10 Super Fun Bridal Shower Games


Guests at bridal showers tend to be a mix of people from the different circles that the bride keeps – some from her work circle, some from her time at college, some from her school days and others from her neighborhood. When all these friends come together and meet at the bridal shower, perhaps for the first time, you need ways to help everyone become friendly. Here are a few game ideas to try.

1. Wedding-themed bingo

This bingo game isn’t about matching numbers. Rather, it’s about matching facts about the couple getting married and about weddings, in general. To prepare for his game, you first need to fill interesting wedding facts in the squares on the bingo cards.

For instance, one square could be about where the couple got engaged, and another could be about their honeymoon destination. With the cards ready, the game is played the way Bingo usually is.