Chic Braided Bridal Hairstyles


There are plenty of reasons to choose an updo for your wedding day. Not only does it look more sophisticated and put together than leaving it down, but it also allows your guests to see the details of your dress. It’s also a great way to keep your hair out of your face (and way) during your ceremony, photos, reception and dinner.

By incorporating a braided element into your updo or bridal hairstyle, you’re adding an element of polish and complexity. Here are some braided bridal hairstyles to inspire you.

1. The Twisted Bun

Start by parting your hair down the middle and make two ponytails at the middle of the back of your head. They should align with the tops of your ears, but further back.

Next, make a simple braid out of each ponytail before intertwining the two braids and securing with bobby pins. The key here is to keep things loose, but not messy.

Personalize it! Make this cute twisty bun work with your veil or hair accessory by making the ponytails lower or higher. Aligning the original ponytails with your earlobes, for example, will result in a bun at the nape of your neck.

2. The Fishtail Headband

Simple and romantic, this part up, part down look is completely sweet and perfect for bohemian dresses or country chic weddings. Simply section off your hair into three parts (one third on each side), leaving the back loose.

Create a fishtail braid with each side section, and then secure them together with a clip or bobby pin at the back of your head, creating a headband from the two braids. Tuck any loose ends in while securing the braids.

Personalize it! This look works great with any length and style of hair, though the smooth lines of a fishtail braid sometimes work best with straight hair. For wavy hair, consider switching the fishtail out for a simple or French braid, instead.

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3. The Sweetheart Braid

What could be more perfect for a bride than a heart braid? This one might be best left to professionals, but if you’d like to try to do it yourself, practice on a friend until you get the lines just right.

Start with a center part, and then use a teasing comb to draw a curved line (think half of a circle) from the back of your heart towards your ear. Repeat on the other side of the part, clipping back the rest of your hair if necessary.

Next, create a small reverse French braid, starting at the crown and following the curved part you created with the comb. As you near the back of your ear, begin incorporating the back section of your hair into the braid. Once you’ve reached the nape of your neck, clip the section you’ve braided and repeat with the other side of your head.

Bring both braids to the center of your neck and secure with a decorative clip or bobby pins. Gently tugging at the sections of braids will make them look thicker and artfully tousled. Finish with a light spritz of hairspray or frizz serum.

Personalize it! This style works best with hair that isn’t freshly washed. So if your hair is squeaky clean, consider adding a touch of dry shampoo or texturizing gel beforehand. You can also make the heart bigger or smaller, depending on where you end your curved part.

4.Beachy Waves

Casual and fun, these tousled waves are the perfect hairdo for a nontraditional or beach wedding. Start the night before with freshly washed and conditioned hair that you’ve patted dry, so that it’s damp but not dripping.

Separate into two sections, parted in the middle. Braid each section, securing at the bottom with an elastic hair tie. Allow your hair to dry overnight, creating the waves that will give you that surfer girl look.

In the morning, gently unwind the braids and comb through with your fingers. Do not use a brush. Spritz lightly with texturizing spray and scrunch with your fingers.

Personalize it! This fun, beachy hairstyle looks even better when paired with a braided headband. Just pull a section out from near each of your temples, braid, and clip together at the nape of your neck. Add daisies or other flowers if you’d like.

Braided hairstyles are rocking wedding hair trends these days. Some of them are better left for professionals, but there are some hairstyles that you can try to do yourself. Try out the hairstyle in advance or ask your friend to help you.

What wedding hairstyles are you going to try?

FAQ About Braided Bridal Hairstyles

What are some popular braided bridal hairstyles?

Popular braided bridal hairstyles include the classic French braid, fishtail braid, Dutch braid, and waterfall braid. Other options include a braided updo, side braids, and braids incorporated into half up-half down hairstyles.

Can braids work for different hair lengths and textures?

Yes, braids can work for different hair lengths and textures. There are many braided hairstyles that can be adapted to shorter hair or hair with less volume, such as braided half up-half down styles, braided headbands, and braided buns. You can also use hair extensions to add length or volume if needed.

How can I incorporate braids into my bridal hairstyle without it looking too casual?

Braids can be incorporated into bridal hairstyles in a variety of ways. For a more formal look, consider incorporating braids into an updo or half up-half down style. You can also add hair accessories such as flowers or jeweled hairpins to elevate the look.

Should I choose a braided hairstyle for my outdoor summer wedding?

Braided hairstyles can be a great option for outdoor summer weddings. They can help keep your hair off your face and neck, which can be especially important in hot weather. Plus, braids can be a great way to add texture and interest to your hairstyle.

How can I accessorize my braided bridal hairstyle?

There are many ways to accessorize a braided bridal hairstyle, depending on your personal style and the overall theme of your wedding. Some popular options include floral crowns, jeweled hairpins, ribbons, or a veil.

Should I hire a professional hairstylist to create my braided bridal hairstyle?

It is generally recommended to hire a professional hairstylist to create your braided bridal hairstyle, especially if you have a specific look in mind or if you have complicated hair. A hairstylist can also help ensure that your hair stays in place throughout the day and looks great in photos.

How long does it usually take to create a braided bridal hairstyle?

The time it takes to create a braided bridal hairstyle can vary depending on the complexity of the style and the texture and length of your hair. On average, it can take between 45 minutes to an hour and a half to create a braided bridal hairstyle.

Can I DIY my own braided bridal hairstyle?

If you have experience with braiding hair and feel confident in your skills, you can certainly try to DIY your own braided bridal hairstyle. However, it is important to practice beforehand and allow yourself enough time on the day of the wedding to create the look you want.

What should I do to prepare my hair for a braided bridal hairstyle?

To prepare your hair for a braided bridal hairstyle, it is recommended to wash and dry your hair the day before the wedding. This will help give your hair some texture and hold. You can also use a texturizing spray or dry shampoo to add more grip to your hair.

Can I wear a veil with a braided bridal hairstyle?

Yes, you can definitely wear a veil with a braided bridal hairstyle. Depending on the style of the veil and the placement of the braid, you may need to secure the veil in a specific way. A hairstylist can help you determine the best way to incorporate a veil into your braided hairstyle.