11 Most Popular Kinds of Weddings


If you are getting married this year, you may want to know the most popular kinds of weddings. There are many different types of weddings, and each has pros and cons. Many details will depend on the concept of the wedding celebration: the bride’s dress, the table decor, and the event venue.

Wedding planning can sometimes be overwhelming, but it’s a special day for any bride. Of course, you want a fabulous wedding and everything to be trendy, so it’s wise to check out the list of the most popular kinds of weddings. There’s undoubtedly something for every couple on this list.

1. A Traditional or Classic Wedding

This is the same style that usually first comes to people’s minds when they start to build associations with the word “wedding.” Royal, expensive – these adjectives describe wedding classics well.

  • Couples who prefer a classic wedding style often opt for suits, tuxedos, and ball gowns. Those who choose this option tend to stick to a formal dress code.
  • The traditional wedding style palette of the bride suggests white, but you can also opt for pastel options: pale blue, linen, cream, or powder. Similar shades are used in the decor of the wedding location.
  • Traditional decor elements of a traditional wedding type can include a symbolic arch made of flowers, greenery, small balls, and floral arrangements in tall crystal vases. In addition, using textiles, which are draped in a unique way, candelabra, additional accessories, and floral arrangements, is an excellent idea for decoration.

2. Vintage Style Wedding

Another one of the most popular types of wedding is a Vintage style, regularly used in interior design, photo shoots. Vintage style includes a variety of approaches to the design of a festive space. It can be a bright pompous banquet with pompous decor or, on the contrary, a lighter romantic celebration. In each case, it is essential to use as many decorative elements as possible, or even simple household gizmos of those times.

  • When talking about the wedding image of newlyweds, the bride in a lace dress should be the center of the celebration. A gentle look will help create a straight, slightly fitted style, an open back or neckline, and flowing folds of fabric. The dress can be made entirely of lace or have lace accents – sleeves, back, and train. Hats with veils and hairpins with ribbons, lace, and rhinestones will be appropriate instead of the traditional veil. It is advisable to choose a groom’s suit in beige or gray. A scarf or bow tie will add a vintage look.
  • So that you can spend less time decorating, it is recommended to choose a restaurant with a vintage-style interior. It would be great if such an institution is located in an old building, where stucco elements, columns, stained-glass windows, and frescoes will add notes to the overall atmosphere of this one of the most popular kinds of wedding. In this case, the lighting should not be light and bright. Additionally, you can use candles instead of lamps and lamps in the evening.
  • It will be possible to convey this style using muted, soft pastel shades. It can be a combination of cream, beige, dirty pink, pale green, mint, light blue, and lavender. Often, newlyweds use peach and brown palettes in the design of weddings. In general, all colors that evoke associations with the spirit of that time will do.

3. Modern Wedding

The Modern wedding is an excellent choice for young people who do not want to arrange a royally luxurious event but at the same time want to make their wedding day memorable and beautiful. Therefore, Modern weddings are one of the most popular kinds of weddings nowadays.

  • The preferred color scheme in this direction is bright, saturated, and contrasting, although pastel and light shades may be included during creating this type of wedding. A notable feature of the Art Nouveau style is metallic colors, not aristocratic gold and silver, but industrial steel and bronze.
  • This type of wedding offers the outfits of the newlyweds in line with fashion trends, be original, and created with a great deal of creativity. The bride should choose a minimalist dress with a simple cut with a flat skirt. Non-standard solutions are welcome, such as skirt and top sets. The image of the groom in a modern style will help to create trousers and a jacket of a modern simple cut. Unusual stylish accessories and shoes are required.
  • In Modern wedding design, the emphasis is not on floristry but on ideology and originality. Also, the decor should reflect modern trends in design and interior. Like the Industrial style, Modern is saturated with the spirit of urban life and prefers bare surfaces. In addition, the decor of this type of wedding often has strict geometric shapes.

4. Elopement Wedding

Escape from everyone and arrange a romantic wedding for two – why not? Regardless of the number of guests, or their absolute absence, the day of the celebration does not lose its solemnity because the main characters are you.

  • You should warn guests that only your closest friends and relatives will be present or that you have decided not to invite guests. But this must be done delicately and in advance to avoid offending anyone and warn everyone. Host a warm engagement dinner, so your family and friends get offended. It can be dinner in a good restaurant or a cozy evening outside the city.
  • The most important advantage of this wedding format is that you can choose any style and place for holding. You are welcome to have a rooftop dinner, picnic, host a gala dinner by the sea, fly in a hot air balloon, or even ship overseas. You can organize whatever your heart desires.
  • This type of wedding for two allows the newlyweds to forget familiar wedding attributes such as a corset, veil, heels, or a black tuxedo. Instead, you can choose a light-flying dress in a light shade or a flirty white sundress, a straight floor-length dress in a minimalist style, or a top with a full skirt. The same applies to the groom: a stylish shirt and trousers with suspenders, a vest, or a non-classical jacket. Let his image not be too official and, at the same time, harmoniously complement the bride’s outfit.

5. Destination Wedding

A brand new term in wedding terminology, a destination wedding is gaining popularity these days. If you’ve never heard of it, a type of wedding is when the bride and groom choose a location where they want to have their ceremony and travel there to get married. They invite family and close friends to accompany them. A destination wedding is one of the most popular types of wedding.

  • You can rent a banquet hall and a restaurant terrace, if available. Thus, outside you can install an arch, hold a wedding ceremony, and go to a banquet inside the restaurant.
  • A wedding ceremony in a forest clearing is an excellent option for both newlyweds and guests. In addition, an open forest area can give great space for fun and a wedding photo shoot.
  • A celebration on a boat can be truly unforgettable. A light breath of cool breeze, splashing water, and changing landscape creates a romantic atmosphere for the newlyweds. You can install an arch and a buffet table on the deck, and a photo session on the ship will please you with breathtaking shots.
  • While this wedding is fabulous and breathtakingly beautiful, it can be expensive. So don’t forget to consider it before deciding what wedding to have.

6. Beachfront Wedding

Let me tell you my little secret, my boyfriend and I are going to have a beachfront wedding this year. I have always dreamt of walking barefoot on the pristine beach with a gorgeous flowing wedding dress. The beach is one of my favorite locations and not only for my wedding. I love the sound of the crashing waves, the bright sun, and the warm wind, and a beach is a romantic place for couples.

  • The venue of the celebration, as well as the time of year, is a fundamental aspect when organizing a wedding event on the beach. Therefore, it would be best if you thought in advance whether you will have an outdoor wedding ceremony or whether it will be a party after the official part. Also, if you are a resident of a metropolis, you have a choice whether to celebrate the celebration abroad, in an open space near the nearest reservoir, or in a park.
  • Based on your decision on where exactly to hold the celebration, you can think about decor and decoration. Traditionally, a beach wedding is an arch decorated with flowers and live music. Moreover, it is appropriate to arrange a wedding on the beach in the style of eco, boho, or on the theme of the sea and travel.
  • At the end of the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds can launch lanterns and balloons into the sky or send a bottle or coconut into the ocean with cherished wishes and promises to each other.
  • When choosing wedding dresses, you have complete freedom of choice. It can be both outfits in a certain theme, which corresponds to the general concept of the celebration, and a classic men’s suit and a white dress for the bride.

7. Outdoor Wedding

There are many options if you’re planning to have a wedding outdoors. An outdoor wedding takes incredible photos, and you can do many exciting things. Eco-style wedding is a trend that is gaining momentum from year to year.

  • The suburbs of almost any metropolis has a huge number of places that are initially suitable for holding celebrations of this kind.
  • Centuries-old trees and a bright, lush green grass carpet are the best decorations for a wedding. You can also use an archway, a gazebo, or some other kinds of settings to make your wedding décor better.
  • An eco-wedding is distinguished by its sophistication, abundance of greenery, and a lot of cute details. The colors that define the eco style are natural colors and shades, such as: green and blue, and shades of brown, gray, and beige.
  • The only downside to consider is undoubtedly the weather. But overall, this type of wedding is fantastic.

8. Ballroom Wedding

Modern wedding fashion trends offer newlyweds many ideas on how to make a wedding luxurious and impressive. Therefore, a ballroom wedding is also one of the most popular types of wedding. Couples choose this for different reasons. They can’t afford a destination or outdoor wedding (though such a celebration can also be expensive), or they don’t have any other options available.

  • A ballroom wedding is actually an indoor wedding, generally at a luxury location. So it’s typically in a hotel, a ballroom, or a perfectly decorated indoor area.
  • When imagining a wedding in a romantic style, we immediately think of a palette of pastel shades: pink, lilac, and beige. But you can also use other additional tones, such as white, blue, and ivory. They will make the color scheme more complex and airy at the same time.
  • An event in a chic ballroom will match the moment if decorated with flowers, candles, and live music. You can also decorate the hall with light-colored fabrics with various complex textures.
  • The bride who chose this image is a dreamer in spirit who, since childhood, wanted to become a real princess! Therefore, the dress must be chosen appropriately: with a long train, white or cream shades, and possibly with long lace sleeves. At the same time, it will have a classic cut but remain very gentle. As for the image of the groom, it should complement the gentle and romantic image of the bride. Therefore, it will be necessary to abandon the classic tuxedo in favor of more natural materials or not choose a black suit but replace it with light gray or brown.

9. Loft Wedding

A loft-style wedding celebration is chosen by those who live in the rhythm of a big city and want a bright and bold wedding. Of course, not everyone will like this style because it is far from the classic ideas about a wedding. However, if you are full of creative ideas, the loft is a full-fledged platform for their implementation.

  • A loft wedding has a spectacular and sometimes even breathtaking view as it is held at the top of a building. Typically, this type of wedding is held in big cities which can offer this option. This is a fantastic celebration to consider.
  • When choosing decor and costumes for such an event, you can make the most daring decisions. For example, a bride in a mini dress and sneakers will look spectacular if this style matches her temperament. A simple suit without too much severity for the groom will be appropriate for a loft wedding. You can combine a jacket with jeans. Suits in a cage are also suitable. It is better to give up ties and opt for butterflies.
  • Neon signs, art objects from fittings, and graffiti are used in the decor of the room. In addition, rough decorations, candlesticks, lamps, and garlands add to the atmosphere. The loft style is saturated with dark colors with contrasting shiny or bright accent details.

10. Church Wedding

A church wedding is right for you if you prefer a traditional wedding ceremony. However, the decision to marry the bride and groom must be made jointly. Such a desire may arise before the celebration or immediately after the registration of marriage by law, and some come to a similar decision after many years of marriage.

  • There are a lot of gorgeous churches where your ceremony can be held. You and your partner may also choose this type of wedding because of your personal beliefs. Moreover, a church wedding makes the backdrop for awesome photos.
  • The bride’s dress should be beautiful but, at the same time, modest and chaste. Do not choose short dresses or dresses with revealing cutouts. It is advisable not to bare the shoulders. Therefore, they usually pay attention to closed models of wedding dresses or buy a cape or a thin scarf on the shoulders. In addition, hair should be under a veil because women with bare heads should not step under the temple’s vaults. Of course, it is easier for men: it is enough to put on a festive but restrained in-style suit.

11. Country Wedding

A country or western-themed wedding has risen in popularity over the past few years. Perhaps it’s because this type of wedding is a comparatively cheap way to have a great wedding that is fun and that makes interesting memories. For those who love extravagant images, a fairly simple and attractive country style is an excellent idea.

  • If you live in a rural area, choosing a country wedding is even better because it suits your lifestyle and is not expensive. For this kind of wedding, you’ll need to find a good barn and decorate it to make your wedding more country-themed.
  • Starting from the venue, you can focus on the design. A country-style wedding implies unusual solutions for decorating. The palette is calm – green, brown, and white. You can add chandeliers, porcelain dishes, and lace tablecloths to turn this type of wedding into a chic country style. Garlands of multi-colored paws hung around the entire perimeter will also be appropriate. A single style should be traced throughout the whole holiday, starting from the image of the newlyweds, ending with the costumes of the guests and the transformation of the banquet table.
  • There are many options for creating a country-style bride look. Just tie a plaid shirt over a wedding dress or decorate the dress with cowboy leather boots with a hat. Moreover, you can also wear cowboy boots with your beautiful bride dress. The groom can wear jeans, leather boots, a brown vest, and a hat to create an excellent image of a real brutal cowboy.

These are some of the most popular kinds of weddings to consider if you are going to get married this year. What type of wedding would you love to have? Have you already decided on your location?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common type of wedding?

There is no definitive answer to what the most common type of wedding is as wedding traditions and styles can vary greatly depending on the region, culture, and personal preferences of the couple. However, traditional weddings, which typically involve a religious or civil ceremony followed by a reception with dinner, dancing, and speeches, are still very popular in many parts of the world. Beach and destination weddings have also become increasingly popular in recent years as more couples seek out unique and memorable ways to tie the knot.

What are the main wedding styles?

There are several main wedding styles that couples may choose from depending on their personal preferences, cultural or religious backgrounds, and the overall look and feel they want for their big day. Some of the most common wedding styles include:

  1. Traditional weddings;
  2. Beach weddings;
  3. Garden weddings;
  4. Rustic weddings;
  5. Vintage weddings;
  6. Modern weddings;
  7. Bohemian weddings;
  8. Destination weddings;
  9. Cultural weddings;
  10. Eco-friendly weddings.

Each wedding style has its own unique characteristics and may involve different types of venues, decorations, attire, and food and beverage options. Couples should choose a wedding style that reflects their personalities and creates the ambiance they want for their special day.

How do I choose my wedding style?

First of all, you should find a source of inspiration from which your eyes light up. Some are inspired by architecture, others by nature, and others by films. Many couples come to decorators after seeing enough photos from other weddings. Then, you can make a mood board and pick up at least 5-10 pictures of what you like. Finally, with your assumptions, you can seek help from an agency that organizes your wedding based on your desires.

What type of wedding is most popular?

The modern wedding is the most popular type of wedding nowadays. Such style is characterized by urban and industrial motifs, contrast and sharpness, simplicity, and conciseness. Instead of tenderness and airiness, strictness and clarity of lines, geometricity are welcomed here. Then, an urban skyscraper’s loft or roof will be ideal for a wedding in the Art Nouveau style. Cafes and restaurants decorated in the appropriate style are also suitable. Finally, the outfits of the newlyweds should be in line with fashion trends, be original, and be created with a great deal of originality.

What are the latest trends in weddings?

One of the latest trends in weddings is chamber weddings, that is, small private celebrations. Only the closest ones are invited. When it comes to decorating and decorating a wedding, many newlyweds come up with interesting ways to fill in or embellish the space by creating intricate prints or creative branding.

Moreover, trends are also noticeable in the images of newlyweds. The image of the bride completely depends on her preferences. It can be a mini dress, an asymmetrical dress, or even a stylish white suit. If we talk about the image of the groom, then suits with a print are returning to fashion. Both stripes and floral designs will look good, but with the second case, you must be more careful to avoid having a hard look.

What is a timeless style wedding?

The classic wedding is a timeless style wedding. A snow-white tent, flower girls, the bride’s path to the altar strewn with rose petals, best friends in identical outfits, a giant cake, and elegance in every detail – this is what any girl dreams of from childhood. The classic is the severity of lines, elegant and concise presentation, and minimal color combinations. The main condition for a classic wedding is that it should be elegant, not pretentious, but by no means boring.