10 Unique Ways to Display Wedding Table Numbers


The regular tented wedding table numbering design seen at weddings everywhere tends to be depressingly familiar to many wedding guests. Using an imaginative number design scheme doesn’t have to be hard.

All you need is to set a little time aside. Here are ten creative ways to display wedding table numbers that you may want to try.

1. Numbers done with paper filigree

Paper filigree or quilling is the art of creating decorative shapes with special ribbons of paper. For your wedding table numbers, the ribbon will need to be stuck edgewise on the cardstock to be decorated. If you know someone who is good at this art form and is willing to help, you can have beautiful, old-fashioned numbers for your tables.

2. Get numbers from around town

It can be fun to have a different style of number on every table. All you need to do is to grab a good camera and snap a photo of every interesting number that you see around town as you go about your day.

You can use the numbers that you see on houses, store signs, street signs and even awnings. Then, you can print the pictures on photo paper and place them on the tables at your wedding.

3. Photos of you as a couple

Photos of you as a couple can work, too. A different photo on each table of you as a couple holding up a number can be fun in a whimsical way. You can either take several new photos of yourselves just to use on your table number cards or work with photos that you already have, photoshopping a number in where needed.

4. Little polished pebbles

Small, rounded stones of the kind that you find along the banks of a river or on the beach can be charming numbering props for your tables. You’ll need to collect a few stones and paint the numbers on with a little craft paint.

5. Put a few old wine bottles to good use

Old wine bottles made of dark glass can look classy. You’ll need to print labels with numbers in a pretty font, paste them on your collection of bottles and set them out on your wedding tables. This idea is perfect for a wine-themed wedding, but you can use it on your wedding day as well.

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6. Little potted plants

Tiny plant pots bursting with fresh greenery or even flowering plants can’t fail to cheer everyone up. You will need as many pots as you have tables, with a number painted on each one. Just make sure your guests don’t have any allergies to flowers you are planning to use.

7. Fat books can be charming

If you have a stock of large books in your library or have friends with such books, you can repurpose the volumes to display your wedding table numbers on. You can have a book laid down on each table with a number stuck to the front cover. Books can bring class anywhere they appear.

8. Hang a sign

It’s a popular trend these days to display wedding table numbers not on tables, but on the chairs that surround them. Beautifully hand-painted cards tied with colorful ribbons to chairs can be charming. You can print the numbers, if you don’t have time to paint them.

9. Old-fashioned tin cans

For this idea, you will need to collect the tins that your canned food comes in. Any kind of can will do as long as all your cans are the same size. You will need to paint each can a bright color inside and out, and use a small drill to make holes on the sides to form the numbers you need. Each can goes on a table with a candle inside, with light streaming out through the punched holes.

10. A bag of flowers

A jar of fresh chamomile blooms is a wonderfully cheerful sight. You will need a few jars of these blooms for this idea. You pack each one in a white paper bag, tie the neck up with decorative ribbon, and paint a number on the paper.

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It’s the little touches that help make a wedding charming. A little care is all it takes.

Typically, wedding table numbers are the last thing most brides want to think about. But this small detail can make a huge difference, and your guests will definitely notice what table numbers you have.

If you have any other ideas, let us know in the comments section.