10 Fall’s Hottest Wedding Color Schemes


With bright foliage, smoky sunsets and bold flavors, autumn is the perfect season for a warm and romantic wedding. It’s easy, however, be trapped into a standard fall wedding style. Experts say that you do not have to stick to a certain fall wedding pattern with solely orange colors and dried foliage with pumpkins.

Fall is the richest and most colorful season so you can easily opt for bold color duos and trios to incorporate all the bounty and beauty of the season. Colors, mixed together, can create different moods, which range from pacific and sophisticated to vivacious and cheerful. Get inspired to plan the fall wedding of your dreams with these rich and beautiful color scheme ideas.

1. Eggplant, Sand, and Antique Gold

The rich, deep purple known as eggplant is perfectly pretty when paired with classics like sand and antique gold. (You could always up the glitz factor by choosing shiny gold, instead, but we just love the way brushed antique gold looks with purple hues.) Consider swapping out your floral bridesmaids’ bouquets for hand-tied bouquets of straw or wheat for even more of that harvest wedding vibe.

2. Chocolate, Rust, and Mustard

In fall we all feel the need for warm and cozy and fall wedding colors such as chocolate, rust and mustard inspire this lovely feeling. These are completely rich and sophisticated colors that totally conform to the season. Ideal for that rustic country wedding, this palette lends itself well to country touches like burlap, twine, lace and mason jars.

Make your wedding sparkle with candles and lights and adorn the venue with vintage clocks, furniture and sconces. If you opt for these colors, the focus should be on your delicious chocolate wedding cake and recipes with mustard.

3. Butterscotch, Yellow, and Gunmetal

Bring a little of summer’s sunshine to your autumn wedding with this fresh palette. This color scheme works perfectly well with simple, unpretentious yet elegant weddings. Gunmetal gray and deep butterscotch get a bright kick from sunshine yellow.

Try this happiness-inducing combo for afternoon weddings in mid autumn. Choose a butterscotch sophisticated wedding dress instead of standard snow-white one and accomplish your look with a bouquet made of creamy roses and yellow snapdragons.

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4. Orange, White and Yellow

Another warm color scheme, which is bursting with bright, citrusy hues. Decorate the place with natural elements from fruits and veggies to soft moss and fried greenery.

Make centerpieces by filling a large glass vase with lemons and oranges. Sunflower wreath is another way to adorn the venue, which will make your wedding pop with color.

Put some poppies into the mix to really bring home the fresh from the field look of this color combination. This color palette is perfect for sunny and warm days in mid autumn when you can hold the soiree outdoors.

5. Berry, Smoke, and Gray

I never thought I would love the color grey, but when I see it paired with this stunning berry it makes me just want to plan my fall wedding. For a touch of sophistication, pair two distinct shades of gray (in this case, the darker smoke and a classic light gray) with a rich berry or fig tone.

It’s the perfect combination for modern touches like chevron stripes and bold flowers, including tall orchid arrangements. This haute trio looks striking in streamlined wedding spaces.

6. Black, Taupe, and Amber

For a vintage feel, look to old school jewelry for inspiration. The combination of, taupe and amber brings to mind antique lockets, rings and cameos. Look for old-fashioned pieces of furniture, photos or stoneware to add a touch of time to your big day.

Sepia tone photos will make your wedding look really retro. Because it’s more of a muted palette, these colors also lend themselves beautifully to blending patterns. Stripes, checks and other patterns add a touch of whimsy and character to your wedding décor.

7. Gray, Silver, and White

Perfect for late fall and early winter, this elegant and sophisticated color scheme is also incredibly versatile. Choose silverware and snow-white plates and silver-rimmed glasses.

Make sure there are plenty of candles to catch the glitter and glitz of shades of silver and gray. Being rather traditional and discreet, this color scheme leaves the space for creativity and fantasy, so you can try mixing these colors with natural soft fabrics and lovely details for homier and cozier atmosphere.

8. Cranberry, Latte, and Red

This color scheme incorporates some of the best of fall. Cranberry and red are extremely dominating colors in the fall season with apples, berries and leaves.

Rich cranberry and candy apple red are offset by the creamy latte. Perfect for an orchard wedding! Think about the wedding garlands made of dogwood, chokeberry and sea buckthorn, which will perfectly match your late fall wedding.

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9. Gold, Black, and White

What’s more elegant and posh than a night out on the town in your little black dress, decked out with your favorite gold jewelry? This color scheme embodies that feeling, complete with sparkling gold accents. Ideal for black tie affairs, this sophisticated combo works well for bachelorette showers, as well.

While black and white combination is rather classic and discreet combo, gold will add a touch of magnificence and playfulness. Too much gold, however, can look pretentious and tasteless.

Be reasonable with this color and try decorating the invitations and envelopes with a band of gold paper and consider setting tables with gold-rimmed glasses. This way, you won’t overdo the glimmer.

10. Plum, Red, and Green

This eye-catching combination incorporates the bounty of the season and makes any fall wedding bold, rich and chic. A bouquet of stunning calla lilies in deep burgundy and plum combined with fresh greenery and blood red roses becomes the centerpiece for this dramatic wedding color scheme.

While it works year round, the rich hues work particularly well for autumn nuptials. Remember, that mixing colors from both sides of the spectrum gives you lots of room to play and be inventive!

When choosing wedding colors consider the mood you want to create and choose the palette, which corresponds to the location or theme. When everything is combined in a wise and stylish way, it doesn’t matter actually what color you opt for. Whichever the colors you choose for your fall wedding, keep the bounty and beauty of the season in mind, and you can’t go wrong.

FAQ About Fall’s Wedding Color Schemes

What are some popular color schemes for fall weddings?

Some popular color schemes for fall weddings include warm and cozy colors like deep reds, oranges, and yellows, as well as more muted tones like dusty rose, sage green, and navy blue. Other popular combinations include jewel tones like emerald and amethyst or earthy neutrals like taupe and ivory.

How do I choose a color scheme for my fall wedding?

Consider the overall vibe you want for your wedding, the seasonality of your chosen colors, and how they will complement your venue, decor, and attire. It can also be helpful to look at inspiration boards and color palettes to get a sense of what colors work well together.

Can I incorporate multiple color schemes into my fall wedding?

Yes, you can definitely incorporate multiple color schemes into your fall wedding. Just be sure to choose complementary colors and use them in a cohesive way throughout your decor and attire.

How do I incorporate fall foliage into my wedding color scheme?

Fall foliage can be incorporated into your wedding color scheme through the use of natural elements like leaves, branches, and pinecones. You can also incorporate fall colors like red, orange, and yellow into your floral arrangements, centerpieces, and other decor.

What are some unique fall wedding color schemes?

Some unique fall wedding color schemes include burgundy and blush, mustard yellow and olive green, and burnt orange and chocolate brown. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unexpected color combinations to make your wedding stand out.