10 Things You Shouldn’t Do before Your Wedding


10. Let the pressure take away from your enjoyment

While it’s important to take care of all your responsibilities, you need to attend to them without worrying too much about them. If choosing among different wedding dress styles, wedding venues or menu items seems stressful, it can often be far better to run with any one of your top choices, rather than to agonize endlessly over finding the very best one. The incorrect choices are usually nearly as good as the right ones, after all.

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Finally, it’s important to realize that being engaged isn’t the same thing as being married. It’s always possible to break off an engagement even minutes before you get married.

You don’t want to do anything before the wedding, then, that would make it difficult to change your mind. For instance, you don’t want to buy a house or a car together. If you need to break up before the wedding, these joint commitments can make it difficult.