8 Summer Wedding Cake Ideas 2023


When it comes to a summer wedding, a plethora of different ideas come to mind. You focus on infusing all the bright colors of the season into each inch of the wedding decor and choose a wedding dress that reflects your summer mood and style. But, what about the cake?

Choosing a wedding cake might be as daunting as purchasing your wedding rings. You definitely want a cake to wow your guest, yet all those different shapes, sizes, and flavors make you think twice before taking a final decision. Let me help you. Here are some summer wedding cake ideas that you will like.

1. The messy beauty

Perfection is outdated. The messy wedding cake will leave your guests talking about it long after your big day. This idea is for bold and modern brides who want others to remember their weddings for many years to come.

2. The polka dot cake

If you are going to have a polka-dot themed wedding, having an elegant polka dot cake will be a nice addition. Polka dots are classic and they add a distinct sense of style, while flowers add that summery touch to your cake.

3. The true divinity

Even though it might be hard to destroy and eat this breathtakingly elegant and divine wedding cake, each of your guests will be astonished and delighted. You can experiment with the color, if blue is not your thing.

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4. The red and white elegance

If perfection is what you chase, the red and white cake will add a touch of elegance to your wedding day. It is best to have a big cake, even if you have a little guest list. The bigger the cake, the more captivating it is.

5. The pinky delight

This is an ideal idea for a bride whose favorite color is pink. It is a leading color in the last few years that is going to be popular this summer. The pinky delight will certainly wow your girls.

6. The yellow and green splash

Yellow is one of the most trendy wedding colors in 2016. When you combine this bright color with fresh green elements, a color combo is awesome. Isn’t it ideal for your summer wedding cake?

7. The peachy simplicity

This simple yet elegant white cake embellished with peach roses will not astonish your guests, but it will definitely capture their attention. They will feast their eyes upon it for hours before they finally sink their teeth into this delicious masterpiece.

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8. The wedding cupcakes

Many couples choose to treat their guests to lovely cupcakes on their wedding day. A stylish table full of cute, eye-catching, and unique wedding cupcakes will make your big day stand out.

Do you know what makes a wedding day memorable? Dress? Venue? Nope. A beautifully unusual cake that your guests will talk about for many years to come. Make sure you talk to a pro when ordering any of these cakes.

FAQ About Summer Wedding Cake

What flavors are best for a summer wedding cake?

Summer wedding cakes can be made with a variety of flavors, but some popular choices include lemon, strawberry, raspberry, coconut, and citrus flavors like orange or lime. Light and refreshing flavors tend to be more popular in the summer months.

How can I decorate a summer wedding cake?

Decorating a summer wedding cake can involve a variety of designs, but incorporating seasonal fruits and flowers can add a fresh and summery touch. Consider incorporating bright and bold colors to create a festive and playful atmosphere.

What kind of frosting is best for a summer wedding cake?

Buttercream is a popular choice for summer wedding cakes as it can withstand warmer temperatures and humidity. Fondant can also be used, but it may require additional refrigeration to prevent melting.

Should I choose a cake with fresh fruit for my summer wedding?

Fresh fruit can be a delicious addition to a summer wedding cake, but it is important to consider the storage and transportation of the cake. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, be sure to discuss the logistics with your baker to ensure the cake stays fresh.

Can I have a non-traditional summer wedding cake?

Absolutely! Summer weddings can provide the perfect opportunity to explore non-traditional cake options such as cupcakes, macarons, or even ice cream cakes. Get creative and have fun with your cake design.