Winter Wonderland: 10 Charming Winter Wedding Ideas


Winter weddings are more popular than ever. December was the most sought-after wedding month in 2014, after May and June. There’s a lot to love in picking winter for your wedding.

Since it isn’t the busiest wedding season, you’re likely to have your pick of top venues, caterers and musicians, and may have to pay less, too. You get to experiment with wonderful wintry themes and your travel arrangements are usually cheaper. Here are 10 winter wedding ideas to try.

1. Let the season inspire you

When you choose your color palette, let the season inspire you. When it’s drab and gray outside in the middle of winter, you might feel like punching your wedding up with a serious splash of color.

Bringing in color can be slightly risky, though. If you use lots of reds and greens, your wedding could end up looking like a Christmas party. It could be a better idea to take inspiration from the colors of the season – white and silver. This glamorous combo will incorporate the spirit of the season into your wedding and it always looks classy.

You can decorate the altar with a white velvet backdrop and use white satin ribbon in your decor. Reinforce the marvelous atmosphere with crystal accents such as silver rimmed tablecloths, cutlery and silverware.

2. Experiment with your choice of flowers

Many winter weddings use the most easily available winter flowers like red roses, anemone and Oriental lilies. However, if you’re going with a white-and-silver theme, you should consider white phalaenopsis orchids, ranunculuses and hydrangeas.

These are large, full flowers that look substantial. You can even use these flowers in your boutonnieres. Decorate the bridal bouquet with greenery and spruce branches to make bold accents or simply wrap the stems in a white lace with crystal ribbons.

3. The décor

The choice of décor at many winter weddings involves the heavy use of candles as a way to bring in warmth and romance. While candles are certainly a beautiful touch, they tend to be overused. Winter weddings could try the opposite tack – they could bring in every possible reminder of the cold of the winter outside.

Add the touch of a winter wonderland to your wedding by decorating the trees outside with white and blue string lights. You could also decorate your reception tables with ice sculptures, decorate the windows with branches covered in fake snow, and serve drinks in frosted glasses. Keep your guests warm and cozy with white knitted pillows and blankets.

4. If you plan to get married in a church…

Churches tend to be beautifully decorated throughout winter. If your ceremony is in a church, you can bring in your own decorations to add to what the church has in place.

Together, the two kinds of decor can make a beautiful blend. Bear in mind that most churches set certain rules as for wedding decorations, such as restrictions on candle use and some outdoor items or special floral patterns.

White aisle runners and pew decorations will easily add a touch of romance and delicacy to the venue with almost no effort. The altar, the most scared place of the church, can be adorned with movable sculptures, columns or pillars or just a floral arch.

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5. The invitations

When it’s winter, an outdoors wedding is usually out of the question. If your wedding is in the ballroom of a hotel, a formal theme could be fitting. It could be apt to consider a black-tie event with invitations that reflect the formalness of the mood. Opt for clear lines and unpretentious, plain design.

Combine crisp winter colors with more pastel and sophisticated hues for the perfect balance in the color scheme. Your invitations could go out on heavy card stock, printed in brown or navy blue typeface.

You can add a personal touch to the invitations. For example, you can opt for invitations that refer to your love story or reflect your tastes.

6. Cocktail hour

When it comes to cocktail hour, the classics at any winter wedding are warm brandy and hot chocolate. Hot apple cider and eggnog are also great drinks for the kickoff of the celebration.

There’s no reason to go with the default choice, though. Rather than serve regular hot chocolate, you can ask your caterer for white chocolate, instead.

At the bar, the signature drink for your wedding can be sake and martinis served in frosted glasses with crystals of sugar on the rims for a frosty appearance. Incorporate the bounty of the winter season with the flavors of butterscotch, peppermint and cranberry. Garnish the cocktails with mint springs, dried cranberries or tiny candies.

Apart from alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, hors d’oeuvres are also a part of cocktail hour. Treat your guests to fruits, sweets, cakes, cheeses or spring rolls. Just remember that food and drinks served at a cocktail hour and the bar area should follow the theme and colors of your wedding.

7. The wedding cake

White wedding cakes are common. To truly embrace the season, you could consider a cake that mimicked the white of the frozen world outside.

Sparkles and snowflakes are basics of the classy winter wedding cake. A cake that’s decorated to look like an ice sculpture or one with ice blue and silver coloring could capture the beauty of the season. Caramel or chocolate cake adorned with buttercream frosting corresponds to rich winter flavors.

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8. The wedding dress

Since white is the default color of choice for wedding dresses, you need to think of a different angle for a dress that captures the spirit of winter. A heavy, flowing, silver-gray dress with silver flowers embroidered along the length could be a beautiful wintry idea.

Many winter wedding dresses use a coat-like design, and come liberally lined with fur. A traditional white wedding dress with a silver-gray jacket can be beautiful, too.

9. Winter wedding makeup

Kim Kardashian’s wedding was done to a winter wonderland theme. Her makeup used accents of frosty white together with pale pink peach. Other winter-themed ideas include pale, almost-white lipstick and ice blue eyeshadow.

If you want your makeup last long, avoid using too much glitter of any type. Instead, opt for subtle shimmer shades and sparkling accessories. Totally matte skin, however, is a losing option too.

Most makeup professionals recommend sticking to a natural makeup without neon or electric colors and metallic glitter. Nude palettes and classy smoky eye make up are the best options.

You can make your eyes more expressive with brown or taupe liner and mascara. But if you want to accentuate your eyes, make sure you keep your lips naturally pink.

10. You can create a winter wonderland outside

Not every decorative touch that you try needs to be inside the venue. If it’s snowing outside, using cleverly placed colored lighting and fairy lights can easily create a dreamy winterscape outside.

Winter wedding can look marvelous and unforgettable regardless of the weather outside. Your wedding is likely to stand out in the minds of guests who’ve only been to spring and summer weddings.

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An off-seasoned winter wedding can be as outstanding as summer or spring one. Get the biggest benefit from the wonderful winter wedding since it’s the most romantic and magical season ever. After all the effort you put into a beautifully themed winter wedding, one of the nicest parts to it is that you get to run out to a tropical paradise right after, for your honeymoon.

Are you brave enough to have a winter wedding?