What’s the average number of groomsmen at a wedding?

While it’s common to have between 2 - 4 groomsmen for a small wedding and up to 8 – 10 groomsmen for a large wedding, this is by no meansthe rule. 

Today, it’s less about rules and more about having the right people (or your four-legged furry friends) that mean the most to you and your partner next to you on your big day.

So how does this help to make the decision easier? Well, firstly, you can’t make a wrong decision. Phew!

If you feel like having lots of groomsmen, that’s fine. One groomsman and your dog? That’s fine too. 

If you have groomsmen that don’t even have the ‘Y’ chromosome, that’s totally ok too! It is all about why they are there and less about how many there are.

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