10 Things to Do Instead of a Bachelorette Party


The typical bachelorette party is wall-to-wall with alcohol, male strippers and sundry naughtiness. For many women, though, forced indulgence isn’t their style. They would rather have a fun time with their friends in a way that reflects their personality.

If this is you, what kind of alternatives to the bachelorette party idea do you have? If you have no ideas, here are some of the most creative ones to consider.

1. Go on a nature trip with your friends

People have been going glamorous camping or glamping for decades: it’s when you live outdoors in a tent in the middle of nowhere, but have practically every luxury made available to you. You even have a spa and great outdoor cooking. If you have your friends with you, a glamping trip can be a special treat.

2. Set up a destination celebration

When engaged, men like to go to Las Vegas or another party destination for one last chance at a wild time. If you don’t like the typical bachelorette party, though, you probably wouldn’t like Las Vegas either.

You could try a number of other celebration destinations. Puerto Rico has its surf camps and Montana offers horseback riding and rides in hot air balloons.

3. Go to wine country

If you’ve only enjoyed your wine at a party, an upscale restaurant or at home, you need to try wine as it was meant to be tried – in wine country, amid lush green vines, heavy with grapes. At many wineries, you actually get to jump into the vat of grapes, crushing grapes yourself.

A number of vineyards and wineries around the country welcome guests. You don’t need to restrict yourself to Napa, California or the Leelanau Peninsula.

4. Sign up for lessons in making lace garments

Women have brought lingerie parties home for a long time. It’s possible to take a lingerie party a step and bring in an instructor who can teach the group how to make lingerie by hand. It could be a slightly naughty time to spend with your friends.

5. Treat your friends to a day of pampering

If you have massages, facials and pampering on your mind, an appointment at the spa is the usual way to go. Nowadays, spas offer luxury home service too.

They set up a beautiful, spa-like environment at your home and offer you all the specialized body treatments that you would like. You could have a wonderful time with your pals.


6. Sign up for a few thrills

If you’d like your pre-wedding celebrations to give you a real kick, you might appreciate the thrill of an adventure sport. Many destinations offer bungee jumping, skydiving and parasailing.

You and your friends could have a real, natural high. Just make sure all of you have an excellent health.

7. Check your crew into a wellness retreat

Many upscale hotels offer luxury fitness camps. Once you check in, instructors work closely with you, taking you through your paces with fun workouts and luxury massages. Afterwards, you get to treat your group to a high-end restaurant meal.

8. Nothing’s more glamorous than being a spy

If you’ve always wanted to be one of the Charlie’s Angels, you can attend a glamorous spy school and learn the techniques. The Stiletto Spy School offers exactly the kind of moves that you would need to pull off the role – hand-to-hand combat, following people and driving fast.

9. Sail away

Renting a motorboat and taking off into the infinite blue with your friends can be one of the best ways to bond with them. With a bit of alcohol to loosen you up, you’ll be more adventurous than you’ve ever been. Even without alcohol, you will have tons of fun.

10. If you love music

If you love music and have always wanted to try out a couple of music festivals, you can pick a day right before your wedding and take your friends out. You will have your pick of the dozens of music festivals organized around the country each year.


There’s an endless array of great ideas for what you can do in place of a bachelorette party. These ideas are simple yet fun and affordable.

Gone are the days of luxury bachelorette parties. Save your hard-earned cash for your honeymoon or your new home instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Do Instead of a Bachelorette Party?

Instead of a traditional bachelorette party, you can consider planning a spa day, a weekend retreat, a group activity such as a paint night or cooking class, a charity event or volunteer work, or a fun day trip or adventure with your bridesmaids.

Is it OK to not have a bachelorette party?

Absolutely! Not every bride-to-be wants or needs a bachelorette party, and it’s completely okay to opt out of having one. If you do decide not to have a bachelorette party, there are still plenty of other ways to celebrate your engagement and upcoming wedding with your friends and family.

How to have a sober bachelorette party?

To have a sober bachelorette party, you can choose fun and engaging activities that don’t involve alcohol, focus on bonding and spending quality time together, plan a destination party in a location with non-alcoholic options, or hire a professional event planner who specializes in non-alcoholic events.

How can we still make the celebration special without a traditional bachelorette party?

There are many ways to make the celebration special without a traditional bachelorette party. You can still decorate with balloons and streamers, plan fun games or activities, and serve delicious food and drinks. You can also give the bride a special gift or surprise her with a thoughtful gesture, such as a slideshow of memorable moments or a heartfelt speech.