7 Ways to Plan the Perfect Green Wedding


Nowadays, eco-friendly weddings are becoming more and more popular amongst modern brides. Typically, the couples who choose a green wedding live an eco-friendly lifestyle. They want to green everything from the wedding rings and dresses to the reception and other important details. If you are planning a green wedding, here are a few things to consider.

1. Eco-friendly dress

Choosing a wedding dress is one of the main things of your wedding planning. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to go green when you decide what to wear. You may want to wear your mother’s wedding dress or visit a vintage shop for pre-worn wedding dresses. If you want to put on a new wedding dress, look for a tailor or a designer who uses sustainable fabrics like silk, hemp, or organic cotton.

2. Green wedding rings

Ask your mom or grandma if she has a traditional ring that you can use as your own. Or, find a jeweler who works with recycled gold and fair trade gems. It will take more time to get your wedding ring, but you will be sure that your ring is really eco-friendly.

3. Eco-friendly venue

Another thing to consider when planning a green wedding is an eco-friendly venue. You can choose a lush grassy hilltop, a wonderful botanical garden, or a beautiful lake to save lots of electricity as the sun provides all the lighting. Plus, the natural beauty will lessen the need to decorate. If you don’t prefer an outdoor reception and ceremony, go for a venue that will get lots of sunlight and have a daytime ceremony to leave the lights off.

4. Eco-friendly invitations

When it comes to a wedding, including a green one, invitations are a must. They let your family and friends know what to expect at your wedding. Choose e-invites or make your own wedding invitations from handmade or recycled paper. You can also request your family and friend to RSVP online.

5. Support your local economy

Buy drinks and food in your area vendors to keep the transportation emissions low as well as support your local economy. If you don’t have breweries and wineries in your town, consider organic or biodynamic wine alternatives. Also, make sure your caterer uses only organic products. You can also source your flowers locally and use potted plants instead of the usual centerpieces.

6. Cut your wedding guest list

The size of your wedding guest list is one of the main factors that can impact your wedding ecologically and financially. Keep in mind that every person you invite to your wedding means more miles traveled, a bigger venue, more drinks and food consumed, as well as more wastage. Perhaps you want to invite everyone you know and love, but I suggest you invite only your family and close friends to your wedding.

7. Eco-friendly transportation

Transportation is a large source of carbon emissions. To reduce travel, it’s better to host your wedding at a venue that is close to most guests. Let them know that they should arrive at your ceremony by bike, bus, carpool, or train. Your personal transport should also be eco-friendly, consider arriving either in an electric car or by bike.

Just because you will have a green wedding, doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your sanity, budget, or vision. Having a green wedding is actually a great idea that you may want to consider. So, are you going to have an eco-friendly wedding?