10 Bizarre Bachelorette Party Ideas


The classic bachelorette party involves plenty of alcohol and male strippers. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with that, it may not be what every bride-to-be out there is looking for. Check out the list below for some wonderful and a little bit bizarre bachelorette party ideas that you can do instead of, or even in addition to, typical bachelorette party activities.

1. Get out of town

You don’t need to splurge and fly all the way to some exotic location if there is no way that you can afford it, but you can definitely take a short trip out of town. It will feel like a mini-vacation and you’ll be able to let loose without worrying that you’re going to run into someone you know while possibly holding a suggestive lollipop.

2. Head for the casino

While gambling isn’t a good idea, if the bride would like to try her luck at the slot machine or see how much she can win at poker, have the bridal party pitch in and raise some funds for her to gamble away at a casino. It’s also a great place to have some drinks before heading out for the rest of the night.

3. Karaoke

As long as everyone is okay with looking a little silly and belting it out to some of their favorite old and new hits, then Karaoke can be a wonderful activity for the fun-loving bride and her fun-loving friends.

Even shy members of the group are likely to loosen up after a few drinks. Even if not, all of you will have tons of fun!

4. Rent a limo for the night

Wherever you plan to go and whatever you plan to do, you can get there in style by renting a limo for the night. Not only is this a great way to make the night extra special, but it also solves a lot of potential transportation and logistical problems.

Let the limo company handle all of that for you while you have a good time. The only downside is money so if you are low on cash, it’s better to try out some other ideas…

5. Go on a hike

The outdoorsy bride-to-be would probably love spending the day bonding with her bridesmaids out in the natural environment. There is no need to pick a grueling trail, just go somewhere with nice views and paths that are easy enough for all involved to traverse. The best part is that you can still head out to party later that night.

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6. Take a spa day

Having everyone pitch in some money to pamper the bride at the spa is another wonderful idea. It can be both a relaxing and a bonding experience, and you’ll be ready to hit the town for some karaoke afterwards. You can also host a spa day at home to save some cash for drinks and treats.

7. Have a classic slumber party

Bachelorette parties are about the bride making some great memories with her friends before getting married. Growing up, many girls’ favorite memories come from slumber parties with friends where they stayed up all night gossiping and watching movies. So get your sleeping bags, hop into your comfy pyjamas, and spend the night girling it up!

8. Take a wine tasting tour

Wine tasting tours are incredibly popular these days. They are affordable and perfect for couples. Going on a wine tasting tour is also a classy way to add alcohol to the bachelorette party (though, of course, you can always go for more drinks later). Many wineries provide fantastic tours along with a full lunch, making it an experience that everyone involved can enjoy.

9. Go to a professional portrait studio

There is no better way to remember the bachelorette party than to go out and snap some funny and glamorous shots at a professional portrait studio. Decide on a theme beforehand, get all dressed up, and make sure to strike your best pose!

10. Celebrate at a music festival

Luckily, wedding season and music festival season fall at around the same time. If the bride is a music lover, then why not show her a good time by taking her to see some amazing performances?

It’s the perfect opportunity to let loose and have fun before the big day. Get your girls together to choose a music festival all of you would like to visit.

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Just make sure that you’re going to be having fun. It doesn’t matter if you stick with the usual festivities or do something totally unexpected – what matters is that everyone has a blast with some of their closest friends. Pick an activity that will help everyone bond and that will leave the bride with fantastic memories.

What other unusual bachelorette party ideas do you have?