10 Ways to Shine in a Short Wedding Dress


Brides have been giving up long, elaborate wedding dresses in favor of shorter designs ever since the 30s. Not only do short dresses have a playful, innocent appeal, they are much more practical too, when compared to long dresses. They are cheaper, they are easier to dance in, and you don’t need help from two bridesmaids to go to the restroom when you wear one.

The best part is, when you pick a short wedding dress, it doesn’t actually have to come from a bridal shop with its expensive prices. Instead, any elegant off the rack dress will do just as well. Here are ten ways to shine in a short wedding dress.

1. Make sure that a short dress will work for you

Short wedding dresses work better for some brides than others. If you’re an active person of medium, delicate or petite build, a short dress can be easy to wear to great effect. Longer dresses are a much better choice for taller brides and ones with full figures.