5 Asian Wedding Dress Styles


Are you sick and tired of all those ‘old-new-old’ and ‘hey-it-looks-weird’ wedding dresses? Unless you live in Asia, (even if you live in Asia, it is cool) I’m going to give you some Japanese, Chinese, Bhutanese, Indian and Thai designer wedding dress ideas to inspire you to stand out from the other brides on your big day.

In most Asian cultures, brides wear the highly decorative dresses usually covered with gold, embroidery, and beading. The color options are literally endless. In some countries, including Japan, brides wear a few outfits on a wedding day.

1. Chinese style

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Just because it is labeled “Made in China” does not mean it is cheap and of poor quality. Look at these jaw-dropping designer wedding dresses and you will fall in love with Chinese style forever. Well, don’t wonder if your guests think you are going to the ball.

2. Indian chic

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Although traditional Indian clothes are popular among the brides in India, some of them are trying to jazz up the look by using these designers’ ideas. Besides red and gold wedding saree, Indian brides opt for other bright colors and drapery, which mostly belong to European style.

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3. Japanese delicacy

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I love Japanese style for its soft colors, fabulous designs, and innocent looks. When it comes to weddings, most brides skip the traditional Japanese kimono and choose pearl white European style wedding gowns. However, the following handmade silk designer kimonos are all the rage in the world of high fashion right now.

4. Thai sophistication

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Thai bridal fashion is all about silk and pastel colors, albeit gold remains the most popular color in Thailand. No matter what type of wedding dress you choose, don’t forget about sbai to cover the left shoulder. Thai wedding dress style is worth trying.

5. Bhutanese style

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Bhutanese wedding style is not as prominent as the styles I mentioned above, but still you can use some details of their wedding outfit in your own one. In Bhutan, wedding traditions are a lot different from those other cultures have.

For instance, the best man is a ceremonial guardian to both bride and groom. He plays an important role in entertaining the guests, and can end up doing it for a few hours. No wonder, the brides have a limited wedding dress choice. I couldn’t find any stylish Bhutanese wedding dresses.

If you are looking to have an Asian-inspired wedding, start your planning with a wedding dress. You do not necessarily have to spend a fortune on designer dresses; you can find some cheaper versions or make your own ones.

What is your favorite Asian wedding dress style?

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FAQ About Asian Wedding Dress

What are the traditional Asian wedding dress styles?

Traditional Asian wedding dress styles vary depending on the region, but some popular ones include the Chinese qipao or cheongsam, the Indian sari or lehenga, and the Korean hanbok.

What are some modern Asian wedding dress styles?

Modern Asian wedding dress styles include fusion gowns that incorporate both traditional and contemporary elements, as well as Western-style wedding gowns with Asian-inspired details.

What colors are typically worn for Asian wedding dresses?

In China, red is a popular color for wedding dresses as it symbolizes good luck and prosperity. In India, red is also a popular color for bridal wear, as well as other vibrant hues such as gold, green, and pink. Korean wedding dresses often feature bright colors and intricate patterns.

What kind of accessories are typically worn with Asian wedding dresses?

Accessories worn with Asian wedding dresses vary depending on the region and style of the dress. Some common accessories include traditional jewelry such as jade or gold in China, ornate headpieces and bangles in India, and colorful hairpins and hairbands in Korea.

Can I wear an Asian wedding dress if I’m not of Asian descent?

Yes, anyone can wear an Asian wedding dress as a way to incorporate different cultural elements into their wedding attire. It’s important to be respectful of the cultural significance of the dress and accessories and to wear them in a way that honors their traditions.

The article was translated from the author Elena Babich.