10 Most Beautiful Hairstyles for Any Wedding


Whether you’re planning your own wedding or plan to attend the wedding of another, you’ll need ideas for hairstyles that will look great on the day. It can be a good idea to start your search by looking at what celebrities choose to do with their hair when they attend glamorous events. Here are a few standout wedding hairstyle ideas to try.

1. A braided chignon

A chignon is a popular hairstyle that involves wrapping the hair into a bun and wearing it at the back of the head. Grace Kelly wore a variant of the chignon the day she married Prince Rainier. It’s an easy style to create and pull off. If you’re the bride, this is a style that can go great with a tiara.

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2. Bohemian waves and a flower tiara

Bohemian or ombré waves can help you experiment with a youthful, flower child look. It involves letting your hair hang in loose curls on either side of your head. Topping it off with a flower crown should complete this image.

Alexa Chung is sometimes photographed with this look. The great news is that this wedding hairstyle is quick and easy to do.

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3. A regal updo

A tight updo, where you have your hair tightly scraped back and gathered in a high bun, can look great at any black-tie affair or wedding. It can be grand enough to help you pull off an ornate gown. Paparazzi photographs of Amanda Seyfried sometimes show her favoring this particular hairstyle at events.

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4. A ponytail

If you’re someone who doesn’t have much time for fussy hairstyles, a ponytail is both easy and elegant. You can choose different types of effect with a ponytail, too. A high ponytail the way Jessica Alba often wears it, for instance, offers a great image of bouncy youthfulness.

5. Braided hair

Wearing your hair in a braid can help you look partly edgy and partly conventional. Lucy Liu is one of the most famous actresses who prefer braids, whatever major event she attends – the Golden Globes or the Oscars. If you have the volume that Lucy Liu has, braids can be an excellent idea.

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6. Loose, high-volume curls

Some brides prefer hairstyles that make them look like a completely different person on their wedding day. However, others want a style that helps them look like a slightly more glamorous version of themselves. If this is you, you should try experimenting with letting your hair down and setting it in loose, spread-out curls. You will get plenty of volumes and playful charm.

7. The princess pile

Nicole Ritchie often prefers big hair. She has her hair piled up in a huge bun at the top of her head and has a braid wrapping around its base. With bangs on front, it’s a dramatic style for weddings and other important events. The only downside is that it might take some time to do this hairstyle.

8. The Kate Middleton braided look

While the Duchess of Cambridge wore her hair in loose curls on the day of the royal wedding, some of her other styles use braids. She often chooses a sophisticated, braided look that could work for a wedding. It involves having the hair combed back loosely and securing it in tight braids at the back.

9. A short, elegant hairdo

You have your choice of a great many styles to play with, with short hair too. Every event that Milla Jovovich goes to, she has her short hair done up in a different, elegant style. One of her trademark moves is to wear her hair bunched up on the left, with a sparkly accessory for added effect.

10. The Claire Danes parting

Claire Danes wears her hair somewhat short. In one classic look, she does an uneven side parting with the hair smoothly wrapping around the sides of her head. At the back, the hair is done up in a tidy, low bun. It’s a simple yet chic hairstyle that you can do yourself at home.

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There is a perfect hairstyle for every wedding. To choose the right one, you only need to take inspiration from the wedding theme and your own personality. The best hairstyle doesn’t have to be complicated. An elegant hairdo or braided hair may be a great choice. Have you already decided which hairstyle to wear for your wedding?

FAQ About Beautiful Hairstyles for Any Wedding

What are some popular wedding hairstyles?

Some popular wedding hairstyles include classic updos, loose curls or waves, braids, and half-up half-down styles.

How can I choose the right hairstyle for my wedding?

Consider your dress style and overall wedding theme when choosing a hairstyle. You may also want to take into account your hair type and length, as well as your personal style and comfort.

Can I wear a veil with any wedding hairstyle?

Yes, a veil can be worn with many different hairstyles, including updos, half-up half-down styles, and loose curls or waves. It’s best to consult with your hairstylist to determine the best placement for your veil based on your chosen hairstyle.

How do I choose a hairstylist for my wedding?

Research local hairstylists and read reviews from past clients to find a reputable and experienced professional. Schedule consultations with potential hairstylists to discuss your vision and ensure that you feel comfortable and confident working with them.

Can I wear hair accessories with my wedding hairstyle?

Yes, hair accessories can add a beautiful and personalized touch to your wedding hairstyle. Consider incorporating accessories like hairpins, barrettes, or headbands to enhance your look.

How should I prepare my hair for my wedding day?

It’s best to wash and condition your hair the day before your wedding, as freshly washed hair can be more difficult to style. Avoid using heavy styling products on the day of your wedding, and be sure to communicate any specific hair care needs or concerns with your hairstylist.

What if I have a hair emergency on my wedding day?

It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan in case of a hair emergency. Bring extra hairpins, a travel-size hairspray, and any necessary hair tools with you on the day of your wedding. Consider scheduling a trial run with your hairstylist in advance to minimize the risk of any unexpected issues on your wedding day.

How much should I expect to spend on wedding day hairstyling?

The cost of wedding day hairstyling can vary depending on factors like location, hairstylist experience, and the complexity of the hairstyle. It’s best to consult with potential hairstylists and establish a budget beforehand to ensure that you can find a hairstylist who meets your needs within your price range.