10 Trending Wedding Themes for Fall


Fall weddings can be grand and cozy at the same time – they can be full of seasonal color, natural elements and an air of the festivities of the holidays. If you have a fall wedding planned, here are the best themes in favor today.

1. Everyone loves the colors of fall

For most people fall is a favorite season due to its royal beauty. Fall comes with its own palette of colors, such as browns, purples, yellows and many others. These colors go well on everything you need at a wedding, from the decor, the invitations to the dresses that the bride and groom wear.

Moreover, nothing can create such a strong feeling of cosiness and prosperity like rich colors of autumn. Despite the fact that everything passes away in autumn, this is a great period to tart up something new in your life. That’s the reason why autumn is number one season for weddings!

2. The romance of formal weddings is making a comeback

Weddings used to be white-glove affairs – fine china, string quartets, serious dinner menus, silver candlesticks and crystal, and serious wedding vows. Anxious to be free of the rigidness and structure of convention, people have rebelled and tried their own ideas. Today, though, people feel free enough to be able to look back on tradition and to appreciate its elegance and romance.

Take care of the appropriate music, it is one of the binding elements of a formal wedding. Brass band or philharmonic orchestra will create grand atmosphere.

Learn the basic elements of waltz to impress your guests. Brides today are turning the clock back to the 20s and 30s and are putting together weddings with all the traditional touches.

3. Pattern-themed weddings are in fashion

Tablecloths with polka dots, wedding invitations and cakes decorated with Chevron patterns, bridesmaid dresses and curtains done in stripes, and paper lanterns in geometric shapes are all back in style today after a few decades out in the cold. Pattern cloth perfectly harmonizes with bright colors. Such an experiment will surely make your wedding dashing and glamorous.

Are you at a loss for how to implement bright spots into your wedding design? Just make sure that all the bold elements correspond to the general pattern of the wedding. Experimenting with a pattern-themed wedding should be a great idea this fall.

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4. In-season blooms are all the rage

Rather than go after blooms that need to be flown in from far off, wedding planners today are beginning to see the attraction in staying local and seasonal. Seasonal preferences are better for the environment too. After all, how can you create a real fall wedding without fall flowers?

Sunflowers, carnations and Baby’s Breath can all work wonderfully for a fall wedding. Stick to a natural pattern as if you have just gathered the bouquet from the garden.

Flowers, designed in velvet or any other rich fabric will hide the stems and make your bouquet look even more fabulous. Design the bridegroom’s boutonniere according to your bouquet.

5. In-season flavors are well-loved, too

Praline and mocha for winter weddings and lemon for summer weddings work well in today’s preference for the seasonal. Fall is a harvest time, thus it offers the richest variety of food!

If your wedding is in the fall, maple can be a great idea. Maple sweet potatoes, maple-glazed salmon, pies made of autumn apples, pumpkin bread and ginger-flavored soups and salads are all the right ingredients for a fun feast.

Your tablecloth should also correspond to the fall design. Decorate the tables with branches, pumpkins and wooden elements.

Choose natural fabrics and colors, which match with rustic style of your fall wedding. Lanterns and lights will add magic to the atmosphere at night.

6. Flower garlands are popular again

Decorating your wedding venue with strings of seasonal flowers and leaves is a popular idea these days. Natural motives and muted colors perfectly reflect the bounty of the season.

For your fall wedding, you could try passion fruit, fig, raspberry, orange, lemon and fern, among others. You can use these garlands to decorate doorways, tables and chairs.

A handmade wreath is also a great option to decorate the doors and walls of your wedding site. Add small twigs of lavender and mint to the composition to create marvelous flavor.

Try also wheat bouquets in usual glass jars. As you know, wheat symbolizes fertility and wealth. These are veritable tokens for the prospective family, aren’t they?

7. Small invitations

Wedding invitation is greatly important nuptial element, as it’s the first thing that associates with your wedding design and style. Thus, you should spend considerable amount of time picking appropriate invitations.

Large and imposing wedding invitations are no longer considered fashionable the way they’ve been for years. Printers see orders for dainty and precious invitations these days – no more than 5 or 6 inches to a side. You can decorate your wedding invitations with fabric, greenery and stripes.

However, don’t strive to make them too ornate and crammed. Invitations should go with all the other elements of the interior.

8. More spicy food and more informal service

Wedding planners are serious about spicy flavors in wedding menu. Sriracha and other chili sauces are popular, for instance.

Don’t forget about cinnamon cookies, cakes and puddings. Cinnamon will fill your wedding venue with marvelous smell and it will really give a touch of fall to the event.

While formal, white gloved waiters are in fashion, so is informal food service. Helping yourself at the dinner table the way you would at home is a fun trend today.

Informal style is always comfortable and cozy. Another way to make your wedding party a bit informal is to organize a buffet. It’s especially of use if you have many guests.

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9. An outdoor wedding

Fall is a great time to take your wedding outdoors. If you live in a region that has great fall foliage, taking your wedding outdoors can be a wonderful idea.

There is a very short period in fall when you can still enjoy the warmth and rich fall colors together. Don’t lose the chance to hold the wedding ceremony in the garden or in the wood.

Moreover, you will have very picturesque wedding photos against the forest background. The most exciting part of the wedding comes with twilight. And this is what I love most of outdoors weddings.

Nothing but thousands of twinkles and sparkles can add a mystery and magic to the festival. I love natural candle light, however flameless pillar candles will also look great.

10. Cold weather themed favors

If you choose a fall wedding, sending your guests home with favors that work well in cold weather is a popular touch that you could like. Blankets, s’mores and tins of cocoa are great choices of wedding favor to go with.

Treat your guests with marshmallow and caramel as well, they taste especially good with tea and coffee. Plus, you can vary the list of hot beverages with mulled wine or punch.

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Another option you can use to keep your guests warm is a fireplace. It’s a lovely part of the interior that can serve both as a source of warmth and a part of the wedding decor. Cold weather attributes can be really inspiring!

Today’s fall wedding themes show a trend towards healthy, responsible choices. Anyone should have a great time with them. If you are planning to have a fall wedding, these tips can really help you make your wedding more meaningful.