7 Tips for Making Your Wedding More Meaningful


If you are getting married soon and want to make your wedding day more special, consider using a few tips to make your wedding more meaningful. While a wedding has a well-earned reputation for being a money-drain, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make certain parts of your wedding stand out. Check out 7 creative ideas to make your wedding day more meaningful.

1. Wedding photo booth

While it’s great to have professional photos from the wedding, today, more and more couples also have photo booths at their weddings since it’s one of the best ways to make any wedding stand out. The great news is that you can build your own photo booth for your wedding. If you want to remind your guests how wonderful your wedding was, send them a beautiful photo with a thank you note afterward.

2. Wishing tree

Cut one branch off of any tree and plant it in a small pot. Lay out small pieces of paper with ribbons tied through them and ask your guests to write advices, wishes, and tips on them and hang them on yor wishing tree. It’s fun and interesting to read those wishes and advices after your wedding or honeymoon.

3. Homemade wedding cake

If your friend or family member can make great cakes, ask them to make a wedding cake for you. This way, you will save money and have a super delicious homemade cake. After all, a cake made by someone close to you is much better and tastier than store bought, isn’t it?

4. Guest board

Make your wedding more unique by creating a guest board instead of a guest book. You can frame this board after your wedding and hang it on your wall. You may also want to paint something on your guest board, such as swallows, tree branches, or write an inspirational quote.

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5. DIY

If you are planning a wedding on a budget, consider making your own wedding invitations. You will save money and make great memories. You may also want to consider making some wedding decorations and favors. You will not regret how wonderful your photos are from your homemade decorations.

6. Embroidered gifts

It’s a great idea to thank people who have helped you plan your wedding and give them small embroidered gifts. It’s usual to get the groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts, but you shouldn’t forget your parents, grandparents and other people close to you. Having a handkerchief embroidered for your dad or a blanket for your mom is a nice gesture and a good way to make your big day more meaningful.

7. Flowers

Ask your guests to bring a single flower, and at the beginning of your ceremony, ask each guest to place their flower in an empty vase. You will have a beautiful bouquet that will symbolize the coming together of friends and families.

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It may seem difficult to find ways to make your wedding stand out. Hopefully, these tips will help you. Do you have any other ideas? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section.