10 Things to Do on the Morning of Your Wedding Day


On the morning of your wedding, it can be easy to feel that you’ve put all the hard work behind you: with everything on autopilot, all you need to do is to dress up and enjoy your special day. It’s important to remember, though, that there are still a few things that you need to keep in mind. Make sure that you don’t forget what you need to do on the morning of your wedding.

1. Wear flats and not heels

On most days, your heels never bother you because you never need to stay on your feet for hours together. Your wedding day is different. If you start the day wearing your glamorous heels while you prepare and get dressed, you will tire your feet out before it’s showtime. By evening, you’ll be in pain. It’s a far better idea to wear comfortable flats until you actually need to step out of your dressing room.

2. Charge your phone

Many brides have important notes, speeches, and even their vows stored on their smartphones. If this is you, you can’t have your phone running out of juice halfway through the day. It’s a likelihood because all through your wedding day, you’ll have plenty of messages going in and out.

You’ll be using your phone a lot. Not only should you charge your phone properly in the morning, but you should also carry a power backup device, too.

3. Think about cleaning up

The photographer will need to do shots of you getting ready: putting your dress on, wearing your makeup, doing your hair, and so on. It won’t do to have a rumpled bed, a bunch of discarded tissues, and scattered clothes in the background when the camera begins snapping away. You’ll need to designate someone to constantly clean up.

4. Pack makeup

All the main makeup that you plan to use on the day, you need to keep spares of in your clutch. This way, when you need to quickly touch up through the day, you’ll have access to them. Just make sure you don’t pack too many makeup products; choose the most necessary ones like your favorite lipstick and high-quality powder.

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5. Have a great playlist ready

As you work hard to prepare yourself for the big moment, it can be relaxing to have all your favorite songs lined up and playing softly in the background. You’ll relax and focus better. You do need to pick a device other than your phone to play the music on, though, you wouldn’t want to drain the battery.

6. Make sure that your ring is sparkling clean

Your ring will get plenty of close-up shots. You want to make sure that it’s clean and sparkling. You don’t have to wear a diamond ring to get plenty of attention, your simple but sparkling clean ring will do the trick!

7. Drink plenty of water early in the day

You’ll need to keep yourself hydrated to feel good throughout the day. The problem with drinking water as you need it, though, is that you’ll need to visit the ladies’ room. Getting yourself into a toilet stall when you have a large, puffy dress on, can be a huge problem. It’s a great idea to drink your water early in the day and to try to mostly avoid water later on.

8. Keep everyone out

On the big day, everyone in the house will want to hang around you, absorbing some of your energy and excitement. It’s important to keep most people out, though. The more people you have in your dressing room, the more noise and pandemonium there will be and the less calm you will feel.

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9. Impose a no news policy

Like you, your mother, and your bridesmaids spend time in the dressing room getting ready, someone or the other is bound to talk about the goings-on of the day. However, if you hear something that upsets you, it will likely take away from the positive feelings that you want to feel. Not only is it important to remind everyone not to bring up the latest headlines, but it’s also important to turn off the television and to keep the newspapers out, too.

10. Eat a carefully prepared meal

Whatever you eat on the morning of your wedding, you need to make sure that it’s food that you know agrees with you. It could even be a good idea to pack familiar food from home, rather than to depend on what’s available at the venue.

While most of what you need to do on the morning of your wedding are common sense stuff, it can be easy to lose track amid all the excitement. From time to time, it can help to tell yourself to stay calm. Hopefully, these little tips will help make your wedding day happier and more special!