Apple of Your Eye: Incorporating Fall’s Quintessential Flavor Into Your Wedding


Nothing says “fall” quite like a crisp, juicy apple. Gala, granny smith, red delicious, fuji… there are literally dozens of different types of apples to choose from. If you’re planning a fall wedding, why not add a homey, rustic touch by incorporating nature’s bounty into your theme and décor? Here are some easy, affordable, and beautiful ways to add apples to your wedding.

1. Bridal Bouquets

Bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets are one of the most beautiful things on a wedding day. You will carry it throughout the whole event, thus you should spend considerable amount of time looking for the best one. One of the most unique and stylish ways to add apples to your wedding décor is to incorporate them into your bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets. Try intertwining some tiny crab apples amongst tiger lilies, sunflowers, and orange and yellow roses. Fresh greenery will freshen up the warm golden shades of autumn flowers. Wrap the stems with burlap or twine for a fall country feel. However, if you want your bouquet look rich and royal, deep plum velvet will be right choice.

Barrels and baskets filled with apples and scattered around the wedding venue will also add a touch of a fall to the event. Embellish the bouquets on wedding tables with apples and apple twigs. They will create integrity of the apple atmosphere on your wedding day. An experienced and creative wedding florist will help you to pick up the best composition ever!

2. Snow White

If rustic isn’t your style, consider a Snow White theme. Some people find a white wedding boring and out of time, since white is the most traditional and classic wedding color. But traditions never die. White will surely create grand and imposing atmosphere on your wedding day. Avoid kitschy details in favor of dramatic touches. Have your flower girls or ring bearer carry apples instead of roses, and include decorative details like tree branches, cherry blossoms, subtle lighting and fresh greenery for a theatrical mood.

Bright red apples will look especially stunning against the snow white background of the dresses and plates. Red and white is a fantastic combination! Add a touch of white to everything from the wedding dress to the tablecloths and invitations. Decorate the wedding tree with white lace tissues so that the guests could write their wishes there. Accomplish the snow white style with black and white wedding photos! Don’t forget to take some apples while you are getting your photos taken!

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3. Cocktail Hour

One of the best ways to celebrate the crisp flavors of fall is during cocktail hour. Apples are a highly versatile fruit that can be cooked in many ways. Consider including a signature apple cocktail, add appletinis to your menu, or use baskets or barrels of mixed apples to adorn the bar and appetizer tables. Apples are often added to most alcoholic beverages, so you can vary the list of drinks with apple brandy, apple cider and even apple liqueur and schnapps! I love Apple Frazzle. It is a non-alcoholic beverage that is perfect for any wedding.

To make it, you will need 4 oz. of apple juice, 1 tbs. of sugar syrup, ½ tbs. of lemon juice and sparkling water. Blend all the ingredients, except sparkling water, with ice cubes and pour into high glasses. Accomplish the drink with sparkling water. This beverage is rather dewy and full of vitamins. Your guests will definitely love it, I promise!

4. Apple Candles

Every bride knows that DIY projects not only save money, but also add a personal touch to their big day. This is a great chance to realize your boldest ideas and creative thoughts! For a simple and elegant addition to your table décor, use a craft knife to cut a circle off the top of an apple in the same size as a tea light. Remove the stem and use a spoon to scoop out enough of the apple so that the candle fits snugly. You can then place your apple candles onto dishes, pillar candle holders, or float them in large bowls or (for a shabby chic look) inside galvanized apple buckets or barrels. They will look especially astonishing with twilight.

Natural apple candles are much more pleasant and warming than electric lights. Contour the venue with your DIY apple candles and you’ll create an indelible atmosphere. You can also look for apple-shaped candles, if you don’t want to make your own candles.

5. Place Holders

Swap out cardstock place cards in favor of red delicious or granny smith apples. Put the apple candles near each seat around the table to mark the guests’ places. Simply use edible paint pens or gold leaf and stencils to write your guests names, and place them at everyone’s table setting. You can also pin the cards with guests’ names to the fruits and put them onto the plates. Design the holders with lace, burlap or paper stripes to add a touch of natural rustic style.

Another way to create apple place markers is by using cardboard apple-shaped holders. Although they are not eatable, they look really unique and beautiful! You don’t have to use only red and green colors, though. The holders are symbolic, so choose all colors of the rainbow. Remember that apples are the symbol of Aphrodite, goddess of love, thus adorn your apple holders with cardboard hearts with guests names. You can even complement your apple wedding with pinecones!

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6. Table Centerpieces

There are many ways to incorporate apples into your centerpieces. Add apples to a tall vase or glass cylinder, and then top with fresh flowers. This variant is usually used for classic weddings. You can also surround mason jars filled with baby’s breath with bunches of apples, or simply scatter a few apples around the table to add to the autumn feeling. If you use fabrics, lace or vases, they should be neutral, as apples are rather bright details, which don’t require additional prints and patterns.

Bold red apples are great table centerpieces, especially if they are combined with flowers. Green apples match beige and ivory colors, wood, and glass. If you have a rustic or green wedding, I suggest you to adorn the table with a composition of flowers, twigs and green apples in a huge wicker basket.

7. The Cake

Your wedding cake is one of the most elegant ways to incorporate your apple theme. An apple spice cake makes a delicious end to your wedding dinner. You can also use sugar, or faux crab apples to adorn your cake. My sister had small apple pies on her wedding day. We made them at home to save on the wedding cake. Although guests were surprised to see small pies instead of a huge wedding cake, they liked thу idea and they didn’t even notice that my sister wanted to save money. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your wedding cake if you are going to tie the knot this season. A little bit of creativity will help you to have the most beautiful wedding in your city without spending lots of money.

8. Other Desserts

Apple pie, apple tarts, apple fritters, cinnamon apples, apple cupcakes – you can create an entire dessert buffet around the flavors of fall. As I mentioned above, apples are a versatile fruit so you can make tens of sweets and desserts with it. Baked apples make wonderful wedding treats. Yes, this dessert is rather simple, but it can ideally match your fall wedding. Baked apples are usually served with caramel, syrup and cinnamon.

If the weather is still warm and sunny, treat your guests to apple ice cream. Set up a buffet table with different kinds of ice cream and apple cocktails! Another dessert that is great for classic weddings is caramel apple macarons. They will create aristocratic and elegant atmosphere and add a touch of luxury.

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9. Favors

Send your guests home with a sweet reminder of your big day. Cellophane-wrapped caramel apples, apple scented soaps or apple-shaped candles all make delicious and fragrant wedding favors, and double as table décor. Let your guests take the place holders with their names; it will always remind them of this important event in your life. If possible, make an apple jam and pack it in small jars. Put the stickers with the names to each jar and present your guests with such a lovely gift at the end of the celebration. Decorate the jars with bright striped fabric and burlap stripes to add the touch of country style to your favors. Another creative thing you can prepare for your guests is happy wish cookies. Think about general but not hackneyed wishes that are suitable for all guests.

10. Wedding Party Gifts

Give your bridesmaids and other members of your wedding party a take home gift that goes with your autumn apple theme. For example, DKNY’s Be Delicious perfume comes in a fun apple-shaped bottle. Other ideas include a framed print of the Big Apple, apple-shaped clutches, personalized apple candles, and an Apple iTunes gift card.

Personal t-shirts with printed apples and wishes will be a more budget-friendly gift. Print them in different colors and hold a raffle! Ask your wedding manager to organize an interesting program with contests and quizzes, where apple-related things will be the main prizes. I would also make the wedding more interesting and exotic by introducing a dress code for guests. As you have already guessed, it would concern apples! At least the smallest detail of their outfit such as hat, handbag or brooch should be related to apple theme.

Fall is the most popular season for weddings. Nature always gives the best pieces of advice, so seasonal fruits are the right choice for your fall wedding. Apples can be used for everything from bride bouquet to guests’ gifts. As a natural fruit, apples are combined with all rustic elements such as wood, linen and greenery. With a little creativity, a fall apple-themed wedding can be sophisticated, polished, homey and beautiful.