Winter Wonderland: 43 Charming Winter Wedding Ideas


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Winter weddings are more popular than ever. December was the most sought-after wedding month in 2022, after May and June. There’s a lot to love in picking winter for your wedding.

Since it isn’t the busiest wedding season, you’re likely to have your pick of top venues, caterers, and musicians and may have to pay less, too. You get to experiment with wonderful wintry themes, and your travel arrangements are usually cheaper. Here are 43 winter wedding ideas to try.

Winter Wedding Themes

An incredible idea embodied in the script will make the wedding memorable. Themed weddings are more relevant than ever, so you can combine business with pleasure and play a stylized winter wedding at the same time.

1. Rustic Winter Wedding Theme

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If you like a simple decor of natural materials, calm hues, and rustic coziness, then a winter wedding in the rustic style will definitely be to your liking. The combination of natural forms, light roughness and carelessness, coziness, and a little vintage make your wedding sophisticated and stylish.

Following this winter wedding style, you should use Natural shades: brown, green, and yellow. To them, you can add bright, deep, cold winter shades, such as burgundy, emerald, and purple.

The style of the wedding will perfectly emphasize various natural elements. These can be spokes covered with snow, branches, cones, wreaths made of twigs, and cotton. I can’t imagine a winter wedding without candles, so this is an absolute must-have.

2. Winter Wonderland Theme

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You can choose your favorite winter fairy tale as the theme of your celebration or combine several magical stories at once. Or come up with your own winter fairy tale!

The decoration of the wedding hall, the images of the bride and groom, invitations, and other attributes of such a wedding directly depend on the selected fairy tales.

However, regardless of the theme, pine trees, huge antique clocks, cones, tangerines, imitations of snowflakes, icicles and drifts, Christmas toys, shiny tinsel, and candles in beautiful candlesticks will look appropriate in the wedding decor.

3. Christmas Wedding Idea

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A Christmas wedding is an anticipation of a unique atmosphere, so decorating it is always a great pleasure. It is a great solution to rent a banquet hall outside of town. After all, on Christmas Day, everyone will want to get outdoors to admire nature, go sledding, play snowballs, or watch beautiful fireworks. Another excellent option for Christmas is to rent a whole cottage out of town with a fireplace and a huge hall.

The theme suggests saturated colors, such as deep red, cool white, warm dark green, gentle beige, and trendy caramel shades. You can use Christmas tree toys, candles, candy, miniature Christmas trees, and tangerines to decorate your Christmas wedding. Wedding glasses decorated with lace will successfully emphasize the winter theme, and bright color accents, such as hearts made of felt, perfectly decorate the hall selected for the celebration.

4. Valentine’s Day Wedding Theme

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A wedding on February 14 will be the most unforgettable for romantic and sentimental natures. For those who believe in the patron saint of all lovers, who think that Valentine will be the eternal guardian of the family home.

Having a wedding on Valentine’s Day in a romantic and unusual place is one of the best ideas for a winter wedding. For example, this place can be an attic, which will bring you closer to the stars, or a country complex, where you can launch Chinese flying lanterns. As for decor, you and your guests should be surrounded by a sea of red flowers as a symbol of passion, lots of chocolate as a symbol of sweet love, live music, and lots of candles that will add romance to your atmosphere.

It will also be lovely if there is a fireplace in the hall, it will be possible to dim the lights, light candles on each table, be in the spirit of the holiday of lovers, and the winter wedding will give a unique charm, sophistication.

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5. If You Plan to Get Married in a Church…

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Churches tend to be beautifully decorated throughout winter. If your ceremony is in a church, you can bring in your own decorations to add to what the church has in place.

Together, the two kinds of decor can make a beautiful blend. Bear in mind that most churches set certain rules for wedding decorations, such as restrictions on candle use and some outdoor items or special floral patterns.

White aisle runners and pew decorations will easily add a touch of romance and delicacy to the venue with almost no effort. The altar, the most sacred place of the church, can be adorned with movable sculptures, columns or pillars, or just a floral arch.

As a rule, ahead of the bride is a flower girl – a little girl in white, who scatters fresh flowers, and next to her is a boy who holds a pillow with rings in his hands. Then the bride steps on the flowers, and her father leads her to the altar. This is a very touching and charming tradition.

6. Glamorous Wedding in Cold Colors

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You will definitely like this wedding theme if you want to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of mystery, shimmering blue, and real winter charm, this winter wedding idea. In this case, it is best to prefer shades of pale blue or emerald combined with silver. Such a decoration in cool tones will be very relevant.

If we talk about decorations, shiny confetti and sequins, silver tablecloth edging, crystal, silverware, and your luxurious dress, complemented by a warm fur coat, are always fabulous ideas for a winter wedding. Also, balloons, white cones, and branches will come in handy. All this will make your winter wedding look expensive and stylish.

Winter Wedding Decor Ideas

The conventional wisdom is that winter wedding decor is all about cones, spruce branches, and candles. Yes, and that too, but only if you want to. The main thing is that on a cold day, the guests and the newlyweds feel comfortable, and the way to create a cozy atmosphere is only your choice.

7. Let the Season Inspire You

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When you choose your color palette, let the season inspire you. When it’s drab and gray outside in the middle of winter, you might feel like punching your wedding up with a serious splash of color.

Bringing in color can be slightly risky, though. If you use lots of reds and greens, your wedding could end up looking like a Christmas party. It could be a better idea to take inspiration from the colors of the season – white and silver. This glamorous combo will incorporate the spirit of the season into your wedding, and it always looks classy.

You can decorate the altar with a white velvet backdrop and use white satin ribbon in your decor. Reinforce the marvelous atmosphere with crystal accents such as silver-rimmed tablecloths, cutlery, and silverware.

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8. Choose a Fitting Venue

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Restaurants are the most common venue in winter, where you definitely won’t freeze. There is everything you need for your banquet, and it will take very little time to decorate. The main thing is to find a charming one because most of your photos will be taken there.

A cottage in the winter forest is a very suitable place for a holiday in the cold, especially if it has a fireplace and wooden furniture. In addition, your entire wedding day will take place in one place, which is a big plus for many. No need to spend money on a limousine and waste time on the road, moving from one place to another. It would be incredibly fantastic if this cottage was in the mountains.

However, if you want a chick celebration with many guests, a holiday home, a hotel, or a campsite outside the city will also be appropriate. Moreover, they can be easily accommodated in the same hotel and will not have to leave immediately after the banquet.

9. The Wedding Palette

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The winter wedding palette differs from other seasons in its saturation of shades, warmth, nobility, and the ability to use the variety of colors that future newlyweds wish.

A winter wedding is luxurious in noble and calm shades. Absolute favorites for celebrations in the coldest time of the year are white, blue, and silver. Dark shades of blue look very noble, and gold will add a glamorous sheen to the combination. This palette is ideal for an evening ceremony and a banquet in a classic or vintage style. As a result, you will get a real winter fairy tale!

If you want to create an atmosphere of fireplace warmth and comfort, which is sometimes lacking on a frosty winter day, then opt for golden shades: ivory, beige, cream, and gold. All these colors represent the wealth, nobility, joy, and warmth of the sun’s rays. So, you will create an aristocratic atmosphere for your wedding.

10. The Touch of a Winter Wonderland

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The choice of décor at many winter weddings involves the heavy use of candles as a way to bring in warmth and romance. While candles are certainly a beautiful touch, they tend to be overused. Winter weddings could try the opposite tack – they could bring in every possible reminder of the cold of the winter outside.

Add the touch of a winter wonderland to your wedding by decorating the trees outside with white and blue string lights. You could also decorate your reception tables with ice sculptures, decorate the windows with branches covered in fake snow, and serve drinks in frosted glasses. Keep your guests warm and cozy with white-knitted pillows and blankets.

In addition, pine cones in table settings can serve as a chic accent. You can make your shiny snow-covered pine cones or opt for a more natural look by incorporating them into a garland. All these decorations can create a fabulous atmosphere.

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11. You Can Create a Winter Wonderland Outside

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Not every decorative touch that you try needs to be inside the venue. If it’s snowing outside, using cleverly placed colored lighting and fairy lights can easily create a dreamy winter scene outside.

Winter weddings can look marvelous and unforgettable regardless of the weather outside. Your wedding is likely to stand out in the minds of guests who’ve only been to spring and summer weddings.

12. The Decor of the Wedding Table

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The design of the wedding table is also essential in creating the overall atmosphere.

The flickering of candles can become a wedding table decoration, especially in winter. Low candles in glass jars and transparent bottles look original. Candelabra and candlesticks are charming ideas if you want to bring luxury and vintage to the decor of a winter wedding. They will decorate the table of the newlyweds, as well as guest tables. You can also create interesting compositions from a large number of candlesticks.

If we speak about flowers of a wedding in winter, white flowers harmonize with the splendor of snow-white winter. Branches of spruce, juniper, and eucalyptus complement the whole picture.

13. Experiment with Your Choice of Flowers

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A winter wedding is a great time to experiment! Therefore, both in bouquets and boutonnieres, winter attributes will look particularly charming.

Many winter weddings use the most easily available winter flowers like red roses, anemones, and Oriental lilies. However, if you’re going with a white-and-silver theme, you should consider white phalaenopsis orchids, ranunculuses, and hydrangeas. These are large, full flowers that look substantial. You can even use these flowers in your boutonnieres.

Decorate the bridal bouquet with greenery and spruce branches to make bold accents, or simply wrap the stems in white lace with crystal ribbons. You can also use springs and needles, blossoming mistletoe, and cones. Some willingly decorate the bouquet even with a small portable garland, as it would be so appropriate in winter.

14. Cozy Lounge-Area for Guests

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The lounge zone or recreation area is an integral part of modern weddings. This is a place where guests can take a break from the feast, chat in a narrower circle, and just relax.

A charming idea for decorating the lounge area is a fireplace corner with knitted blankets on soft sofas, candles, and warm shimmering garlands. A cocoa bar with aromatic details, such as cinnamon, oranges, and gingerbread cookies, would be very appropriate.

When decorating a wedding in cold colors, the recreation area can be turned into a frosty, snowy forest. Balls, white cones, and branches will be charming decorations for a winter wedding. You can lay artificial white fur and light blankets on the furniture and hang garlands with white light around the perimeter. A seating plan on a mirror or a buffet table using glossy or glassware will fit well into such an atmosphere.

A cozy area for guests decorated in winter style can set the tone for the whole holiday. Guests will feel not only comfortable but also as if they were in a winter fairy tale.

15. Blankets for Guests

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You can warm the guests of your celebration not only with chocolate and decor but also with warm blankets. Therefore, this prop will not be superfluous at your winter wedding, especially if you plan outdoor ceremonies. Some guests may feel colder than others, so having spare blankets available will be a pleasant surprise.

It’s an additional comfort to make the winter day warm and cozy!

16. Ceremony

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The wedding ceremony is the most touching and tender moment with an unforgettable moving speech. So, it’s essential to create this moment ideally. If you want an open-air ceremony, nature will be the main decoration of this moment. Snow-covered tops of fir trees, snow-white landscapes, and, if you’re lucky, snowflakes swirling in the air can create a unique atmosphere.

To decorate the ceremony, you can use drapery with dense fabric, cotton, dried flowers, silver-plated twigs, glass pedestals, and stands for flower arrangements. Garlands and decorative lanterns for candles will perfectly complement such a charming winter ceremony.

However, the ceremony can be held indoors if you cannot count on snowy weather or are afraid of severe frosts. In this case, Wreaths of coniferous twigs, mountain ash, tall candles in candelabra or candles along the altar aisle, garlands-curtains, or retro garlands with incandescent bulbs, silver, or gold details, and artificial snow will help to emphasize the atmosphere of a winter fairy tale. Holding a ceremony in front of the fireplace is also a charming wedding idea.

Winter Wedding Food and Drink Ideas

The winter wedding menu is very different from the summer version. First of all, hot dishes are very much in demand in the cold season, while in the summer, you do not really want to eat them. The festive banquet can include any treats, and their choice is not limited by anything.

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17. Substantial Meals

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Unlike the summer menu, the winter menu should be more satisfying and high-calorie: be sure to include roasted pig, duck or goose, shish kebabs, fish, and mushroom dishes if you wish. A win-win option for a wedding table is redfish.

A sweet table can be beaten according to the season: white marshmallow and meringue, gingerbread, raspberry jam, marmalade, and buttercream cakes. A candy bar can be complemented by a cheese table consisting of various kinds of cheese combined with nuts, honey, or jam.

18. Winter Wedding Sweets

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Everyone loves sweets, and no holiday table can do without them, including weddings. Various cakes, marmalade, chocolate, marshmallows, and meringue are suitable. Popular treats in winter are gingerbread and various kinds of jam. Be sure this winter wedding menu idea is delicious! Many wedding banquets also feature appetizers made from different types of cheese. Cheese goes well with nuts or honey.

19. Cocktail Hour

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When it comes to cocktail hour, the classics at any winter wedding are warm brandy and hot chocolate. Hot apple cider and eggnog are also great drinks for the kickoff of the celebration.

There’s no reason to go with the default choice, though. Rather than serve regular hot chocolate, you can ask your caterer for white chocolate instead.

At the bar, the signature drink for your wedding can be sake and martinis served in frosted glasses with crystals of sugar on the rims for a frosty appearance. Incorporate the bounty of the winter season with the flavors of butterscotch, peppermint, and cranberry. Garnish the cocktails with mint springs, dried cranberries, or tiny candies.

Apart from alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, hors d’oeuvres are also a part of cocktail hour. Treat your guests to fruits, sweets, cakes, cheeses, or spring rolls. Just remember that food and drinks are served at cocktail hour, and the bar area should follow the theme and colors of your wedding.

20. Marshmallows on Fire

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If the wedding takes place in winter, marshmallows on the fire, which are always a hit, can be a fun dessert. Melted marshmallows, so viscous and sugary-sweet, still hot, are wonderfully suitable for a holiday in the cold, whether it’s winter, Christmas, or a February wedding.

Organize a marshmallow bar so guests can chat around the fire and eat delicious sweets. Guests can be pleased not only with the cooking process but also with the atmosphere itself. It is also a great addition to a fire pit.

21. Hot Chocolate and Cocoa Bar

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Hot chocolate and aromatic cocoa are the most popular drinks for autumn and winter. They fill us with warmth and are associated with childhood and holidays. That’s why we firmly believe that a cocoa bar is a must for every winter wedding, no matter your chosen theme.

You can take a vintage sideboard or wooden table, cover it with a tablecloth, and add spruce branches in wreaths or spruce garlands to create an absolute winter atmosphere. Small snowy Christmas trees, copper mugs, and chocolate figurines dedicated to your wedding are also charming ideas for decorating.

Winter Wedding Cake

Wedding fashion is not only about clothes, decorations, and accessories but also about birthday cakes. When choosing a wedding cake, try to take into account all the wishes of your family and friends. But a wedding is first and foremost your celebration. And what you do should be to your liking.

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22. Rustic Winter Wedding Cake

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The wedding cake should be appropriate if you plan a rustic winter wedding. In the cold season, dried and spruce branches, cones, and rowan berries are used in its design. All this can create a special winter mood. This winter cake can be made of cream and cupcakes.

23. Winter Touch

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Sparkles and snowflakes are the basics of the classy winter wedding cake. A cake that’s decorated to look like an ice sculpture or one with ice blue and silver coloring could capture the beauty of the season. Caramel or chocolate cake adorned with buttercream frosting corresponds to rich winter flavors.

24. Ginger House

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Very often, we associate winter with gingerbread and houses. So, having such a cake in the winter would be a great idea. To make the cake even more original, you can use gingerbread to recreate a valuable place for you and your partner.

25. Fruity Winter Wedding Cake

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The combination of white cake and frosted berries is incredibly beautiful and appetizing. The colors and choice of toppings are up to you, but figs, blackberries, cherries, pears, and physalis are perfect. These sugar-crusted cranberries are a bright and seasonally appropriate option.

Winter Wedding Outfit Ideas

An integral part of the winter wedding is the outfits of the newlyweds. They are slightly different from those suitable for summer ceremonies and combine all the attributes of a warm holiday.

26. The Wedding Dress

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Winter weather makes its own adjustments to the choice of outfit. In order for the bride not only to look beautiful but also to fully enjoy the ceremony, it is essential to take into account a few details.

Light, transparent fabrics should be replaced with thick materials or multi-layered skirts. You will be able to take full advantage of all the advantages of wedding dresses with long sleeves. Fortunately, Designers have created many models that meet these requirements and make the image of the bride graceful, romantic, and elegant. For example, many winter wedding dresses use a coat-like design and come liberally lined with fur. A traditional white wedding dress with a silver-gray jacket can be beautiful, too.

The actual solution for a winter wedding is a dress in a minimalist style. The laconic design looks sophisticated and elegant while providing a variety of choices.

Speaking concerning the colors of the wedding dress, you need to think of a different angle for a dress that captures the spirit of winter since white is the default color of choice for wedding dresses. For example, a heavy, flowing, silver-gray dress with silver flowers embroidered along the length could be a charming wintry idea.

27. Elegant Suits for More Daring Brides

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A practical and slightly outrageous winter look option is a wedding trouser suit or overalls. The right cut and perfect fit will help to emphasize the merits of the figure. With the right choice, a pantsuit will look as elegant as a dress and come in handy for the second wedding day.

Today, designers offer overalls and suits for every taste and size. The main thing is to choose the proper cut of trousers or skirt or jacket. Pants can be different: classic with an arrow, flared, cropped. The top will complement a blouse with sleeves, a closed top, or a jacket.

However, not all brides prefer suits in a minimalist style. Girls often look for interesting transforming sets or costumes with authentic details. It can be a bright belt at the waist, a jacket with a train, pleated chiffon drapery, a jumpsuit with a cape, or a detachable maxi skirt with tight trousers.

When choosing, try to avoid pretentious details. For example, the abundance of rhinestones and crystals usually distracts attention from the silhouette and overloads the image of the bride.

28. Take Care of Outerwear

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The basic rule for choosing outerwear for a winter wedding is that a beautiful wedding look should be not only stylish but also comfortable, reliably protecting from frost.

Regardless of the wedding event scenario, the choice of warm outerwear, as a rule, stops at fur outwear. It can be a classic straight-cut coat, a more feminine robe coat, an elongated jacket, or a faux fur coat. Beautiful insulated wardrobe items, such as a short down jacket or coat, a cape, an evening kimono, or just a stole, are also charming ideas for wedding outwear.

It is unnecessary to look for something white because other light, pastel colors will also look great: marshmallow pink, powdery shades, melange gray, warm beige or custard shade, ashen lilac, etc.

29. Veil

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Many brides cannot imagine a wedding dress without a veil, considering it an indispensable element of the gala day. It will well emphasize the solemnity of a wedding in a classic style. Long or short, lace or strict – the choice is yours.

However, there are many alternatives, such as a veil. It will perfectly fit into a retro wedding, and your image will remain in your memory for a long time. By the way, the veil goes well with the headband this wedding season.

But if a veil and veil aren’t for you, consider flower decorations. A gentle touch of nature in your hair will add a romantic touch to your look.

30. Accessories

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Accessories are now also worn very delicately. It can be large, massive earrings that will attract all the attention, but the outfit itself should be calm and restrained. If, nevertheless, the soul longs for a magnificent traditional wedding dress, then you should pay attention to minimalistic jewelry.

Many brides love pearl necklaces, and it is a win-win. Pearls look rich, feminine, and concise. Small zirconia earrings look modern and glamorous. They are beautiful and versatile, so you can wear them every day. A lightweight and weightless bracelet can also be a charming addition. The main thing is don’t overdo it with decorations.

31. Winter Wedding Makeup

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Kim Kardashian’s wedding was done with a winter wonderland theme. Her makeup used accents of frosty white together with pale pink peach. Other winter-themed ideas include pale, almost-white lipstick and ice-blue eyeshadow.

If you want your winter wedding makeup last long, avoid using too much glitter of any type. Instead, opt for subtle shimmer shades and sparkling accessories. Totally matte skin, however, is a losing option too.

Most makeup professionals recommend sticking to natural makeup without neon or electric colors and metallic glitter. Nude palettes and classy smokey eye makeup are the best options.

You can make your eyes more expressive with brown or taupe liner and mascara. But if you want to accentuate your eyes, make sure you keep your lips naturally pink.

32. Wedding Manicure

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Wedding nail designs are traditionally used with light shades. For a winter celebration, colors associated with tenderness and innocence are suitable. Gentle and weightless French wedding moon manicures in white tone, silver nails with tiny shimmer or large sequins, manicures in snow-white lace on a transparent background, and nails with a winter pattern on a white background in the form of snowflakes are the best art nail ideas for a winter wedding.

If the bride does not like pure white for a wedding manicure in winter, or her dress is softer and more muted, then you can choose the appropriate shade and make nail art in beige, cream, milky or nude. For jewelry, rhinestones, sparkles, ombre, and gradients are used.

The opposite is fashion trends that offer bright colors, gel polishes, and voluminous rhinestones. Which of these is suitable for the bride? Only she can choose. The main thing is that it fits the dress and the overall image of the bride.

33. Image of the Groom

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The style of a winter groom can embody the luxury of a holiday, classical austerity, or home comfort, but at the same time, it always remains special and unique.

Classics are what you should remember first of all in winter. A classic piece of elegance, the tuxedo with a bow tie embodies the winter contrast of black and white.

Men who find the classic look too strict and conservative should look closer at suits made of textured woolen fabric. In winter, dark shades look most appropriate: blue, gray, and brown, as well as a checkered print associated with warmth and homeliness. An ideal addition to the suit would be a vest or a thin jumper under a jacket.

The choice of the most progressive grooms and democratic weddings is an image with a knitted cardigan instead of a jacket. This is not only original but also practical since the cardigan does not hinder movement and perfectly warms.

34. Accessories for the Groom

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Pay attention to accessories. An exciting and purely winter detail of the image of the groom is a knitted tie. For more remarkable originality, it can be decorated with Christmas patterns. And the boutonniere allows you to roam your imagination fully. Let it remind you of the New Year holidays and the beauty of winter nature. Cones and berries will be a great addition to the flowers.

A winter boutonniere will complement the image of the groom. It can be made from spruce, pine branches, cones, or winter berries. Such a composition will add festivity even to a classic look.

Winter Wedding Photo Ideas

A wedding photoshoot in winter can be both a real test for a photographer and newlyweds, and vice versa, turn into an incredible winter fairy tale with its unforgettable luxurious landscapes. Therefore, a wedding in the cold season is not a reason to refuse a photo shoot. With proper preparation, winter wedding day photos are not inferior in beauty, originality, and effectiveness to summer ones.

35. Skiing Together

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The most charming ideas for such photoshoots are wedding photo sessions on skates or skis. This idea will definitely appeal to lovers of outdoor activities. For example, the couple skating or the groom carrying the bride through the snowy hills will get incredible photos. Photos will look not only natural and sincere but also very emotional. During the shooting itself, you will fully have fun and relax.

36. Frozen Castle

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It will look beautiful not only in pictures on the seafront, against the backdrop of ice hummocks, but also on the banks of a river or lake. Thanks to such winter natural scenery, you can see a fabulous magical fairy tale.

37. Cozy Photo Shoot

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For lovers of warmth and comfort, those who do not want to freeze for a long time in the cold, we should advise you to rent the most expensive and pretentious restaurant in the city for 1-2 hours and take pictures there. In this case, beautiful interior photography with interesting paraphernalia is provided to you. Hotels, country cottages, or photo studios, as well as museums, theaters, and even libraries, can serve as an alternative to a restaurant.

38. Romantic Winter Forest Photo Shoot

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In winter, snow-covered trees and hills look especially beautiful. There is a feeling that you are in a fairy tale. Don’t be afraid to experiment. In addition to staged photos, give vent to emotions. Have fun and frolic, play with the snow, and run through the forest. Moments like these will make your photos truly alive and special.

39. Specifics of a Winter Wedding Photo Shoot

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Any winter photo shoot has rules, especially a wedding photo shoot. You have to consider a lot of nuances, take care of props, and, of course, make sure that no one gets cold. This is especially true for shooting outdoors. In addition, in winter, the weather is very changeable, and it is advisable to think of not one but two options for shooting — indoors and outdoors.

Among other subtleties, you need to think about warm clothes for the bride and groom. So, prepare in advance warm plaids, coats, or coats that the newlyweds can quickly throw on themselves, as well as shoes for the season.

Top Winter Wedding Ideas

Here are a few other equally essential tips for your winter wedding. Follow them to make everything flawless.

40. Spectacular Appearance

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When choosing transport for the bride and groom, you can follow the traditional path and order a snow-white limousine. And you can move away from stereotypes, especially if the wedding is themed.

A couple can come to their celebration on a beautiful horse-drawn sleigh. The bride and groom can take riding lessons in advance and come on a pair of beautiful horses. You can even find a reindeer team – it’s hard to imagine a more spectacular appearance of the newlyweds!

41. The Invitations

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When it’s winter, an outdoor wedding is usually out of the question. If your wedding is in the ballroom of a hotel, a formal theme could be fitting. It could be apt to consider a black-tie event with invitations that reflect the formalness of the mood. Opt for clear lines and unpretentious, plain design.

Combine crisp winter colors with more pastel and sophisticated hues for the perfect balance in the color scheme. Your invitations could go out on heavy card stock, printed in brown or navy blue typeface. Of particular importance is the font for the text of the invitation card. To give a special charm to the cold season, natural materials will help. For example, a sprig of spruce, arborvitae, mistletoe, or another winter plant characteristic of your region will be appropriate.

You can add a personal touch to the invitations. For example, you can opt for invitations that reflect your love story or your tastes.

42. Allow Extra Travel Time

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Bad weather means bad traffic and traffic jams, so give extra time to drive to the ceremony. No matter how close or far you’re going. It’s better to allow extra travel time than to rush and get stuck in snow drifts. So, provide yourself with peace of mind by setting aside extra time to travel to the venue, and indicate in your invitations that guests may need to leave time for unforeseen circumstances.

43. Get Wedding Insurance

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Wedding insurance is an essential service for weddings, and if you plan to get married in the winter, then it is a must. The first protects in case of any losses, and the second ensures the cancellation or postponement of the wedding.

An off-seasoned winter wedding can be as outstanding as a summer or spring one. Get the biggest benefit from the wonderful winter wedding since it’s the most romantic and magical season ever. After all the effort you put into a beautifully themed winter wedding, one of the nicest parts of it is that you get to run out to a tropical paradise right after your honeymoon. Are you brave enough to have a winter wedding?

Below, we have compiled a list of the most interesting questions about charming winter wedding ideas:

What is the best month for a winter wedding?

December is considered to be the best month for a winter wedding. A particular pre-Christmas mood will create a unique atmosphere of comfort. But here, you should avoid overlays with festive corporate parties.

What do you need for a winter wedding?

The cold season has many advantages, so it is only necessary to provide for all the nuances so that your wedding goes flawlessly and turns into a real winter fairy tale. First of all, take care of the wedding venue. Many other things, such as ceremony, design, and expenses, will greatly depend on it. Also, don’t forget to create all the amenities for your guests, especially taking into account weather conditions. After that, you can pay much attention to your image, considering all details and nuances. Finally, a wedding photo shoot can memorialize the most unforgettable moments of your life.

Is it cheaper to have a winter wedding?

A significant advantage of a winter wedding is huge discounts provided by wedding business specialists, as well as restaurants, wedding dress salons, and wedding agencies. Everyone is ready to offer you a discount on their services since there is less demand and less work in winter.

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