10 Wedding Items Worth Splurging On


Before you begin trying to identify items to cut back on to save on your wedding, it’s important that you first know where you need to splurge. It’s only when you learn where to spend for the greatest return on your investment that you’ll know what can safely take a back seat. Here are 10 areas to consider spending freely on.

1. Splurge on the lighting

While you may not be able to afford a top-tier venue for your wedding, you could make up for the shortcomings of the place you get by bringing in imaginative lighting. When your guests arrive and are greeted with a space that is awash in beautiful lighting, they won’t notice any drab curtains, worn-out carpeting or dirty corners. You’ll need a lighting designer, though, who can arrange to rent decorative lights, chandeliers and other quality lighting.

2. Lavish attention on the entrance

Hiring a florist to decorate the entrance to the venue can pay off well. You don’t need to go over the top with the arrangements you make.

Decorating with plants, candles and vases of flowers is all you need. A cocktail bar at the entrance can be a great way to welcome your guests and impress them, as well.

3. Decorations for the ceremony space

When you have limited funds, applying your decorating budget to the area where the actual ceremony takes place will give you the best bang for your buck. This is the space that your guests will mostly focus on. Look for unique decorations or create your own decorations, if you can’t afford expensive ones.

4. Get a photo booth

Wedding venue photo booths were a niche idea only a few years ago. Today, they’ve grown in popularity. A photo booth that your guests can step into for a little instant photo fun can help them loosen up.

Most wedding photo booths that you can rent these days come with large external displays, too. With your guests’ fun antics displayed on those screens for everyone to see, you’ll have plenty of gaiety all around.

5. Create a lounge

Every wedding venue should have a lounging space with comfy chairs, couches and even beds. You can decorate the space with votive candles, set out a snack bar or cocktail bar in a corner and help people get to know each other. Your guests will feel much better about the event when they have a quiet place to rest and talk in.

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6. Arrange for a little surprise entertainment

While you can have a band or DJ fill your wedding with music, hiring a roving barbershop quartet or a mariachi group to perform beautiful melodies during the breaks can add class to the proceedings. You need to make sure that the musicians you hire play truly memorable tunes, though.

7. Cheap nibbles can make a better impression than expensive food

All too often, weddings get catered with only serious food. People, though, genuinely love their French fries, cookies, pizzas and hot dogs. There’s no reason to deny your guests what they love.

Filling your wedding with such comfort food can perk your guests up. However, if some of your guests are vegetarians, make sure you have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as well.

8. Get a professional videographer

Most weddings have professional photographers. Not many have professional videographers, though.

Nevertheless, it can be a wonderful experience to have beautifully shot video footage of your wedding. Whatever you spend on hiring, a great videographer is well worth the expense.

9. Get great lingerie to for the wedding dress

What you wear under your wedding dress can affect its appearance. Quality lingerie can help your wedding dress drape well.

You should consider the bridal store’s lingerie recommendation even if it’s expensive. Choosing a high quality lingerie can be tricky, so it’s better to buy it well in advance.

10. Get a professional makeup artist and hairstylist

Having a professional take care of how you look on your wedding day can spell the difference between merely looking good and knocking your guests’ socks off. The added perk is that you’ll be able to trust the professional to do his job well and simply enjoy your wedding.

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While most soon-to-wed couples are trying to save money on their weddings, it’s important to know what items are worth the splurge. Once you identify what not to cut back on, you’ll be much clearer about the items that you should take a red pencil to. Your wedding will be much better for your clarity.

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