10 Ways to Shine in a Short Wedding Dress


Brides have been giving up long, elaborate wedding dresses in favor of shorter designs ever since the 30s. Not only do short dresses have a playful, innocent appeal, they are much more practical too, when compared to long dresses. They are cheaper, they are easier to dance in, and you don’t need help from two bridesmaids to go to the restroom when you wear one.

The best part is, when you pick a short wedding dress, it doesn’t actually have to come from a bridal shop with its expensive prices. Instead, any elegant off the rack dress will do just as well. Here are ten ways to shine in a short wedding dress.

1. Make sure that a short dress will work for you

Short wedding dresses work better for some brides than others. If you’re an active person of medium, delicate or petite build, a short dress can be easy to wear to great effect. Longer dresses are a much better choice for taller brides and ones with full figures.

2. Wearing a short dress to a church wedding

If your wedding will be in a church, you needn’t worry about offending anyone in a short dress. In a church, a short wedding dress can look regal. Nevertheless, it can be easy to cover up in some ways.

For instance, you could consider wearing a full-length veil for the ceremony, a style that was popular in the 20s. You can also consider picking a short dress with sleeves.

3. You could be much more confident with two wedding dresses

If wearing a short dress to the ceremony makes you feel self-conscious, you could consider a separate, full-length dress for the ceremony and a short dress for the reception. You could have the best of both worlds. This option is not perfect for women who are going to have a wedding on a budget.

4. Choose an elaborate dress, if it’s a formal crowd

When you pick the dress for your wedding, it’s usually a good idea to try to match the mood of the gathering. Many short wedding dresses feature simple, minimalist design.

If your guests are dressed in formal fashion, you could run the risk of appearing under-dressed or casual in comparison. It could be a good idea to look for an elaborate short dress design in these circumstances.

5. Some dresses come with detachable trains

A short dress with a detachable train can be a good idea for weddings in which you need both the convenience of a short dress and the formal beauty of a long one. For instance, if you’re planning a beach wedding, the long wedding dress would be unsuitable in most cases.

It would catch the sand and the wind. If you take a short dress with a detachable train, though, you could put on the train only when you needed it.

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6. Show off your shoes

The way that short dress lets you show off your shoes is often seen as one of its main attractions. But many brides wonder about how far they can go.

Could you wear a beautiful, short white wedding dress and round it off with deep purple or bright red shoes? Such questions appear in bridal magazines all the time.

Bright, attention-grabbing shoes are actually an excellent idea with short dresses. They can be a an attractive, bold choice.

7. Do what the celebrities do

When Cindy Crawford married Rande Gerber in a beach ceremony in 1998, her short wedding dress went no farther than mid-thigh. Barefoot, with loose hair and clutching a bouquet, her look was one of the most talked about one’s of the time.

Many other celebrities have famously picked the short wedding dress look over the years. For inspiration, you can look to Audrey Hepburn, Yoko Ono, Mia Farrow and Racquel Welch.

8. Brightly colored short wedding dresses can be spectacular

Who said wedding dresses should always be white? When Elizabeth Taylor married singer Eddie Fisher in 1959, she wore a short, wedding dress that was a vibrant, dark green.

While bright colors are certainly rare in wedding dresses, they can make a dramatic statement. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

9. Accessorize lightly

While jewelry does go well with short dresses, it needs to be light enough to not take away from the simple minimalism that many of these designs offer. A simple bracelet, a tiara or a light necklace can look beautiful with a short dress. Anything more substantial could stand out too much.

10. Hats and veils do work with short dresses

When Oscar de la Renta displays his short wedding dress designs at fashion shows, his models often wear veils and simple hats. While these accessories may at first seem to only belong with formal, full-length designs, they do go very well with short dresses.

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Long wedding dresses are gorgeous, but sometimes a short wedding dress is a better option. If you want to wear a short dress, do it!

These ten little tips will help you shine in it on your special day. Your friends will envy your boldness and will follow your example, believe me.

Are you bold enough to wear a short wedding dress?