30 Super Fun Bridal Shower Games


30. Crocodile

This is a fun, often called one of the best bridal shower games in which you have to move actively. The first guest guesses a wedding word; the other must gesture to show precisely what was said. You can think them up in advance and write them on a piece of paper, or, if you do not doubt your imagination, generate them in the game.

You can even have a little competition. Break into two teams and take turns giving a player from your opponent’s group a wedding word they must explain to their partners.

You can buy a special set if you don’t want to make up the words yourself.

A bachelorette party is an occasion to get together with close friends and have a fun and exciting time together. The interactive games on this list are primarily low-key – they aren’t particularly saucy. A bridal shower is better suited for those kinds of games. Anyway, hilarious bridal shower games need to be acceptable to a general audience. In addition, the best bridal shower games must be all present, so all will not be bored.

Choosing how to entertain guests for the bridal shower includes imagination and wit because any formulaic contest can become unique and original. So if you are creative enough to plan your best bridal shower games, be sure to do it. Besides, let us know about your game ideas.

How to organize a perfect bridal shower?

A bridal party must be prepared in advance for the bride to have easy, fun, and pleasant memories.

Event date. First and foremost, deciding on the wedding shower date is necessary. The bridal shower the night before the wedding night is not the best option unless it takes place in a SPA. It is better a week before the bridal shower.

Please make a list of the bridesmaids and invite them in advance. Then your pre-wedding party will be an unforgettable and colorful event.

Decide on a venue. The bachelorette party can be held at your favorite bar, restaurant, or cafe, where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks. In addition, this is a great excuse to look your best, wearing a beautiful cocktail dress, makeup, and hairstyle. There are many classic and non-standard locations where you can hold a bachelorette party, from home and bar to the water park and paintball club. The main thing is to find an area that will fit your bridal shower—an important rule, that book wedding venues beforehand.

Make a script. The bridal shower must pass easily and smoothly. If you don’t want to do it yourself, various services and skilled professionals can help with bridal showers.

Prepare and buy all the necessary attributes for a bridal shower. This includes veils for the bride and bridesmaids, decorations, and everything you need for contests and games.

Food and beverages. If you are not celebrating a bridal shower in a cafe, you need to order or prepare food and drinks ahead of time.

A bridal shower is enjoyable. Following our best bridal shower games tips, you can easily organize special bridal shower activities.

It’s great if every guest leaves the bachelorette party with some memorable gift opening. Make it at your discretion, or take a ready-made version. Put a beautiful basket in a certain corner of the room where the party takes place; there, in bags or boxes, place memorable pleasant little things (shower gels, chocolates, tea, lip gloss, etc.), and each guest of the party should take out (without looking) their bag from the basket.

How many games should be played at a bridal shower?

The number of games played for a bridal shower is calculated individually. It depends on many factors. If the bridal shower is held on the eve of the wedding, bride to be should think of a quiet game played. The main task of bridal showers is to have a good time, but at the same time to save strength for the wedding shower.

What to do at a bridal shower without games?

Choosing the best bridal shower games is a nice but not obligatory part of a bachelorette party. So you don’t have to think for a long time about how many games should be on your evening, there are various alternatives. Another excellent and exciting idea for a bridal shower is to hold a master class. This is precisely the case when you can have an exciting and valuable time and learn something new.

Also, you can have a photo shoot. Such an idea will keep in memory lane the most vivid impressions and emotions about your bridal shower. A photoshoot at a bridal shower can be held in a studio, in nature, or any location you wish. In addition, it’s a beautiful surprise for the bride, which she can learn only at the site.

A great way to combine pleasure with health is to hold a bachelorette party at the spa. If you choose this bridal shower option, you can schedule it just a few days before the wedding. Enjoy relaxing treatments, and at the same time, have a feast for your skin and hair.

How do you make a bridal shower not boring?

Traditionally, the bridesmaids decide how to hold a bridal shower. In some cases, the bride herself organizes both the wedding shower and the bachelorette party. If you are one of these girls, you have more planning opportunities. Also, you can arrange a hen party with the help of the wedding expert. It will help you find the best option for the scenario evening. However, if you still decide to go it alone, you should first decide on the idea of a bridal shower.

What kind of prizes for the bridal shower game?

The joint bridal shower games will quickly get used to the new company and have fun to the fullest. In this case, it is necessary to think about what the guests arrive will receive for the victory or defeat. As bonuses for winning contests and games played can be used sweets or lovely trinkets. You can also buy stuff that will be useful in the home. Thus, bridal shower games become another great reason to delight guests with surprises.

In addition to excellent rewards, you can think of exciting tasks for the losers, such as standing on one leg for 5 minutes or singing a song with a mouth full of sweets. Games and bridal shower contests will help create the right atmosphere at the event.