10 Tips for Buying a Wedding Dress When You’re Pregnant


Expectant brides often despair when planning their wedding. While other brides have a world of wedding dress styles to choose from, a pregnant bride usually has no choice but to satisfy herself with the few specially made designs available that look awkward and sack-like. This kind of thinking may have made sense a few years ago.

Today, though, pregnant brides have a vast range of wedding dress options to choose from. These simple tips will hopefully help you look perfect on your wedding day.

1. Buy as close to the wedding day as possible

If you needed a regular wedding dress, it would be a good idea to begin shopping months before the event. You’ll have time to comparison shop and make up your mind. When you’re pregnant, though, your body shape changes each passing week.

It’s a good idea then, to buy your dress no more than a month before the day. You’ll only need one alteration this way.