10 Must-Have Wedding Photos


A great wedding photographer knows where to look for the most meaningful pictures. While some of these tend to be obvious ideas, others are harder to pin down. It takes a trained eye to recognize them.

To make sure that your wedding photographer knows where to turn, it can be a good idea to look closely at a few wedding albums with your photographer and discuss possible shots. Here are 10 must-have wedding photos.

1. A shot of everyone getting ready

Wedding photographers never forget a few photos of the bride getting ready: the bridesmaids helping her into her dress, a shot of the makeup and hair process and so on. There are other shots of important people getting ready that you can include, too.

Shots of the groom tweaking his bow tie, the best men polishing their shoes and other such scenes tend to be priceless. In the photo album, these shots can effectively bring in a sense of the importance of the event to follow.