10 Fun Wedding After Party Ideas


More marrying couples choose to take their guests to wedding after parties today than ever before. They like the idea of entertaining their guests in more relaxed surroundings than a wedding allows.

An after-party is also a good idea when wedding venues have early closing times. If you are looking for some unique wedding after party ideas, here are 10 fun ideas to try out.

1. Sing to your heart’s content

If your friends enjoy belting out their favorite tunes to an audience, a night out at a karaoke bar or a trendy piano bar can be fun. You can even turn the singing into a contest, perhaps one with the men on one team and the women on the other.

2. Take the group bowling

Once everyone’s enjoyed the restrained togetherness of a wedding, they could love the idea of kicking off their stilettos and dress shoes, and putting on a pair of bowling shoes at a good bowling alley in the area. Nothing helps wedding guests bond better than a friendly match.

3. A casino could be fun too

If there’s a casino not more than a couple of hours away, renting a bus for the entire group to take them out to a glitzy venue can make for a memorable after party. If there isn’t a casino around, it’s easy to hire a traveling casino. Any event planner could put you in touch with a party entertainment provider that sets up blackjack and roulette tables for private parties in homes and hotel rooms.

4. Go clubbing

If most of your guests are young enough to enjoy a night hitting the clubs, you can arrange for transportation and hit a few popular spots. You could cover the cost of the bus or limo, all the cover charges and a few drinks for everyone. It’s a good idea to make reservations everywhere you plan to go, to make sure that you aren’t turned away.

5. Give everyone an excuse to cheat on their diets

While it’s important to take your guests’ individual diet needs and other food preferences into account when you plan your wedding menus, a little indulgence may be welcome at some point. The wedding after party can be just the time for it. A trip to the best food trucks and other places that serve up rich, delicious food could make everyone feel good.

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6. Go to an arcade

If your guests are younger than 25, a group trip to a gaming arcade can give everyone a buzz. If you go to a well-stocked arcade, you’ll find plenty of games for everyone, including kids, teens and even parents.

Ask your guests if they want to go to an arcade first, though. You want everyone to have fun and if they don’t want to go, they won’t have fun at all.

7. A theme park after party

If you have a Disney park not far from where you live, going on all the rides in your wedding dress can be fun. It doesn’t even have to be a Disney park.

Any popular theme park would work well with guests of every age group. You’d have great photos of everyone having fun, too.

8. If you have a favorite bar or lounge…

Many people have a favorite bar. If you love the homey or classy atmosphere at a bar or lounge, and would love to share it with all your friends, taking your after-party there could be a good idea. Taking your revelry to a familiar and comfortable place can be a good feeling.

9. Bring the party home

If you’re watching your budget, setting up the grill and speakers in your own backyard, and arranging a barbecue/dance party for your friends, can be fun. You do need to plan the party well, though. After the choreographed experience of a wedding, a poorly planned home party could fall flat.

10. Try a theme party at home

Theme parties usually involve having your guests dress up for a particular theme. It could be too much to expect your guests to dress up some more after the wedding, though.

A theme party where the guests don’t need to change and get into character can be fun, too. A Middle Eastern themed party with a belly dancer, for instance, can be an exciting idea.

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A wedding after party doesn’t need to be particularly imaginative or expensive to be a success. All you need is to think of an idea where everyone gets to have fun without fuss. The sky is the limit so don’t be afraid to get creative!

What other wedding after party ideas do you have? Any to share?