will be that girl – your friend, co-worker or sister. So if she shows up at your wedding, try to ignore her. Remember, it’s your big day so your guests will pay attention to you, not her.

2. The ex

You might be on a friendly basis with your ex, but you shouldn’t invite him to your wedding. If you invite him, he might unintentionally ruin your big day.

Don’t play with fire and eliminate the ex from your wedding guest list. Don’t worry, he will understand the reason you don’t want invite him.

3. The boozer

If your friend consumes a lot of alcohol and makes a fool of themself at every party, think twice before inviting them. They are all about drinking and getting drunk and you don’t want a very drunk friend to make a fool of themself. Sure, you can ask them to limit their alcohol consumption, but do you trust them?

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4. The crazy relatives

Each person has several crazy relatives that can ruin any event. Just because they are your relatives doesn’t mean you have to invite them to your wedding. But if they show up without invitation, seat them somewhere in the back and try to minimize contact.

You don’t need to listen to the snarky comments from them. You should be happy this day!

5. The naysayer

No matter how hard you try to prove you are ready to be married, there might be someone who doesn’t approve. It can be your friend or parent and it can cause lots of stress.

Remember, you are the only person who decide whether to get married or not, don’t let anyone weigh you down. Just make sure you make the right decision.

6. Children

While your wedding might be a family affair, when there are many kids things can get out of hand faster than you think. You don’t want to spend the whole day shouting at kids because they won’t stop running even if you ask them.

If someone will look after kids, feel free to invite them. Otherwise, children shouldn’t be on the wedding guest list.

7. The wedding crasher

Although you don’t invite this person to your wedding, they can show up unannounced. If you don’t want to ruin your wedding, simply ignore them. Also, let your guests know that they shouldn’t bring along a relative or friend without asking you first.

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When planning your wedding, pay more attention to your guest list and make sure you don’t invite these worst guests to your big event. If you are invited to wedding, ensure that you’re not one of these stereotypes.

Do you know any other guests we shouldn’t invite to the wedding?