10 Tips for Choosing Your Dream Wedding Venue


When you announce your engagement to your friends, the first thing you will get asked is when the wedding is, and where. It can take some work knowing what to say.

Picking a venue doesn’t simply come down to whether you like the way a place looks. Wedding venue options are endless so there are many important things to take into account. Take a look at my little yet handy tips. They do work!

1. When the wedding will be

Many venues look good at certain times of the year, but not at others. Their publicity images usually show them in the season that they look their best in.

Before you fall for a venue based on how beautiful it looks in the pictures in the brochures, you need to ask to see pictures taken during the season that you actually plan to get married. It also makes sense to think about other seasonal basics like the lighting, heating and cooling. A winter venue will need far better heating and lighting than something you use in spring.