30 Super Fun Bridal Shower Games


19. Guess the Spice

This exciting bridal shower games option prizes a set of spices in beautiful jars, any hostess’s pride, and the kitchen’s decoration.

So, as preparation for the bridal shower game, the host numbers the jars and then remove the labels with the names. Naturally, the more spices you have, the harder it is to guess right. Next, a list of spices is made, not by number, but in a chaotic order. The contestants must give the most correct answers to identify the spices by sight, smell, or taste.

The prize and victory in the contest go to the one who accurately guesses all the spices (well, or the one who gives the most correct answers wins). In addition to great incentives, you can come up with fun tasks for the loser, like standing on one foot for 5 minutes or singing a song with a mouthful of candy.