Winter Wonderland: 10 Charming Winter Wedding Ideas


Winter weddings are more popular than ever. December was the most sought-after wedding month in 2014, after May and June. There’s a lot to love in picking winter for your wedding. Since it isn’t the busiest wedding season, you’re likely to have your pick of top venues, caterers and musicians, and may have to pay less, too. You get to experiment with wonderful wintry themes and your travel arrangements are usually cheaper. Here are 10 winter wedding ideas to try.

1. Let the season inspire you

When you choose your color palette, let the season inspire you. When it’s drab and gray outside in the middle of winter, you might feel like punching your wedding up with a serious splash of color. Bringing in color can be slightly risky, though. If you use lots of reds and greens, your wedding could end up looking like a Christmas party. It could be a better idea to take inspiration from the colors of the season – white and silver. This glamorous combo will incorporate the spirit of the season into your wedding and it always looks classy.

You can decorate the altar with a white velvet backdrop and use white satin ribbon in your decor. Reinforce the marvelous atmosphere with crystal accents such as silver rimmed tablecloths, cutlery and silverware.