10 Bridal Registry Necessities


It can be hard to tell what you should really put on your bridal registry. If you aren’t experienced at running a household, it might seem like pre-assembled cookware kits and fancy, dedicated implements such as butter warmers and pasta cookers are a great idea.

In real life, though, these items tend to be wasted. Preassembled sets tend to have plenty of pieces that no one uses, and dedicated implements take up space, while rarely finding use. Instead of wasting your registry on items you will never use, consider these ideas.

1. A coffee maker or a juicer, whichever beverage you like a lot

If you love your daily shots of coffee or like juicing everything in sight for your health, registering for a luxury appliance for the job can be a good idea. You need to make sure that your love of these beverages is strong enough to justify the expense and the space on the countertop that these large appliances take up, though.