10 Awesome Halloween Wedding Ideas


When you choose to forgo the traditional June wedding and hold your nuptials in October instead, you’ve chosen the perfect time to embrace a Halloween wedding theme. Whether you long for a cool, elegant affair or a fun, funky party, a Halloween wedding offers you the chance to express yourself in an unusual way.
From creepy decorations to terrific treats, you can make your Hallowedding unforgettable. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few awesome Halloween wedding ideas you may want to try.

1. Halloween hues

If you don’t want to wear a spooky wedding dress, select wedding colors that simply shout Halloween. Choose from black, orange, russet, maroon, chocolate, peach or harvest gold to create that fall feeling.

Adorn your wedding attendants in clothing that incorporates your Halloween wedding colors. Continue the theme throughout the event by picking décor for the wedding and reception venues that uses these colors as well.

2. Delightful décor

Before you start decorating, decide whether you prefer a classy or casual atmosphere. For an elegant event, select tapers in shades of black and white and place them in crystal candle holders to light the room.

At a casual event, decorate with haystacks, carved pumpkins and cornstalks and light the reception hall with black lights to create a supernatural glow. Extraordinary wedding couples add some elements of graveyard to their decor too.

3. Fall finery

Although you can still have a white or ivory gown, considering adding color to your wedding wardrobe. Choose a pale orange or peach gown that allows you to show off the remainder of your glowing summer tan before it fades.

If you’re a bold, dramatic bride, opt for a black gown that makes a serious fashion statement. Jazz up a black or white suit or tux, whichever your groom prefers, with accents of Halloween color as well.

4. Autumnal accessories

When choosing your wedding day jewelry, select gems that are full of the warmth of the autumn season and which pair nicely with your Halloween colors. Opt for rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces of gold that include stones like golden yellow citrine, brown topaz, scarlet garnets or the orange glow of amber.

5. Versatile venues

A venue with Halloween atmosphere is an essential element to wow your guests. Get married in an old stone church that looks like something from medieval times or a local historic inn that imbues your day with history and mystery. If the weather cooperates, choose a woodsy outdoor area for the reception where your guests can shuffle through the fallen leaves and enjoy the wedding wall colors and smells.

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6. Mouthwatering menu

Since temperatures dip as the days of October pass, provide your guests with hearty fare that fills their stomachs and warms their blood. Serve foods with an orange glow like pumpkin ravioli, buffalo chicken wings or lasagna to create a pleasing presentation on the plate.

Select a wedding cake decorated with a witch and warlock on top instead of the traditional bride and groom or serve Halloween cupcakes arranged on tiered trays instead of the traditional wedding cake.

7. Fabulous flowers

Decorate your wedding and reception venues with a plethora of beautiful fall flowers. Sunflowers, chrysanthemums, daisies and tiger lilies are all great options. For a more elegant look, opt for roses in autumnal colors and accent the arrangements with miniature pumpkins, gourds, acorns and greenery.

8. Fantastic favors

Providing your guests with party favors allows you to go all out to embrace your Halloween theme. Fill miniature plastic pumpkins with candy and place one at each place setting or fill paper trick-or-treat bags with cookies iced with Halloween designs.

9. Melodious music

Add the haunting strains of certain classical music selections to your wedding or opt for contemporary Halloween classics like Monster Mash, Sympathy for the Devil, Thriller, Highway to Hell and Ghostbusters.

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Choose Celtic music for a combination of voices and instruments that create an eerily romantic mood.

10. Terrific tableware

Whether you select elegant black tablecloths overlaid with gold organza or dollar store bargains adorned with pumpkins, ghosts and witches, it’s easy to create a Halloween table. Add miniature skull candle holders or carve out the center of miniature pumpkins and place small votive candles inside.

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A Halloween wedding, while out of the ordinary, is a spectacular way to express your individuality and incorporate the aspects of this holiday that dominates the season. By celebrating with Halloween decor and traditions, you’ll be able to create a festive atmosphere that’s fun for everyone.

Are you planning to have a Halloween wedding?