10 Fairly Unique Wedding Reception Favors


There’s always something ultra memorable about any occasion that sends each guest home with a special and beautiful treat. Wedding is one of those occasions that require favors. You want to impress your guests so make sure your wedding favors are really meaningful.

Wedding favors don’t need to be expensive to be meaningful. In most cases, you don’t need to spend more than $5 on each guest, even if you plan to get very memorable gifts. All you need is a few fairly unique ideas.

1. Jars of your own signature granola

It can make a charming wedding reception favor, to set out jars of homemade granola for your guests to take back. You can mix up batches of both sweet and savory granola at home, fill it in Mason jars and mark each jar with a handwritten thank-you note.

Granola can be a meaningful favor to give. Your guests will have something to munch on, on the way back home.

2. The specialty that your hometown is known for

Every region of the country has a special local food that the place is known for. Kansas has Bubbat rolls and cinnamon apple pie, Vermont has a drink called switchel, and Montana has popcorn balls and buttermilk biscuits. Whatever part of the country the bride and groom are from, a special local delicacy from each hometown could make a sweet wedding reception favor.

3. A personalized wedding thumb drive

Considering that USB thumb drives are cheap, having a bunch personalized with the name of the bride and groom, and filling each with a few great wedding photos can be a fun favor idea. You would need a few people on the job filling the drives with photos at the reception, though.

4. Tiny, succulent potted plants

You can find $3 potted succulents on sale – tiny plants with fat, juicy leaves – that you can buy dozens of to give to your guests. These adorable little plants are available elsewhere, too. Since they are easy to take care of, your wedding guests can easily appreciate receiving them.

5. A little charitable donation in each guest’s name

Weddings and other life celebrations are an excellent time to give to a charitable cause. Your guests can appreciate being a part of your charitable giving.

All you need to do is to donate in their name. At the reception favor desk, you can hand out receipts with the name of each guest on it, along with a cookie wrapped in plastic or another fun gift.

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6. Make it seasonal

If it’s winter, blankets can make great wedding reception favors. If it’s fall, candy or fresh apples can feel right. In summer, tiny bottles of sunscreen can make a lot of sense.

If it’s spring, small bouquets of fresh flowers can boost your guests’ mood. All these gifts are practical, and good to use right away.

7. Give an art-inspired favor

A set of color pencils or crayons in bright packaging can instantly cheer anyone up. It doesn’t even matter if many of your guests don’t have children – a coloring kit can feel good to anyone. Moreover, nowadays there are many coloring books for adults that you can give too.

8. Let them make some noise

Even the most reserved wedding guest will usually have trouble staying that way with the gift of a noisemaker. A set of toy maracas can be cheap, great fun and very classy. With this favor, your wedding day is going to be much funnier than you think.

9. Give a classic

Tiny, leather bound classics in abridged form – Dickens, Shakespeare or anything else that you like – usually cost no more than $5 each. While your guests may never read them, they are likely to love how sophisticated they look. Or maybe you’ll help them to fall in love with books, who knows?

10. Seed packets

While many of your guests may not have gardens, seed packets can still make meaningful favors. Everyone gets that seeds signify life, hope and regeneration.

Your guests can plant those seeds in small pots and grow their own vegetables, or even some berries like strawberries, indoor. It’s a win-win solution!

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A good part of the impact that a wedding favor makes comes from the packaging that it is presented in. A little pretty ribbon and a card with a handwritten note are all it takes to send your guests away feeling appreciated. If your wedding budget doesn’t allow for expensive favors, look for budget-friendly favors that you know your guests will love.