20 Most Beautiful Places in the World for Your Wedding


The world is full of beautiful, meaningful, and wonderful places to get married. Some of them are small, quaint, charming local spots, and others … others are larger, more well known, and simply entrancing. If you’re want to plan a fairytale wedding explore this list the most beautiful places in the world for your wedding.

1. Paris, France

Paris is the most romantic city in the world, and couples all over the world dream of getting married there.

2. New York City

NYC is a vivid, versatile, varied city. You can find so many wonderful places, from the library to the Cloisters and beyond.

3. Disney Theme Park

If you really want a fairy tale, Disney is an amazing place to celebrate your wedding.

4. Kauai, Hawaii

It’s definitely the most wonderful spot for a beach wedding.

5. San Francisco

San Francisco is a great place to get married and there are so many opportunities for amazing photos.

6. Caribbean

If you’re going to have a destination wedding, you should take it to the Caribbean, isn’t that so?

7. Venice, Italy

Celebrate your love in one of the most romantic cities in the world!

8. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Italy is one of the most popular locations for weddings, beginning with the stunning Amalfi coast.

9. Rome, Italy

Rome is a great place for a glamorous and gorgeous wedding. The entire city makes the perfect backdrop.

10. Tuscany, Italy

You can get married in a villa! It’s so romantic!

11. Villa Del Balbianello, Lake Como, Italy

Villa del Balbianello one of the most popular and gorgeous wedding venues.

12. Bali

Take yourself and your honey to Bali and get married to one of the amazing beaches.

13. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the ideal venue for your dream wedding.

14. Costa Brava, Spain

Costa Brava is the perfect place to say “I do”.

15. Mexico

Mexico is a popular location for destination weddings.

16. Bora Bora

Bora Bora is one of the best spots for a beach wedding.

17. Fiji

Fiji also offers many gorgeous locations for a beach wedding.

18. The Bahamas

Your dream wedding will come to life in the Bahamas.

19. Boone Hall Plantation, South Carolina

Boone Hall Plantation is a beautiful and vibrant wedding venue.

20. Santorini

Plan your wedding in Santorini and make the ceremony of your dreams.

Where would you love to get married if you could pick any place in the world?