10 Fun Engagement Party Ideas


An engagement party is a celebration of a couple’s recent engagement, which helps the future wedding guests to get to know each other before a big day. Your engagement party can set the mood for your wedding day and all the other festivities to follow, which is why it is crucially important to plan your party just as you plan your wedding. If you have no idea what theme to choose for your engagement party, take a look at the ideas below:

1. Beach-themed engagement party

Summer is all about beachtime, so throwing a beach-themed engagement party is a fabulous idea to consider. Not only will the photos be summery and unique, but all the guests will also have an opportunity to cool down.

2. Top-notch brunch

If your engagement party guest list is not that big and you are low on cash, hosting a top-notch brunch may be a great solution. You can even cook your brunch meals with your friends to skip ordering a calorie-packed takeout. You can come up with many budget-friendly meal ideas.

3. All-color everything

If you are tired of all-black or all-white parties, opt for an all-color one. The more shades you use in your decor, the better. The location does not matter – it can be your dining room or a restaurant.

4. Rooftop party

If you can afford to throw a rooftop engagement party, this can be an ultimate idea. Get your guests closer to the sky while celebrating your future marriage.

Have a tight budget? No worries. Look for any available rooftop many owners do not charge for it) and decorate it as you wish.

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5. Cruise party

Ready to splurge on your engagement? Throw a cruise party. Not every couple can afford such a luxury and chances are your guests have never attended cruise parties, so you can wow everyone, including you and your significant other.

6. Backyard party

You do not need tons of money to celebrate your love, right? Think about hosting an ordinary backyard party.

You all can still have fun without luxury location and decorations and restaurant food. This is one of the simplest engagement party ideas that your friends will surely love.

7. Classic black and white party

Classic couples choose classic styles full of quality, distinction, and timelessness. You can never go wrong with the classic black and white party – be it a birthday or engagement party.

8. Paris-themed party

I really love this engagement cake idea. Paris-themed parties are fabulous and unique, and it does not have to be all in pink.

Purple is an awesome color as well. Make your cake a centerpiece of your engagement party.

9. Chocolate and champagne party

Make your engagement party pop with tons of chocolate and high-quality champagne. Set a chocolate fondue fountain or serve a variety of chocolate desserts. Consider making or buying some chocolate-inspired decorations to complete your party setting.

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10. Cocktail party

Summer is full of cocktail parties, but you can throw a grand engagement party that will have weird cocktails and appetizers to make it pop. No matter your or your partner’s age, a cocktail party idea is for everyone.

These are just a few fun engagement party ideas that you can consider with your future husband. Did you use any of these party ideas or have one of your own? Let us know in the comments.

FAQ About Engagement Party

Why do you have engagement party?

An engagement party serves several purposes: firstly, to announce the upcoming wedding to your future guests; secondly, to introduce your families to each other; and thirdly, to celebrate your imminent nuptials.

When should I do engagement party?

The timing for an engagement party is flexible and ultimately up to the engaged couple and their hosts. It is usually held within a few months of the proposal, but can be held sooner or later depending on the couple’s preferences and schedules. Some couples may choose to have the engagement party shortly after the proposal, while others may wait until closer to the wedding date.

What is an engagement party?

An engagement party is a celebration held to commemorate a couple’s recent engagement. It’s a time for family and friends to come together and toast the newly engaged couple.

Who usually hosts the engagement party?

Traditionally, the bride’s parents would host the engagement party, but in modern times, anyone can host it, including the couple themselves or their close friends.

When should the engagement party be held?

An engagement party is typically held within a few months of the engagement, but the exact timing is up to the couple and their hosts.

What are some popular engagement party ideas?

Some popular engagement party ideas include hosting a cocktail party, organizing a backyard barbecue or picnic, throwing a formal dinner party, or having a brunch or luncheon. Other ideas include hosting a themed party, such as a beach party or a masquerade ball, or planning a fun activity, such as a wine tasting or a scavenger hunt.

Who should be invited to the engagement party?

The guest list should include close family members and friends, as well as anyone who will be in the wedding party. It’s not necessary to invite everyone who will be invited to the wedding, but it’s a good idea to include anyone who is important to the couple and their families.

What should be included on the engagement party invitation?

The invitation should include the date, time, and location of the party, as well as the names of the hosts and the engaged couple. Any special instructions, such as dress code or whether to bring a gift, should also be included.