4 Tips to Decorate Your Botanical Garden Wedding


A botanical garden serves as a romantic and naturally beautiful setting for a wedding. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on flowers, brides and grooms can take advantage of the floral landscape of the botanical garden. This serene setting, then, has become popular among couples looking to exchange vows outdoors.

Despite the natural beauty of a botanical garden, couples want to add a personal touch to their wedding locale by adding decorations. Using the botanical garden as inspiration, couples can create memorable wedding décor.

Tree Adornments

The lush landscape of a botanical garden gives couples a beautiful palette with which to work. Adorning the trees with soft lighting can add a romantic touch for a sunset or evening wedding ceremony.

Mason jars with candles inside them, hanging from tree branches on wires, adds a rustic look to the botanical garden wedding. Trees dripping in hanging votive candles will sparkle in the garden.

Twinkling lights on trees creates a romantic backdrop for the wedding, not to mention the wedding photos. Some soft lighting can set the mood for a botanical garden wedding.

Floral Arrangements

If a botanical garden wedding is remembered for one thing, it’s the rich array of flowers at the venue. Couples might want to add a few floral arrangements to the ceremony or reception site, and they can use the natural setting as their inspiration.

Couples can choose a few of the flowers on display at the garden and have a florist create floral arrangements that complement their venue. These arrangements do not have to be extravagant; simple arrangements in coordinating flowers will create a seamless flow between garden and the wedding décor.

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Color Scheme

Again, couples can look to the beauty of the botanical garden to select a color scheme for their wedding. Their color palette should complement the natural colors of the gardens.

Couples can choose a couple of their favorite colors from the variety of colors on display in the garden. Linens, place settings, and bridal party attire can feature the chosen color scheme, which will complement the garden’s natural color palette.

Garden Accessories

Brides and grooms can carry the garden theme throughout their wedding, using items often found in gardens as wedding décor. Flowerpots with planted flowers can line the aisle. Place floral centerpieces in aluminum tins adorned with ribbon in coordinating colors.

Petals found on the garden grounds can be collected to create an aisle for the ceremony. Small outdoor-inspired touches make for a memorable botanical garden wedding.

A botanical garden wedding is beautiful without any décor, but couples want to inject some of their personality into their wedding day. Using the romantic venue as inspiration, couples can find personalized and memorable decorations that enhance the beauty of their botanical garden wedding. Whether your wedding is to be small or grand, getting married at the beautiful botanical garden may be a wonderful decision.