10 Incredible Engagement Photo Ideas


If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of the themed engagement photoshoot, you could find it mystifying at first. It’s a meaningful idea, though: the bride and groom try to set the scene for beautifully descriptive photos to help draw a portrait of the life they share together.

The photographer follows them a day or two and takes pictures of them as they have fun with various activities. In the end, they have a great slideshow that demonstrates who they really are inside. You can try a number of creative ideas.

1. Visit the beach

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Photos of the couple building a sand castle together can capture a number of emotions and expressions. The building of a sand castle is a symbolic act too – it symbolizes the way the couple hopes to build a life together. It can also be a long walk or a romantic beach picnic for just the two of you.

2. Play in a rock pool

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A rock pool is a shallow rocky area by the seashore that gets a fresh supply of seawater each time the tide rises. When the tide recedes, it leaves behind a pool of water, along with all kinds of colorful sea flora and fauna, including starfish, mussels, snails, sponges and tubeworms among others.

Visiting a rock pool can be a fantastic way to play with exotic life forms. With the photographer in tow, the couple gets priceless pictures being playful and childlike.

3. Go fruit picking

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A visit to a farm that allows you to pick your own fruit or dig up vegetables, can make for an entertaining day, and a great photo op. You have plenty of colorful vegetables that would look good in the pictures, and situations where you would need to work together as a couple. Afterwards you can have a picnic with what you’ve picked – for more photo opportunities.

4. Winter Wonderland

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A beautiful expanse of snow could make for a fabulous playground and offer a number of photo opportunities. You could build a snowman, have a snow fight, make a snow angel, and have it all in your album, telling the story of how wonderful life is when you play together.

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5. Go trekking

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A trek up difficult terrain can offer plenty of opportunities where you need to help each other as a couple. The photos would look wonderful in your album, years later, not to mention that you will have a fun little vacation before your big day.

6. Play a sport

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A physical sport can be a fun engagement photo shoot idea. Nearly any sport such as baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis and anything that involves action, rivalry, hope, joy and other emotions, can work. They can make for an interesting slideshow or a big photo album.

7. Take a train trip

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A long-distance train can offer romantic photo options better than nearly any other situation that you find yourself in. You could have photos of yourself standing by the tracks in the middle of nowhere, photos of you at every little station; the possibilities are endless. A road trip could work equally well.

8. Re-create favorite movie scenes together

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Every couple has a few movies that they identify with and watch together repeatedly. It can make a unique photo album to enact well-loved scenes from these movies and to have a photographer make an album out of them. Although this idea requires some sort of preparation, it’s worth it.

9. Play childhood games together

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Many couples appreciate the childlike quality that romantic love has. They love to let their guard down and to be the child they really are inside.

To recall childhood games can be a wonderful way to get in touch with the child within – jump rope, hopscotch, hide-and-seek and tag are delightful games to play with the one you love. Everything you do can go in your engagement album.

10. Make crafts together

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Signing up for a class to learn pottery, sculpting, painting or even carpentry can be a great idea. As you learn a new skill together, laugh at your mistakes and love what you finally make, the camera will be with you to capture it all. Your potential husband will definitely love this idea.

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Engagement photo shoots are a recent idea. Not every couple tries it. It’s an awesome invention, though.

A professionally shot album of wonderful times spent together with the one you love is an idea that can’t go wrong. Get creative and feel free to share your own ideas.