10 Unique Ways to Honor Your Mom at Your Wedding


When a woman gets engaged, it’s usually her mother who gets to hear about it first. The fact that women choose to call their mothers first each time anything important happens in their lives, says a lot about the relationship they share with them.

Many women love the idea that they could announce to the world how grateful they are for all that their mothers have done for them. The day they get married often presents itself as an excellent opportunity. If you would like to make a touching statement on your wedding day about the relationship that you have with your mother, here are ideas on how to do it.

1. Wear your mother’s wedding dress

It can be a beautiful gesture to ask your mother for her wedding dress to wear on your wedding day, instead of picking up a new one. Many brides who try this idea get an expert tailor to have a few updates. Most probably your parents got married in 1980s, which means the style of your mom’s wedding dress differs a lot from what we see nowadays. In this case, you may use your mom’s jewelry and accessories.

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You can also adorn the stem of the bouquet with her scarf or the fabric from her gown or use some items that are dear to her, for example your family heirloom. If your mother’s wedding dress isn’t right for you at all, you may still consider wearing her veil. By incorporating an article of her clothing into your outfit, you will gain a special bond between you and your mom.