10 Truths to Know about Your Wedding Day


It can be hard to know what to expect at your own wedding. Movies and television shows seem to portray weddings as either perfect and flawlessly executed affairs, or as unmitigated disasters.

Chances are that your wedding won’t be a total fiasco, but at the same time you should be aware of the fact that it may be a bit of a bumpy ride. Here are 10 truths about your wedding day that you need to know.

1. Something is bound to go wrong

The bigger your wedding, the more chances things will not go quite as planned. Not even small weddings are ultimately immune to this.

However, the important thing to remember is not to panic. You’ll be better equipped to deal with problems if you keep a cool head. The last thing you want to do is to let stress ruin your big day.

2. You can’t always please everyone

No matter how hard you try, some people are going to have negative opinions on the food, the venue, the seating arrangements, the other guests, the flowers, or even about your dress. This is your special day, so don’t waste one second worrying about appeasing such minor gripes.

3. You’ll always feel like you’re running out of time

Time will seem to be in very short supply on your wedding day. Try to help yourself by drawing up a very detailed schedule and sticking to it, but prepare to be flexible as well. You should especially strive to factor enough travel time into your schedule.

4. You’re going to get tired

Your wedding day is going to take a lot out of you, not only mentally but physically as well. You’ll likely be riding high on energy and excitement at the beginning of the day but, near the end, after all the stress, travel, picture-taking, dancing, and celebrating, you might find yourself starting to doze off!

5. You’ll probably be sleep deprived

Another factor which may exuberate how tired you get on your wedding day is the fact that you probably won’t get very much sleep the night before. Lots of excitement and maybe even some mild stress and worries will keep you tossing and turning through the night.

6. Certain guests may behave badly

Not everyone knows how to be a good wedding guest. Some guests are going to be rude, inappropriate, and offensive to others, even if you would have never expected such behavior from them beforehand. Try not to let it get to you, but be ready to handle some awkward situations just in case.

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7. But some people will pleasantly surprise you

Others who you may have expected to behave badly are going to surprise you for the better. You’ll be able to tell who can and can’t put their selfish needs aside for your special day. Those who can’t may disappoint you, but those who can will make you smile.

8. You’ll cry

It’s almost a guarantee that you’re going to cry at your wedding, and it’s almost a guarantee that they will be tears of joy. You’ll be surrounded by friends, family, and well-wishers as you marry the person you love, and that’s the perfect recipe for a few tears.

9. It’ll be over before you know it

Just as your wedding quickly approaches while you hurry to make your last-minute plans, your wedding day will be over in the blink of an eye. You need to remember to take some breathers so that you can slow down and take it all in before the whirlwind day is over.

10. It will be an amazing day

When asked about the best day of their life, most married people will remember their wedding day. It is one of the most significant steps that any relationship can take, and one of the most important decisions that you’ll have to make in your life. Finally, after months (or even years!) of planning, it will all come together into one special day.

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You will always remember your wedding day. You’ll remember both the good and the bad, but the bad will quickly fade with time.

As the years go by, it won’t matter if some relatives showed up late or the flowers were wrong. The only thing that will matter is that this is the day you married the person you love.