10 Creative Wine-Themed Wedding Ideas


If you’re planning on picking a vineyard as your wedding venue, wine-themed wedding arrangements all around could make a lot of sense. To many who simply love wine for the class and sophistication that it represents, though, a wine-themed wedding can go well with any venue. If this is you, the 10 wine-themed wedding ideas below should help you get off to a good start planning your wedding.

1. Wine bottles can double as invitations and save-the-dates

A wine bottle with a custom label can make a great invitation or save-the-date. Your guests will know right away about the kind of wine-inspired theme you have in mind. Since sending regular-sized bottles of wine can be prohibitively expensive, you only need to use mini bottles.

2. Wine-themed bridesmaid dresses

While wine-themed wedding dresses do exist, they are a rarity. Wine-themed bridesmaid dresses, on the other hand, are easy to find. Not only do these dresses come in the deep colors of rich wine, their form often takes inspiration from classic wine bottle design.

3. Setting up wine bottles as guest books

When you have a wine-themed wedding in mind, there’s no reason to set out a boring regular guestbook like everyone else, for your guests to sign. Instead, you can pick up a set of vintage wines and silver ink pens to set out on the guestbook table.

The guests arriving can sign their names on a bottle, wherever they find a bit of room. Once the wedding is done, the bride and the groom can save the bottles to open on their first anniversary.

4. Escort cards made out of wine corks

When your guests arrive, they’ll expect to see escort cards at the reception desk – cards with their names and their table numbers on them. You’ll need to place cards at the tables too.

Rather than pick regular printed cards like everyone else, though, you can have all the details needed written out on large wine corks. Etsy, the website for arts and crafts freelancers, has  plenty of artists who are skilled at cork work.

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5. Wine-themed decor for the tables

It’s easy to think of new, wine-themed table décor. You can decorate your tables with baskets filled with wine bottles and grapes, use wine bottles with custom labels in place of place cards or use wine bottles as flower vases.

It’s easy to come up with fun, wine-themed ideas. Just get creative!

6. Use bunches of grapes to decorate the aisle with

To decorate the chairs on either side of the aisle, you can use clusters of fresh or plastic grapes, along with leaves and flowers, all tied with burlap. Fresh grapes and leaves can be fun if you can manage them – your guests, especially the children, will love nibbling on the grapes. Grapes come in different colors, which means the possibilities are endless.

7. Arrange for a round of wine tasting

Most weddings have a cocktail hour – everyone sips on drinks and makes small talk. At a wine-themed wedding, though, the drinking doesn’t need to be in the background. It can be an involved activity, instead.

You can set up a great wine tasting event with a dozen different wines. Your underage guests don’t need to feel left out. You could hold a separate tasting event for them – with gourmet chocolates, sparkling cider and other foods and beverages.

8. If you want a regular cocktail hour…

If your guests aren’t the kind who would take an interest in wine tasting, other ideas can work during cocktail hour. You can serve mini wine bottles of every kind and pair them with adventurous and unexpected appetizers. Your guests will have fun experimenting, without having to participate in formal wine tasting.

9. Dessert time can be a great opportunity to show off a few wine-themed ideas

Dessert time can be a great opportunity to show off a few wine-themed ideas. Caterers usually have plenty of wine-themed desserts.

Not only do these recipes use wine as an ingredient, they are shaped and decorated to wine-inspired themes, as well. They come with burgundy-colored cream, toppings shaped like clusters of grapes etc.

10. Serve mini wine bottles as favors

Wine is often a well-appreciated gift. Perhaps you can’t afford to serve a big wine bottles as favors, especially if you have many guests. A mini wine bottle with a handwritten thank-you note around the neck can be an especially warm way to thank your guests for coming, not to mention that you save some money.

Pick a high quality wine to impress your guests. For kids, opt for homemade grape juices.

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It’s easy to let yourself run away with a wine-themed idea. The key to using a theme to the best effect is to pick and choose where you apply it. Any theme comes alive only when you use it with discrimination.

Did you like any of these wine-themed wedding ideas?