10 Reasons Spring Weddings Are the Most Beautiful Ones


Congratulations on getting engaged! Now, you have a major job to do: picking the date and time of your wedding. You might have an idea in mind already, but let me make a suggestion.

There is one season that is perfect for weddings, one where everything is new, fresh, and coming to life. Here are ten reasons why springtime and weddings match up perfectly.

1. Pastels

For whatever reason, winter and summer are not the time of the year to choose lilac, mint, and baby blue bridesmaids dresses. But springtime is. The palettes for springtime are also so stunning, especially when highlighted by the variety of flowers beginning to bloom.

2. Perfect temperatures

Springtime runs at the perfect temperature, not too hot and not too cold. When the sunshine is out, the birds are chirping, and the fresh green leaves sparkle with dew, how can you deny the beauty of a spring day? Plus, these perfect temperatures mean the reception hall will not get overly hot due to catered cooking or dozens of bodies, and you will not wind up sweating nervously as you wait for the reception to begin.

3. Everything is blooming

That means that most flowers are easy to get for your decorations and bouquet. You can even pick flowers straight from your garden if you wanted to. For imagination fuel, here is a listed of just some of the flowers that blossom in springtime (and springtime only):

  • Eranthis
  • Crocus
  • Pansies
  • Daffodils
  • Iris
  • Forsythia
  • Tulips
  • Dogwood Trees
  • Magnolia Trees
  • Cherry Trees
  • Hyacinths
  • Lily of the Valley

When you have all of these gorgeous flowers opening up all in the same season, you can create stunning backdrops for photographs, simplistic yet vibrant centerpieces, and natural decorations.

4. Outdoor weddings are a go-go

Perfect temperatures and loads of flowers? It is time to pitch a tent and hold an outdoor wedding. Ceremonies that take place outside are always memorable, because the scents, sights, and sounds are merge with a natural environment.

Plus, that saves you money on renting indoor event space. Just watch out for pop-up showers.

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5. Peonies

Oh, that’s right, I did not mention peonies, in that list. Peonies are so awesome, they deserve more recognition than a bullet. Part of the reason is because no other flower symbolizes a happy marriage, health, and prosperity for couples like the peony.

Additionally, they look great wherever you put them. A pink bouquet made of soft, feathery peonies or headdress for the bridesmaid and flower girl would be breathtaking, for example.

6. Seasonal menu items are abound and fit all diets

A lot of menu items that people like are produced in the spring: artichokes, asparagus, apricots, honeydew, mango, spinach, radicchio, and endive to name a few. Delight your guests with organic, locally grown produce.

Doing so will also save you some bucks, because you do not have to import any expensive ingredients from halfway across the globe. Because springtime produce comes in a huge variety, you can choose what will fit every single guest; which is great when you have people with dietary restrictions.

7. Not too many holidays

Another reason to choose spring is the overall lack of huge, back-to-back holidays. This means you can choose a time that works for the majority of your VIP guests, and yourself!

8. Choice of location

Though wedding receptions can be held anywhere anymore, springtime is when nearly every option is available to you. Wherever you envision your wedding being held, chances are there is a venue that will offer what you want. Farms, castles, beaches, mountains, country clubs, and 5-star hotels all have excellent springtime rates; and as I said before, these areas get a special glow thanks to all the new flora and fauna.

9. Chance to get creative

When you have hardly any limits on menu options, decorations, venues, and color palettes, you can really let your imagination run free. Springtime is for the DIYers who seek alternative methods to extravagant weddings or for those who want a less formal celebration.

Springtime can both heighten elegance and promote a casual, community experience. Whatever you aim for, there is room to grow.

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10. The promise of a fantastic honeymoon

Obviously, perfect weather, blooming flowers, and green trees do not only count for the day of your wedding. This means that your honeymoon locations is going to be absolutely gorgeous when you arrive.

Beyond that, summer and winter destinations tend to get a price hike. Unless you are going to Cancun with the spring breakers, you probably do not have to concern yourself with price gouging.

Spring is a season of rejuvenation and blossoming beauty, making it the best for weddings. That beauty can lend itself to making your spring wedding so marvelous that people will remember it every time the season returns.