10 Biggest Wedding Money Wasters


It can feel good playing the big spender at your wedding and showing off to all your guests with lavish plans. However, this feeling of opulence can be quickly replaced by despair once the party is over and realize just how much you have spent. If you need to bring a little sanity to your wedding plans, stay away from these huge wedding money wasters.

1. An expensive wedding venue

Wedding venue costs can be exorbitant enough to take over your wedding budget all by themselves easily. Sometimes, you can get in over your head even if you are not looking for an expensive place. Many venues try to reel people in by advertising low prices but building them up with expensive add-ons – china, furnishings, lighting options, etc. It’s important to make sure that your venue does not use up more than 20% of your budget.

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Choosing an outdoor venue is a great way to save on decorations. Consider some low-cost locations like your backyard, parks, forests, or gardens. Another way to save you money is by choosing an all-inclusive package, which usually includes the reception, wedding, and honeymoon.

Bear in mind that having your wedding during off-season will cut the expenses almost in half. On Saturdays in particular, wedding venues are more expensive, so try booking yours on another day of the week!