10 Unique Ways to Honor Your Mom at Your Wedding


2. Choose your mother’s outfit yourself

Usually, once the bride chooses her wedding dress, she shows it to her mother. The mother, then, goes on to buy an outfit of her own to complement the wedding dress. Then, the groom’s mother buys an outfit to go with all the others.

It could be a sweet gesture, though, for you to buy dresses both for your mother and your future mother-in-law, yourself.

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Believe it or not, but I’ve witnessed at least three weddings where mother of the bride and mother of the groom wore almost the same dresses. It’s nothing but a buzzkill for your mom and your would-be mother-in-law.

If you spend a day choosing their outfit, you will be pretty sure and comfortable about their clothing. It’s also a sweet idea to accomplish their look with stunning accessories and elegant details.