10 Wedding Traditions You Can Skip


There are many wedding traditions worth keeping, from the first kiss, to the wedding rings, to sharing the first slice of cake with your new spouse. However, there are also many other traditions that don’t hold much semblance for modern-day couples. If you’d like to know which traditions you can safely skip on your special day, then check out the list below:

1. Segregating the wedding party by gender

Bridesmaids are traditionally female, and groomsmen are traditionally male. This may have worked fine when most people didn’t have close friendships with members of the opposite sex, but that is not the case today. If you have a close, opposite-sex friend or family member who you want to be part of your wedding party, then nothing should stop you from asking them.

2. Having the bride’s father walk her down the aisle

Many brides love having their dad escort them down the aisle to their groom, which today is simply a nice gesture. However, there is nothing wrong with choosing to be escorted by your mother, by both your parents, by your spouse, by a friend or family member, or even by no one else at all.

3. Wearing a white wedding dress

Since brides no longer need to assert their virginity on their wedding day, you can definitely choose to go with something other than a traditional white wedding dress if your heart desires. If you do still choose to go with white, you can add a bit of color with your accessories.

4. Wearing a wedding veil

Why put so much time into your hair and makeup if you’re going to cover your gorgeous look with a veil? Veils symbolize modesty, but wedding days are now about celebrating and lavishing attention on the couple, so ditch the veil and let everyone see you shine.

5. Holding the ceremony in a church

Holding the ceremony in a church is still a beautiful tradition for those who find meaning in such a celebration. However, if getting married in a church isn’t right for you, then there are many other fantastic venues to choose from. Many couples stick to this wedding tradition because of their parents. Just because your parents held their wedding ceremony in a church doesn’t mean you should too.

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6. Bridesmaids wearing matching dresses

Letting your bridesmaids pick their dresses (or their tuxes, if you’ve included men in your wedding party!) is a great way to let everyone show their personality. If you’re afraid of people clashing, then set some limits as to what colors and what fabric they can use.

7. Sticking to traditional vows

Some people prefer sticking to traditional vows, as it can be a lot less stressful to have a predetermined script to follow. However, you can also consider writing your own vows if you want to make your ceremony more personal. Let your creative juices flow. You don’t have to be a professional writer to create your own vows.

8. Tossing the garter

Not all that interested in flashing your leg while your spouse removes your garter and tosses it to a single male guest? Then there is really no need to include this tradition in your ceremony! Guests likely won’t even notice or care that it didn’t happen. Tossing the garter is an old wedding tradition that many people stop following these days.

9. Expensive engagement rings

Wedding expenses are stressful enough without spending a fortune on an engagement ring beforehand. This tradition is a fairly modern one to begin with, and already it is on the way out for many couples. Some are opting for birthstone rings instead, or are simply forgoing the entire practice of giving an engagement ring altogether.

10. Being apart the night before

Seeing each other at the ceremony for the first time after you have both gotten all dressed and done up is a lovely tradition worth keeping. The anticipation makes everything feel that much more exciting. But, if you don’t want to, there is really no need to spend the night before apart as well. Just say goodbye to each other in the morning and look forward to seeing each other later.

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You may feel pressured by parents, grandparents, and even your friends to stick to certain traditions that you feel are outdated or that don’t have much meaning for you. But the most important thing is to celebrate your wedding day in a way that makes you happy, so keep the traditions you like and feel free to ditch the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some traditional wedding elements that are becoming less common?

Some traditional wedding elements that are becoming less common include the bouquet and garter toss, having a flower girl or ring bearer, and the receiving line.

Are there any wedding traditions that are not mandatory?

Yes, there are many wedding traditions that are not mandatory. Couples can choose to skip traditions like having a bridal party, walking down the aisle to a specific song, and cutting a wedding cake.

How can skipping certain wedding traditions help with wedding planning?

Skipping certain wedding traditions can help with wedding planning by saving time, money, and stress. It allows couples to focus on the elements that are important to them and create a unique wedding that reflects their personalities.

Will guests be offended if certain wedding traditions are skipped?

It is unlikely that guests will be offended if certain wedding traditions are skipped. Many guests will appreciate the couple’s personal touch and the opportunity to experience something new and different.

Is it important to communicate with family and friends before skipping wedding traditions?

Yes, it is important to communicate with family and friends before skipping wedding traditions. This can help avoid any misunderstandings or hurt feelings and ensure that everyone is on the same page.