30 Fabulous Winter Wedding Themes You’ll Love


It’s hard to beat the warm, cozy, romantic wintertime atmosphere for a wedding. Tying the knot in winter is a bold decision that most brides avoid taking. However, there are many benefits of having a winter wedding. It’s budget-friendly, romantic, unique, and a little bit magical.

Plus, there are many wonderful winter wedding themes to choose from. Don’t be afraid of frosty weather! These unique and versatile winter wedding themes will warm you right up!

1. Ski Chalet Getaway

If you prefer fabulously fascinating winter wedding themes, you should organize a ski chalet-style one. You don’t need to own a winter home in Aspen to plan this one of the fabulous winter weddings. Any cozy, chic location will do, as this theme lends itself well to smaller, more intimate weddings.

If your venue has a fireplace, make it a focal point. (Even if your venue doesn’t have a built-in fireplace, you may want to consider renting an electric one for ambiance.) Include hearty stews for dinner, and have a s’more and hot cocoa bar set up for a sweet touch.

2. Winter Wonderland

In order to be completely absorbed in a winter fairytale, one of the best winter wedding ideas is to organize your ceremony surrounded by sprawling trees and among intricate snow-covered paths, where the atmosphere of magic is transmitted by itself.

In addition, a restaurant with panoramic windows will help you create and preserve the feeling of a fairytale. Finally, the hall of the restaurant must be decorated in white, silver, and blue tones. A bright palette of silver and white makes for a wintery wonderland wedding that will have everyone talking.

Up the elegance and sophistication with a luxurious menu that includes sumptuous eats like lobster, shrimp, truffles, and crisp white wine. Opt for a few white Christmas trees and white decorations. Be sure to consider these fabulous winter wedding ideas.

3. Fire and Ice

Combine crisp, cool blues and warm reds or oranges for a winter wedding theme that impresses you. The colors for such a winter wedding create an atmosphere of an ice fairytale, and your wedding in this color scheme will be truly special.

One of the main decorations of such a wedding can be a large fireplace, in which the fire will quietly crackle. It will be one of the relevant ideas for a winter wedding to design it in a similar style, as there is always nothing more comfortable than the warmth of a fireplace in a cozy room and swept outside the window.

Serve a combination of cold and hot appetizers, and alternate between red and blue lighting at tables to add to the theme. Adding a touch of fire and ice to your wedding cake or wedding venue is also an excellent idea for a winter wedding.

4. Wintery Woods

Another one of the greatest winter wedding ideas is to add a dramatic flair to your winter weddings with a winter woods theme. Deep pine green and fallen snow white combine well with forest-inspired decorative elements.

Look to nature for inspiration in the forms of branches, acorns, and pinecones. Snow-covered branches of trees will decorate the space, and flower arrangements on guests’ tables, placed in real blocks of ice, are excellent decisions. Follow these ideas for a winter wedding to immerse guests in the atmosphere of a mild and magical winter.

Serving roasted game meats and warm mulled cider is one of the best winter wedding ideas. You can also make your own glitter branches to add a shiny touch to your wedding day.

5. New Year, New Beginning

If you are going to tie the knot on New Year’s Eve, you should think about glitter decorations and vintage accents. A New Year’s wedding can be done with a Christmas tree. Candles create a warm atmosphere of romance and solemnity. Their soft, muted radiance fills the room with warmth and comfort. You can use both small scented candles and colored or curly ones.

In addition, the “natural” style elements, such as raw wood, branches of evergreens, cones, and bright natural berries, are trendy. Clocks, timepieces, vintage watches, and hourglasses set the scene for a New Year’s wedding. However, be careful when following these ideas for a winter wedding, the hall may have a New Year’s decoration, emphasizing the time of celebrating the solemn event. But this design should be consistent with the rest of the decorations.

The hall is decorated in Christmas colors. But the classic colors of New Year and Christmas are not only white and blue. Green, red, and gold create a delightful atmosphere for the winter holidays. Up the glitz factor with a silver ball and lots of glittery accents. Just make sure the champagne flows at midnight.

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6. Snow Globe

Transporting your guests inside your favorite winter adornment by turning your reception into a snow globe is also considered one of the fabulous winter wedding ideas to follow. White, blue, and silver make the ideal color scheme for an icy fete.

Scatter faux snow on the ground and tables, and make a candy and dessert table the centerpiece of dinnertime. Your guests will have an opportunity to enjoy these small winter wedding ideas, taking lots of fantastic photos.

7. Cozy Country Comfort

Not into the fuss and glamor of a traditional wedding? Why not skip all the drama in favor of a cozy, rustic retreat? Warm wraps and lap blankets make the perfect party favor to invite guests to snuggle together at long tables.

Consider serving a family-style dinner that includes comfort food favorites like soup and roast chicken, or set up a loaded baked potato bar. Don’t forget about winter beverages like hot chocolate, mulled wine, or hot tea.

8. Black Tie

A black, ivory, and gold color scheme set the scene for a formal wedding with luxe touches. Include classic drinks like martinis and Manhattans during cocktail hour, along with passed appetizers. Invite your guests to dress up in their finest attire and let the elegance commence. Be sure your friends and relatives will definitely love this exciting winter wedding idea.

9. Christmas Love

If you’re looking to plan a Christmas-themed wedding, avoid the kitsch in favor of sophistication. Keep the Santa and Rudolph decorations to a minimum and instead incorporate posh details like holly leaves, silver bells, and poinsettias. You can also consider making Christmas-themed wedding invitations and choose a Christmas-themed wedding dress.

10. Sweet Treats

Transport your guests to an elegant version of your very own Candyland with a wedding theme that’s (literally) sweet. Using shades of red and white as your palette, incorporate candy canes, chocolates, delicate mints, and other delicious treats into your décor and favors. Up the ante even more by including sweet flavors into your savory dinner dishes (like a Mexican mole sauce made with chocolate) as well.

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11. Rustic Wedding

Photo credit: pinterest.com

The style of the wedding is perfectly emphasized by various natural elements. Therefore, sawing cuts powdered with snow, branches, cones, wreaths of branches, and cotton is one of the beautiful ideas for a winter wedding. Also, an absolute must-have for a wedding in this style are candles.

To create an image of a cozy winter wedding, woolen blankets, knitwear, and fur are used. Raisins will be added to the imitation of the surface of ice and plexiglass. In addition, from the plexiglass, you can make menus, invitations, and interesting designs for guests’ tables.

12. Glass Fairytale Winter Wedding

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Another one of fabulous winter wedding ideas is Glass Fairytale. When the snow falls on the trees outside, the scenes will be straight out of a fairytale, and you will feel like you are getting married outdoors.

For the decor of such a wedding, a loft space with a large area, high ceilings, and glass walls is perfect. Scarlet floristry will be a bright contrast to white and transparent decorations – flower arrangements can be placed either separately from art objects in the form of ice crystals or integrated into the overall layout – for example, to making “frozen” flowers in a transparent ice block is an excellent idea for a winter wedding. Snow-white threads of fabric and crystal can fall from the ceiling, and the main lighting can be supplemented by original LED structures in the form of crystals.

13. Winter Berry Wedding

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The whole secret here lies in the exceptional play of contrasts: white snow and juicy red shades of fruits, cold winter, and fresh berries. Due to such bright combinations, the wedding turns out to be unusually beautiful.

It would be best to decorate the interior of a rented room under a medieval castle. Tall candles, wooden tables, and gray fabrics will contrast amazingly with red berries. Such a beautiful berry wedding can only happen in winter. Undoubtedly, your guests will be delighted with this one of the unique winter wedding ideas.

14. Gentle Winter Wedding in Warm Colors

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A very romantic wedding idea for a winter wedding combines milk, cream, beige and chocolate, and gold. A fireplace, candles, hot chocolate, mulled wine, and cinnamon pear pie would be very welcome. Fragrant cinnamon sticks are the perfect decoration for table arrangements, drinks, and wedding cake. Such a wedding will turn out to be truly sweet and fragrant.

15. Glamorous Wedding in Cold Colors

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To immerse yourself in an atmosphere of mystery, shimmering blue, and real winter charm, this winter wedding idea is for you. Therefore, thinking about which colors to take, opt for shades of pale blue or emerald in combination with silver. Such a design in cold colors will be very relevant.

Speaking about decorations, shiny confetti and sparklers, silver edging of tablecloths, crystal, silverware, and your luxurious dress, complemented by a warm fur coat, are always fabulous ideas for a winter wedding. In addition, Balls, white cones, and branches will come in handy in this case. All this makes your winter wedding look expensive and stylish.

16. Floral Fairytale Wedding

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Floral arrangements are a way to dilute winter with colors! For example, you can decorate the tables with snow-white flower arrangements to emphasize the elegance of your winter wedding and the beauty of the chosen season. They look soft and bright at the same time.

Decorating the hall with flowers and greenery and combining it with cascades of LED garlands to decorate high ceilings is also an excellent floral winter wedding idea. In addition, the use of a large number of flowers allows you to achieve an excellent balance – to create a traditional fairytale wedding in an ultra-modern institution. It will be nice to pick the same flowers in the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere for a full-fledged image of the wedding.

17. Magical Pillar Wedding

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If you dream of a wedding in a castle, then you’ll love this one of the fabulous winter wedding themes. But, unfortunately, the number of castles here in the US is limited, so you may have to settle in.

It is recommended to settle in a castle or a country mansion with a fireplace, a huge staircase, and pompous pillars for a day to celebrate your winter wedding. The use of pillars in this place creates something fabulous, and the decorations added to it only enhance this.

You can decorate the columns with garlands, flowers, or any other decoration that suits the style of your wedding. Then your wedding will already be a solid winter fairytale.

18. Disney’s Fairytale Wedding

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You can have a fabulous experience creating the wedding you’ve always dreamed of with carriage entry and exit, enchanting ball gowns, sparkling bridal shoes, and more. Outdoors with a castle as a backdrop, you will have an unforgettable fairytale experience and the most spectacular wedding photos.

To make such a wedding theme a reality, consider exchanging vows in a castle. There are many ways to decorate your big day in honor of the many characters featured in this theme.

You can link your wedding to a specific Walt Disney creation. For example, the world of Beauty and the Beast is one of the most fabulous ideas for a winter wedding. For this, you can use the fairytale “Beauty and the Beast” as the basis for your wedding. Choose style centerpieces with white flowers, greenery, candles, gold cloth, and one large red rose under the terrarium or in a cloche. Add garlands in the evening to complete the magic of a fabulous night.

19. LED Fairy Light Wedding

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Illumination and proper lighting play a special role in this. Therefore, this is one of the winter wedding themes you’ll love. Many lights from light bulbs, lanterns, and candles give warmth to this decoration and, at the same time, are an essential element of the decor and direction of the wedding event.

One of the advantages of LED Fairy Light Wedding is that it is incredibly fabulous in winter when this theme is a beautiful continuation of natural winter decoration, and the color scheme of snow-white and cold shades in floristry will help to complement it. Amaze your guests with this one of the excellent winter wedding ideas.

20. Royal Winter Wedding

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If you want to become a princess on the day of the main holiday in your life and turn the groom into a prince, then arrange a real royal wedding. This is a great chance to feel like royalty and plunge guests into the atmosphere of a sophisticated modern fairytale.

A wedding in royal style requires careful and detailed preparation. The place, decoration, costumes, and menu should be the same style. It is good if there is a possibility of renting a hall in a historical museum, an old mansion, or a country estate. In this case, the entourage of the premises will play its role, and you will not have to deal with additional decoration.

Decorating a wedding in royal style implies special attention to details. Candles can be placed in bronze candelabra, chairs can be draped in linen capes, and goblets can be placed instead of glasses. Following these winter wedding ideas, remember, any hint of modernity should be avoided.

21. Valentine’s Day Wedding

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Valentine’s Day is wonderful because everything around is saturated with love. Therefore, it is very symbolic of arranging a wedding on this holiday. Having a wedding on Valentine’s Day in a romantic and unusual place is one of the best ideas for a winter wedding. For example, this place can be an attic, which will bring you closer to the stars, or a country complex, where you can launch Chinese flying lanterns.

A Valentine’s Day wedding should have all sorts of shades of red or pink. As for decor, you and your guests should be surrounded by a sea of red flowers as a symbol of passion, lots of chocolate as a symbol of sweet love, live music, and lots of candles that will add romance to your atmosphere.

It will also be lovely if there is a fireplace in the hall, it will be possible to dim the lights, light candles on each table, be in the spirit of the holiday of lovers, and the winter

22. Hollywood Glam Wedding

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With a Hollywood Glam Wedding, you and your guests can feel like mega-stars thanks to expensive outfits, glittering spotlights, and the red carpet. You can choose white, red, and black as a color scheme for such a winter wedding. To highlight the beauty of these rich colors, you can use the chic and glamor of gold and silver.

Concerning decorations, everything should be immersed in luxury: spectacular compositions of flowers and feathers, beautiful drapery of chairs, chic textiles, expensive dishes and crystals on the tables, candles in massive candelabra, etc. In addition, the passage to the altar decorated with aspen petals and a red carpet as the entrance to the hall is relevant winter wedding ideas.

Hollywood Glam Wedding tables can be decorated with both floral arrangements and elements of the film industry: crackers, film reels, etc. Everything in the decor should shine: from floral arrangements to the details. To do this, use rhinestones, beads, and sparkles, which can be used to decorate glasses, bottles, candles, etc. You can even sprinkle the floor with sparkles – your celebration will shine following this winter wedding idea!

23. Gorgeous Pearl Wedding Theme

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If you want to design your wedding original and fabulous, this is one of the fabulous winter wedding themes you’ll love. Despite the classic style and furnishings of the hall, pearl decoration can be a very original winter wedding idea.

Pearls are more than just decoration; although this gemstone is considered versatile, in winter, it is especially distinguished by a beautiful cold, mother-of-pearl hue that can be used as the basic idea for a winter wedding. But creating such decor will require a lot of time for filigree work manufacturing unique ornaments and individual items.

In addition, to enhance the effect of fairytales, you can complement your Gorgeous Pearl Wedding Theme with glass, crystal, snow-white textiles, dishes, and floristry that will harmoniously fit into such a hall.

24. Winter Wedding in the Mountains

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This one of the most amazing themes will suit real nature lovers. What can be better than reciting their wedding vows as sparkling snowflakes gently fall around newlyweds and the blazing winter sun waddle leisurely through the light curtains.

It is a great idea to stay in a mountain lodge to enjoy the beautiful scenery. In winter, cool weather and snowflakes will turn mountains into unforgettable places to celebrate a wedding. Many hotels, lodges, and resorts in snowy areas offer scenic views, cozy décor, and the opportunity for winter lovers to ski down the slopes between wedding celebrations. While some couples have their winter wedding ceremonies outdoors, plenty of indoor venues provide exceptional event venues and gorgeous mountain scenery without freezing temperatures.

From a roaring fireplace and warm cocktails to sparkling snowy backdrops and faux fur capes, there’s nothing more romantic than a wedding in a snowy wonderland! a small fire and blankets for guests will help to cope with the cold, in addition, this will be an original idea.

25. Snow Queen Wedding Theme

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This one of the fabulous winter wedding ideas you’ll love involves cold “ice” decor. The banquet hall turns into the abode of the Snow Queen, where absolutely everything is designed in cold shades of blue, white, and silver.

Ice sculptures, mirrors, decorative ginkgo biloba trees decorated with garlands of white lights, luxurious candelabra, crystal dishes, and many crystal threads of different sizes will be beautiful decorations for a winter wedding.

26. Shabby Chic Winter Wedding

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Shabby chic colors are perfect for a winter wedding, and furniture and interior details that have slightly faded from time fit perfectly into the overall picture and look quite stylish in photographs. A shabby chic winter wedding is good both in a restaurant and outdoors. If you are inclined towards the first option, old country estates are recommended, surrounded by once magnificent winter gardens. Moreover, a restaurant with high arched ceilings, spacious halls, and large windows with incredibly picturesque winter lands is another excellent choice.

Using antiques that will perfectly fit into the interior and emphasize the shabby chic style in the best possible way is one of the best indoor winter wedding ideas. A shabby chic wedding is, first of all, the little things that will help to harmoniously combine everything: crystal vases, candlesticks, and majestic soft poufs, which invite you to sit down and relax.

Natural fabrics, voluminous lace, pearls, antique sets, worn wood, and faded paint can create a unique winter wedding atmosphere. The main secret is the right combination of vintage elements and delicate colors – the usual range of shades – pink, yellow, and turquoise tones.

27. Boho Winter Wedding

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If your couple is a union of creative natures and personalities, and you like ethnic motifs and hippie style, then boho chic is a great theme for a future ceremony. A place where you want your winter wedding should be in a rustic or baroque style. So, the best option is a loft-type space with brick and shabby walls.

At a boho wedding in winter, it is better to prefer dense fabrics-taffeta, velvet, velour, curtain fabrics, sometimes upholstery, and colored dense lace. In addition, the boho style is not complete without fur and is ideal for a photo zone or young outfits. Pieces of fur can also be used in the decor.

The decor of the ceremony venue is handmade compositions of fresh flowers and dried flowers, kerosene lamps, garlands, wicker elements, plates, and dishes of various sizes and shapes. You can experiment and try to combine the incongruous, and this is the beauty of the boho style. All these creative ideas for a winter wedding will impress your guests.

28. Minimalism Winter Wedding

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Laconic and elegant decor, light and plenty of free space, the rejection of everything superfluous in favor of minimalism is increasingly common at winter weddings.

This style almost does not use textiles and bright floristry, and it is also worth abandoning everything superfluous: heaps of flowers on the arch and tables of guests, covers on chairs, and an excess of jewelry on the bride’s dress.

Minimalist decor is elegant simplicity. To make the wedding design more interesting, it can be diluted with bright color accents, smoother lines, and powdery shades. To create an intimate atmosphere at your winter wedding, make light the main decor element. Floor candles arranged in a semicircle or several hanging garlands of colorless light bulbs, the wedding arch is ready!

29. Industrial-Style Wedding

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Industrial-style weddings are all the rage right now. And if you like urban landscapes, metal, and loft spaces, you can choose this style for your wedding without hesitation.

For an industrial-style wedding, you need to find the right venue. Ideal if you find a loft-style restaurant. Brick or concrete walls, high ceilings, large windows, metal pipes, and structures create the appropriate atmosphere for an industrial wedding.

For an industrial-style wedding, stick with metallic tones. Bronze and copper look especially beautiful. Minimalism, geometry, candles, and greenery are the ingredients for an impeccable décor for an industrial-style wedding. Light bulbs are another must-have for an industrial-style wedding. They can both decorate the hall and be part of the design of the wedding arch. In addition, letters with light bulbs are very suitable for an industrial-style wedding.

30. Vintage Winter Wedding Theme

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Winter wedding vintage style is an excellent winter wedding theme you’ll love. The color palette of a vintage wedding should not be deliberately bright, flashy, or saturated. For a winter vintage wedding, lilac-beige can be ideal, as it belongs to cold shades.

When choosing a venue for a celebration, prefer restaurants already stylized in vintage style. They are often located in ancient buildings. Inside, there may well be columns, stucco, frescoes on the walls, stained glass windows, and other decorative elements inherent in the style. It is better to dim the lighting so that the mysterious flickering of silverware and expensive fabrics creates a unique atmosphere.

To create the right atmosphere, use all the rare things you find: old suitcases and record players, typewriters and cameras, mirrors and black and white photographs in ornate frames, antique clocks and telephones, luxurious candelabra, and figurines, vintage chests and boxes, porcelain cups and books, keys and hoops.

Having a winter wonderland wedding is always a great idea. The process of choosing a winter wedding theme doesn’t actually differ at all from any other season. Why not tie the knot on Christmas or New Year? It’ll be a win-win solution!

Do you think fall weddings are better than winter weddings?

Below, we have compiled a list of the most interesting questions about fabulous winter wedding themes you’ll love:

What colors are good for a winter wedding?

Light blue and blue Blue tones are versatile for a winter wedding. Light blue matches the shades of the winter sky and snowflakes, creating a “winter fairytale” feeling. Intense blue will contrast sharply with the gray color that prevails in winter and add royal luxury to the details.

What is the best time for a winter wedding?

In fact, there is no clear framework about the dates when you can do a winter wedding. Everything depends on you. Many couples are attached to Valentine’s day, as it is a holiday of love. But some even get married on Christmas and New Year’s.

How to decorate a wedding in the winter?

In this matter, it all depends on the style you choose for your wedding. For example, if you want to create a cozy and warm look for your winter wedding, lots of candles and garlands combined with fir trees. Ideally, a fireplace will fit into the concept of a winter wedding, in which firewood will crackle. Some of the decor elements are unique to winter, so their use in decoration will make the celebration very original, exceptional, and memorable for a long time. For example, cones and spruce paws in compositions are really hard to forget! In addition, glitter, white, blue, and silver decor will help create a festive atmosphere.

How do you make a winter wedding?

When organizing a winter wedding, there are some rules to follow to make your celebration perfect. Firstly, decide on the wedding theme and agree on your preferences for a couple. Secondly, choose the most favorable dates for the wedding. Thirdly, choose the most suitable venue for you, considering the theme of the wedding, decorations, and number of guests. Think of an outfit that fits the winter wedding style, is comfortable, and, most importantly, you like it. Also, we should not forget about the photo shoot because this unforgettable day must be captured.