10 Fab Bridal Shower Gift Ideas


Even if you do have a great wedding gift lined up for the bride, it’s a good idea to get a separate bridal shower gift. You don’t need to overreach and spend tons of money on the gift the bride won’t use.

Bridal shower gifts usually stay in the $25-$75 range. Bridal showers are accommodated in the gift department – simple things such as a set of skincare lotions or tickets to the theater are perfectly adequate.

, there are some beautifully unique gifts that any bride will love. Here are a few of them:

1. Get something that the bride can use on her honeymoon

From luggage to bathing suits and sunglasses, anything that the bride can use on her honeymoon should be a welcome gift. The bridal shower may not be the right place for a naughty gift, though, even if it could be of considerable use during the honeymoon. The bachelorette party is a far better place for such ideas.

2. If it’s a couple shower

If it’s a couple shower, rather than a shower just for the bride, it’s a good idea to bring a gift that both the bride and the groom can use together like bar accessories, blankets, a couple’s spa gift certificate etc. If the couple shares one hobby, consider buying some supplies for it.

3. A set of great books

If you know the bride well enough to know what she would want to read, a set of five or six books could be a thoughtful bridal shower gift. If you don’t know the bride that well, you can always get a bookstore gift certificate. Books are the perfect gift – they could keep the bride happily occupied for weeks.

4. Pick up something from the registry

If you have no idea what to buy or if you are short on cash and not sure what you can afford, wedding registries can be great places to look for bridal shower gifts. These registries usually have plenty of affordable items that won’t wreck your budget.

5. A good bottle

A good bottle of champagne with a beautiful set of glasses can make for a timeless gift, albeit people skip this idea because they think a bottle of champagne is a simple gift the bride might not appreciate. Yes, you do need to make sure that the bride and the groom like a little drinking every now and then. If they do, then why not?

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6. Pack a wedding day kit

Every bride needs a wedding day kit or two, filled with emergency necessities. This kit should contain aspirin, painkillers, a couple of water bottles, snacks, Band-Aids, a sewing kit and other odds and ends that are likely to be useful on the big day. Bringing a kit ready for the bride to use is a thoughtful gesture.

7. Try a sentimental gift

If you’re very close to the bride, a truly sentimental gift could be the perfect choice. A sweet poem, a framed photo of you and the bride and a scrapbook are among the gifts that you could consider. DIY gifts are always appreciated, not to mention that this idea is budget-friendly.

8. Try a classic gift

Traditionally, bridal shower gifts have mainly been about necessities for the home and kitchen, such as small kitchen appliances, linen, china, utensils, plates, vases and framed pictures. If you’d like to be slightly more contemporary, though, you can try a clock, a coffee table book, a membership subscription to a wine club, scented candles or gardening equipment.

9. Give something that complements your wedding gift

If your wedding gift is a food processor, your bridal shower gift could be a set of bowls to use with it. If you’re giving a rice cooker, a gift pack of gourmet rice and chopsticks can make sense. Giving something that goes well with the main wedding gift is always a good idea.

10. Take a cue from a charming superstition

Tradition has literally hundreds of superstitions and conventional beliefs to do with marriage. For your gift, you could turn to one of these beliefs into an idea.

One fun superstition goes like this: you collect ribbons from the gifts that everyone brings to the shower, fashion them into a bouquet and ask the bride to toss it at her rehearsal. Whoever catches it is next in line to get married. You can research various superstitious beliefs and make your gift a fun one.

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It’s usually a good idea to have someone at the shower make a list of all the gifts that the bride receives. The bride can then take the list to the registry and strike out a few items. It should help make sure that the bride doesn’t end up with the same gift twice.

Do you have any other ideas to share?