10 Fabulous Emerald-Themed Wedding Ideas


Whether you are having a winter wedding, you want to celebrate your Irish heritage, or you simply love the rich color of emerald green, an emerald-themed wedding can make your special day perfect and unforgettable. You don’t have to go overboard to impress your guests.

The smallest emerald details can add that touch your wedding day needs. Here are just some of the many ways you can incorporate emerald into your wedding.

1. Start with a signature drink

One of the most popular trends in weddings today is to offer your guests a signature drink as they wait for the greetings at the reception line. Setting up a cocktail lounge area in your wedding venue helps to make the signature drink even more special.

Consider green drinks, such as Midori margarita, a green apple martini, or a classic mojito. Serve your drinks in emerald green barware or use clear glasses to let the brilliant colors of the cocktail speak for themselves.

2. Say it with lights

Simple strands of green lights intertwined with light green or white tulle adds a romantic touch to your wedding venue while helping to tie the emerald theme together. Drape the tulle and lights from the front of the head table and around the table displaying your wedding cake.

3. Get the wedding party involved

Emerald green bridesmaids gowns and coordinating green accessories for the groomsmen add that extra touch of green to your wedding ceremony and reception. Consider letting your bridesmaids choose their own gown styles and shapes, and use the color as the unifying theme. You may also want to give each bridesmaid a gift of emerald jewellery or a green hairpiece that can be worn on your wedding day.

4. Bring color to your cake

Wedding cakes today don’t have to be white. Be adventurous and go for a green fondant to make your cake stand out, or decorate your white cake with green icing flowers. Simple cakes can be dressed up with a thick strip of ribbon at the bottom of each layer.

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5. Wrap your favors

Instead of searching for wedding favors that are green, consider wrapping each favor with green wrapping paper or choosing green gift boxes instead. Tiny wrapped trinkets at every place setting adds elegance to your tablescapes and gives your guests something exciting to look forward to as they are being seated.

6. Create stunning centerpieces

There are so many options for stunning centerpieces that it might be difficult to settle on just one. You can opt for traditional floral arrangements, or you can come up with creative ways to add beauty to your emerald-themed wedding.

Green vases filled with Easter lilies offer a simple, understated way to decorate your tables. Smaller green vases or glassware can hold tea light candles that make the color of the glass dance and sparkle at each table.

7. Liven up the seating arrangements

Instead of using standard white chairs, add eye-catching metallic green chair covers for a glamorous look at each table. Coordinate the chair covers with colored tiebacks in your secondary wedding color for a beautiful contrast. You can also match white and green colors to liven up your seating arrangements.

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8. Don’t dress in all-white

There’s no rule that says your wedding dress has to be all white. Add an emerald green sash and satin shoes to your dress to bring your wedding theme into your dress. A green hair comb with your veil is also a great way to add color to your look.

9. Ditch the white aisle runner

Instead of using the traditional white aisle runner for your trip down the aisle, use a bright emerald green runner to bring your theme into the wedding ceremony. If you are having a church wedding, add green floral arrangements to the ends of pews to coordinate with the runner for a pulled-together look.

10. Announce the theme with your invitations

Choose green font or green cardstock for your wedding invitations to let your guests know what the theme for your wedding will be. You can also use coordinating seating cards, programs, and menus to complete your theme. It all depends on your wishes and creativity.

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An emerald wedding can be formal or rustic, so you have plenty of options to choose from as you plan your special day. If you aren’t sure how to bring all these elements together, talk to your wedding planner for tips on how to make each of these ideas work for you.

FAQ About Emerald-Themed Wedding

What does the color emerald represent in a wedding?

Emerald green is a color that carries a range of symbolic meanings, including hope, abundance, love, and harmony. Its inherent beauty and symbolism make it an excellent choice for a primary wedding color.

This rich and vibrant shade of green can infuse a sense of luxury and sophistication into your wedding, while also evoking feelings of freshness and vitality. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, emerald green can also represent the birthstone of May, making it a popular choice for weddings taking place during that month or for couples with a May wedding anniversary.

What are some popular emerald-themed wedding ideas?

Some popular emerald-themed wedding ideas include using emerald green in the wedding invitations, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen attire, floral arrangements, table settings, and wedding favors. You can also incorporate other green elements, such as ferns, succulents, and moss, into your wedding decor.

What are some good color combinations to use with emerald green?

Emerald green pairs well with a variety of other colors, including ivory, gold, white, silver, blush, and navy. These colors can be incorporated into the wedding decor through the bridesmaid dresses, table settings, floral arrangements, and other decorative elements.

What kind of flowers look good with an emerald theme?

White flowers, such as roses, peonies, and orchids, look great with an emerald-themed wedding. Greenery such as eucalyptus, ferns, and succulents can also be incorporated into floral arrangements.

How can I incorporate emerald green into my wedding attire?

Brides can incorporate emerald green into their wedding attire through their shoes, jewelry, hair accessories, or even their wedding gown. Grooms can incorporate emerald green into their attire through their necktie, pocket square, boutonniere, or socks.

Can an emerald-themed wedding be done on a budget?

Yes, an emerald-themed wedding can be done on a budget. One way to save money is to use greenery and foliage in place of expensive flowers. DIY decor and favors can also be a great way to save money while still incorporating the emerald theme.

Is an emerald-themed wedding appropriate for any season?

Yes, an emerald-themed wedding can be appropriate for any season. It pairs well with gold accents for a warm, autumnal feel, and with silver accents for a cool, winter feel. For spring and summer, incorporating lighter shades of green and white can create a fresh and vibrant look.