10 Fabulous Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests


When people plan a wedding, beautiful arrangements are all they usually think of. When the big day rolls around, they often find that their guests aren’t really interested in the beauty.

Rather, they are bored for want of entertainment. Many can’t wait to run back home. If this isn’t the kind of wedding you want, you need to seriously think of ways to liven up your wedding. Here are some tips to go with.

1. Start with the rehearsal – get people together

Weddings are about bringing two new families and entirely different sets of friends together. Many people fear such a situation; they dislike being forced to make small talk.

There’s an easy way to make this situation interesting, though. The bride, the groom and their parents need to sit together and work out what guests have the most in common.  At the rehearsal, they should make sure to get all the right people together.