The Best Bridal Shower Ideas for Every Style

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You don’t need to host on the beach to plan a beach themed bridal shower (but bonus points if you do). All it takes is a few killer details!  Light a sea salt candle, incorporate shells in your decor, serve up a Seabreeze cocktail, and put some Beach Boys on the speakers!

Beach Bridal Shower Theme Idea

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Brunch is beloved by all and one bridal shower theme idea where food can also serve as decor.  Serve up a brunch charcuterie board, complete with pastries and fruit. Set up a waffle bar, a breakfast taco bar, or a granola parfait bar!

Brunch Wedding Shower Theme Idea

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Get low—but make it classy. You can’t go wrong with a low table covered in an array of delectables surrounded by plush cushions.  Plate up a few Middle Eastern favorites with plenty of spreads and rent a few specialty place settings for an extra special detail. Talk about the most luxurious (and delicious!) bridal shower theme idea!

Moroccan-Boho Wedding Shower Theme Idea

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Blame it on Bridgerton, but we can’t get enough of the tea party aesthetic. This would be such a fun DIY party! Source mismatched teacups and serving ware from family members and thrift stores.  Create a spread of tea sandwiches, petit fours, macarons, scones, cream, and jam. The more color the better!

Tea Party Bridal Shower Theme Idea

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If you’re planning a couples wedding shower, this is such a fun theme idea. It’s also a great idea if the couple isn’t in need of traditional shower gifts like appliances and linens.  Guests arrive with gifts in tow to stock the bar! Anything from barware to liquor works here. Serve up wine and cheese, and you’ve got yourself a party.

Stock the Bar Wedding Shower